Transforming India – From a Great Nation to Superpower

transforming India

Transforming India – an emerging superpower! There are many reasons to be in love with a great nation like India, but one of the most equitable reasons is our freedom. India won its freedom from British rule and colonialism on 15th August 1947. We were left poor, ripped from roots, divided, and imbalanced. But, Indian will power made it one of the world’s most influential emerging powers.

With the aim of this high and strength of skilled manpower like non another, India is en-route to be the world’s superpower nation. We have come a long way, from the country of the poor, rugged, and uneducated population to a nation with the largest global market.

Transforming India – A changed perspective!

Source – PMO India

Many ambitious economic decisions, political willpower, and common man’s zeal to achieve more made India what it is today, an upcoming superpower.

The Indian growth story started with the aspirations of the middle-class group of the country’s population. Back in the 90’s when major economic decisions amplified the Indian mindset and its growth prospects from papers to reality.

India is the world’s largest democracy, the rising population makes it the world’s rising economic powerhouses. A major regional economic player and nuclear-enabled nation.

Marching forward to self-reliant India, many inspiring success stories of rags to riches from Indian entrepreneurs are discussed on the world forum. In fact, Bloomberg also mentioned that India minted three billionaires every month in February 2020 article.

Self-reliant India – AatmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

Becoming self-reliant in today’s global economy is a great boost to any country’s socio-economic wealth. Recently Hon’ble PM, Shri Narendra Modi said in one of his speeches – “When India speaks of becoming self-reliant, it doesn’t advocate a self-centered system. In India’s self-reliance; there is a concern for the whole world’s happiness, cooperation, and peace.” 

Today during his Independence Day speech from Red Fort, New Dehli, Prime Minister, reiterated India’s vision for being “vocal for local” and stressed on his government’s vision for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. He also emphasized on “We have to move forward with the mantra of ‘Make for the world’ along with ‘Make in India’,”

Women Transforming India –

The new aspiring government acknowledges the role of women in transforming India. NITI Aayog, along with the UN in India and MyGov., launched the Women Transforming India Awards in 2016. These awards are as prestigious and inspiring for women to break their boundaries and aspire to grow.

Visit MyGov website for announcements on Women Transforming India.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are various reasons to love your mother land, mine is its resolve and the vision to be a superpower soon. On this note wishing all my fellow Indians ‘Happy Independence Day’.

Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of Life. What would a man not pay for living?

– Mahatma Gandhi
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  1. No wonder one day India will be a superpower!!

    1. Very nice post on transforming our country into a superpower. πŸ˜ƒenjoyed reading

      1. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Hi Dipika
    Wish you a very Happy Independence Day. Though I am not in this challenge but I always love to read you. It was a beautiful read, a smart approach towards a dream nation. Lovely post.

    1. Thank you so much, Swarnali. Means a lot to me

      1. Yes India has truly emerged into a superpower in last few years. These missions are helping Indian people to reach heights.

  3. India has come a long way in terms of progress and incorporating what is good for the nation’s growth & development. There is still a lot of scope but I am pretty sure it will happen at a fast pace now. Everyone like to live in a developed nation and India has already reached many milestones.

  4. India has come a long way in terms of progress and incorporating what is good for the growth and development of the entire nation. Cant tell you how proud I feel when I see India achieving new milestones in different fields.

  5. My entire family firmly believes in the #AtmaNirbhar Bharat initiative. We have turned to swadeshi, local goods as far as we can manage. I really hope and pray that this movement by our Hon. PM makes India a super power. Thank you for writing this informative post, I loved watching PM’s I-day speech.

  6. I am very happy that Made In India , vocal for local and aatma nirbhar ,Modi ji emphasis on these concept that make India self reliable. People are opting in their life’s too.

  7. We are lucky to witness India’s progress. There is a long way to go but the journey has started and I am hopeful to see India becoming a developed nation soon. Let’s work together for making India as the most powerful nations.

    1. Absolutely, we are lucky to witness this change.

  8. we all should join hands to take India forward to become the Superpower we all need to work together in the Aatm Nirbhar Bharat initiative. one step at a time and we all would succeed in no time

  9. We all believe in # Atmanirbhar and we wholeheartedly try following it. if we all work together, we would definitely pave our path for being the emerging superpower for sure. Loved your post on it.

  10. We have come a long way from a partition bleeding nation to nuclear power. The new policy embraced by our PM reminds me of the shoka, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the world is one family. Voice for local, make in India and create for global needs. Isn’t that Wonderful!

  11. I always admire Narendra modi ji’s amazing initiative whether it is #swachhbharat abhiyan or atam nirbhar abhiyan. He is doing really a great job as a PM and I wish in his mentoring, India will overcome all obstacles of growth and development and we will reach on new heights in every aspect of life.

  12. Yes as you said, vocal.for local would be the moment. And some amazing talents would come out. Glad that few things PM has announced. India to be a super power in no time.

    1. Absolutely, I wish for the same. Thank you for stopping by.

  13. There has really been a boost in VocalForLocal movement over last few recent years, and esp in the 6 months of lockdown. As an Indian I try to give my best contribution to this cause, and I think each one of us can make a difference. Brilliant chat topic for this Independence Day Dipika! Kudos to you for picking this up

  14. I am clearly in your camp on this! I believe in these unprecedented times, it is the intelligence and humility of our current leadership which will get us through!
    I am glad that we are moving towards make in india for everything, i believe we have all the resources in our country itself and should become independent in the complete sense of the word!

  15. Loved your post, indeed the atmanirbhar Bharat is sure taking India on superpower road. Make in Bharat and now Make for World we are certainly making landmarks in this growth journey.

  16. I am a proud Indian and I am very happy with the progress that India has made…

  17. India will be a super power and a top country among all the countries ..

  18. India is coming up as a nation of hope..!
    Yes , the life is undergoing a change towards better. I enjoyed being a part of this challenge as I got an opportunity to read all these wonderful post

    1. Glad to know that, thank you for stopping by.

  19. India will reach the heights of success if we follow Modi ji. He has the capability to take us towards Sashakt Bharat.

    1. I too believe in that, thank you for stopping by.

  20. Truly India has come a long way and India is in best stage if transformation under the guidance of strong leadership

  21. India is on the rising and being aatmanirbhar is definitely gona change alot of things. Beautiful post and it was great to be a part of this challenge.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, glad you like it

  22. We all share this common dream for our Motherland. ‘Make for the World’ will surely help our economy and benefit all citizens in one way or another.

  23. As an Indian, I feel very proud with the Nation’s progress. India has come a long way from just being a country in the world map to being a super power across the globe. I am sure with the current policies and the dynamic and tough leadership that India has now, we are sure to have a fast paced progress.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Thank you for stopping by.

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