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Medical wearable devices

The growing demand for high-end AI-enabled wearable technology products isn’t just a part of any sci-fi Hollywood movie but our society’s reality. We have grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to a tech-friendly population. Who would have thought, that one day Alexa will become our kid’s BFF?

Real-time high-tech solutions are an integral part of our life, and I am not even counting the customized AI-based solutions. The middle-income group’s aspirations are growing into getting optimized results to the worth of every penny they spend. The medical and health sector is a front runner for digital health solutions.

Let’s talk about Healthcare Technology!

WHO defines Healthcare Technology as organized knowledge and skills in the form of devises, medicine, vaccines, and procedures.

Healthcare is an ever-evolving domain, with the latest technological advancements publishing every single day. Ever since the coronavirus has stalled the world on its axis for the longest period of time, many such technologically advanced products have hit the market.

Take an example of a simple oximeter, with the help of this tiny gadget it is very easy to keep track of your current blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. With the new developments in healthcare, experts are able to assess and combat any situation. Trending healthcare technologies are – healthcare wearable technology, artificial organs, wireless brain sensors, robotic surgeries, etc.

Health focused Smart Devices: Wearable Technology –

wearable technology health focused wearable devices

Wearable technology in the healthcare segment is a growing market in the Indian subcontinent. Fitbits, smart health watches, biosensors, blood pressure monitors, are some of the most commonly known and bought wearable medical devices in India.

Wearable technology helps customers to monitor the real-time health analysis, the recorded data can be used by the experts later to diagnose overall health conditions.

Transformation in wearable diabetes devices is another boon for diabetic patients. The glucose monitoring wearable device helps doctors and patients to track accurate blood sugar levels in the body throughout the day. With real-time data, experts are now able to diagnose and treat patients accurately.

Fitness trackers like Fitbit or smart health wearables are equipped with sensors to track all major signs in the body. Heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate are monitored using these medical wearable devices. The feature of enabling the wearable device with your smartphone provides the freedom to users from the unnecessary hassle of medical health check-ups.

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The Future of Healthcare with Smart Wearable Devices

Health enthusiasts have accepted wearable devices with open arms, healthcare organizations to are creating products to tap this growing demand.

Wearable technology is an ongoing trend and with growing demand, many new buyers will soon engage with health-focused devices. Now, insurers too are aligning with smart medical devices to gain momentum and take advantage of the growth scenario.

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The content is not for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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  1. Health related tech devices are quite helpful given the current times. I really like fitbit as one such device.

  2. Wow, smart device.. Very informative post..

  3. Surely these devices have been wearing helpful as it helps you monitor your health easily.

  4. Very Nice , Thanks For Share this information with us

    1. Thank you for stopping by

  5. This is really one we all need this time…it’s important to track our fitness journey

  6. Wearable devices are trending these days. Smart watch, Fitbit are becoming the go to options to keep a watch on out health.

  7. Yes agree wearable devices are great help for maintaining and keeping a watch on your various health parameters. Recently I come across censor based sugar monitoring device and really got impressed with the fact that now diabetic patients can easily monitor their blood sugar level without pricking everyday.

  8. I have also been thinking of buying wearable devioce that can count my steps and record some basic everyday activities. Which device would you recommend

  9. Hey this was a God sent post Dipika. Just the other day I was contemplating on getting a smartwatch. GUESS I am getting a Fitbit for Christmas.

  10. I too agree wearable health devices are the future.. and my new year goal is to get one of Fitbit device for myself

  11. Definitely real time blood sugar monitors or insulin pumps are revolutionizing patient management for practitioners. The apple watch is so far the best life saver, which sends an emergency call to 911 on its own, in case of loss of conciousness of the wearer. (this feature yet to be launched here)

  12. I really need a Fitbit in my life. I’m just curious about how many steps I take in a day. The mobile is not accurate I’m sure. Will check these out.

  13. Wearable devises are very convenient and good for keeping watch on your steps and various health parameters . I feel it’s very beneficial as it keeps me on my toes.

  14. As someone who takes fitness seriously I know how useful wearable health devices are. Fitness trackers are a great way to keep tab on our goals.

  15. You make an interesting argument in favour of these devices I have always wondered whether they are worth really investing in them given the price point but I can see that it has multiple benefits and that in the short run and long term the benefits of monitoring and health are pretty beneficial

  16. Such health related gadgets are a saviour today and in the coming times. I totally second your thought. Fitness tracker is something I rely on a daily basis and I really like how life becomes easy with it’s usage.

  17. I had recently shifted to my samsung watch to monitor my health as it has a detailed analysis option. This are very good specilly when you want to keep a track of your workout n all.

  18. It is high time now we should be careful fir our fitness. Such smart devices are very handy in these cases.

  19. Nearly most of the new Gen sports this technology. I am sure it records and monitors great but then I am old school and think that we should know our bodies first and only then we can monitor it.

  20. These wearable devices are actually very helpful and kind of motivate to keep up the momentum by notifications like you have not completed today’s target 😉

  21. Wearable devices are a rage these days. They are useful due to portability and efficiency

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