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DTP vaccine booster

When I was expecting my daughter, I was mostly worried about the baby’s diet, sleep patterns, and even potty training! I read books on how to change diapers and bathe a newborn. As my due date arrived, I learned there was another crucial aspect of tending and nurturing. Today, I can say, this is the most important aspect of all — vaccines for your baby. The rest falls into place if you have a good support system.

While there are several vaccines to be administered at infancy, you have to take care that your child’s immunity stays strong when they grow up. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that they get the booster vaccines too.

During the lockdown, the one booster vaccine that I was concerned about was the DTP booster vaccine that’s administered to preschoolers in the age group of 4 – 6 years. While I was thinking whether I should be stepping out during a pandemic for a vaccine or whether I could wait for a few months since children are at home, I got the answer through my child’s doctor.

Here’s what I learnt, with a bit of background about the DTP booster vaccine.

What is the DTP Vaccine?

what is DTP booster vaccine
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The Diptheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis vaccine is given to children to build a strong immune system. It protects against the following:

  • Diptheria: This is a throat infection which can block the airway in children and cause severe breathing problems.
  • Tetanus: Also known as lockjaw, this is a nerve disease. This can happen at any age, but mostly in children. Bacteria can contaminate a wound and make it toxic, sometimes leading to child fatality.
  • Pertussis: Also known as Whooping Cough, this is a respiratory illness. It leads to severe dry coughing, often resulting in a coughing fit. The child will make a whooping sound while coughing. If not vaccinated against, even teenagers may get it at the end of their childhood phase.

What is the DTP Immunization Schedule?

DTP booster vaccines are given in cycles of 5 injections. When my pediatrician told me about them, I was mortified at the number of injections my baby would have to take. But it was all for the best, I said to myself, looking at the bigger picture.

The vaccines are given at the age of 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, then between 15 to 18 months, and lastly, between the ages of 4 to 6.

Yes, this is a long process, and you need to keep a track of the date, time, and schedules of the vaccine. I went with creating a folder and had a look at it at the beginning of each month, to check whether there were any vaccinations lined up for that month.

A vaccine called Tdap is given to children around the age of 9 to 13 years. This is a booster shot, especially meant for children who might not have the pertussis coverage. Tdap is also given if the child has suffered from a deep cut or burn.

Why not Delay DTP Vaccine?

DTP booster vaccine

I cannot stress the importance of the DTP booster vaccine. Any of the three illnesses could severely impair your child’s growth and development. It may also result in a weak immune system, which would make him or her vulnerable later. Consult your doctor and find out about the schedules if you still haven’t.

Staying at home is not reason enough to miss booster doses. Your child could be a carrier and infect a younger sibling or elderly grandparents since they themselves have a weak immune system.

Stepping out to vaccinate is safe enough if you follow the basic precautions of sanitizing and wearing a mask. The doctors and clinics are themselves very careful and take all possible measures so that every pediatric patient stays safe. So, talk to your doctor today and get an appointment for that booster vaccine for your kid.

Your child’s DTP booster vaccine is a must. #Don’tWaitVaccinate and know more about the Right DTP vaccine.


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  1. Keeping immunization record updated is very important. Here, parents cannot skip any shots as we have to submit their update immunization record every year before school admission. Especially, DTP booster is one of the important vaccine. I really liked how you decoded the abbreviation DTP, as sometimes we only know these names as we hear and see them without knowing the actual meaning.

  2. We are sadly seeing quite a few parents skipping doses this year. The hospital now calls them directly to remind them to come and get the Boosters done on time

    1. I can relate, Doctor Roshan as I myself have skipped as Mumbai have had huge numbers. BUt talking to the doctor helps a lot. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Truly, we have to keep up with the vaccination schedule including the booster dose. As a parent, we should not delay or defer decision-related to child’s health & well being

  4. My eldest is now due for his tdap. So, many thanks for this reminder! Even my twins are 4 now and should be due for their boosters.

  5. Parents are delaying or skipping vaccination out of fear. But they must know that timely DTP booster vaccination is a must to protect kids from infectious diseases #DontWaitVaccinate

  6. Yes following a regular vaccination schedule is very important and due to pandemic situation many parents are forgetting it. Thanks a lot for reminding dear. I will surely cross check with my doctor regarding booster dose of DTP.

  7. I am so glad you wrote on this significant topic as parents might not feel
    comfortable to take their kids for vaccination, this post can act as an eye opener for them

  8. My son has to get his DTP booster shot next year. We have already talked about the procedure with his pediatrician & have taken an appointment because we don’t want to take any risks. The good thing is that the doctors are being extra careful due to the pandemic situation and are taking limited appointments in a day for vaccination.

  9. Ok! I had an idea of this booster but not sure about it but your post cleared my doubt. I wi talk go my doctor too as my daughter completed her 8 years too.

  10. We have given the DTP vaccine to our son. It is so important for people to ask the right questions and prepare themselves for any situation. Very informative post.

  11. DTP is one of the most important vaccines and should be given in due time. For both my kids, I have been very regular in giving vaccines even during the phase of lockdown. Currently working on boosters and the pediatricians also recommend the same. Very informative blog Dipikka.

  12. We all should follow the immunization chart with discipline. And vaccinations should not be delayed due to pandemic. Your post is perfect reminder for us to get set for vaccination taking care of all precautions and knowing the necessity of the timely execution of the same.

  13. If you are not upto date about the educational part of vaccines,your decisions will be lopsided.Helpful awareness for all parents in these times

  14. Immunization is a very important decision that parents make and keeping a record and following it as per the list and doctors advice is equally important.

  15. Despite the government regulations, there are still people who conveniently skip the vaccination schedule. The more we talk about it, the more others will think of it. If your post could inspire one mother to change decision, it’s the bestt.

  16. When I had my first child I was completely unaware of the importance of every vaccine. I have searched online to learn which is helpful and which is not. Thanks for the post

  17. DTP is one of the most important vaccines and should be given in due time. This is great reminder i will check my vaccination chart also .

  18. Yes, it is necessary to give the right vaccination at the right age . Parents should keep an eye on the vaccination schedules regularly.

  19. Yes all three diseases are very serious conditions for little children.. booster shots of DTP vaccine are very much needed to reinforce the immunity towards these diseases.

    1. Thank you for appreciating the post.

  20. I think corona has made people so skeptical about even getting vaccination shots for their children!
    Giving children vaccination at right time can safeguard their health!
    This is a topic everyone should take seriously.
    Appreciate the post.

    1. Oh Yes! That’s actually very wrong precedent.

  21. Vaccination is really important, and this needs to be understood, I am glad that you shared this post and it will make parents aware that we should not skip it.

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