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Why home tuition are important

You want the best for your children you push yourself, and them, relentlessly to ensure they get that extra mark that can make all the difference between gaining admission into a prestigious college and settling for a lesser institution.

After all, these are highly competitive times, and it just does not do to depend on what is taught in schools, no matter how good they are. This is where online home tutoring steps in, providing personalized services and individual attention to students, depending on their needs and shortcomings. While there are several online tutoring classes & apps available, but few are able to match Genext Students and the numerous benefits it provides your child.

Take a look at why you need to opt for Genext Students Home Tutoring.

genext home tuition classes in Mumbai

Free Demo

Genext Students offers a free demo session in order to acquaint you with the nature of the classes and the teaching style of the tutor. Parents, as well as children, get the opportunity to check out the feasibility and figure out whether they suit them or not.

Benchmark Test

Right at the outset, the Genext Tutor assesses your child’s potential, and his/her strengths and weaknesses by taking a benchmark test at the beginning of the demo session. This is an important step as it enables the tutor to gain an understanding of the requirements of the students and custom-design the study plan and methodology for them.

Attendance Feature

check private tuition in Mumbai genext students

The attendance feature keeps parents in the loop and informs them about the starting and end of the session. This way, they know when the home tutor has started, how much time has been spent on tutoring, and when the class has ended. It also updates on the chapter/topic the tutor has taught.

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Replacement Guarantee

In case a tutor is not able to continue or you need a replacement, Genext Students offers a 100 percent replacement guarantee, so you do not need to go through the trouble of finding a tutor again and waste your precious time & efforts.

Robust Content

which board is best CBSE or ISCE or IGCSE

The study material of Genext Students is very robust, enabling your child to learn in a simple, effective manner. Students can avail of very comprehensive study material, video tutorials, solution papers, additional notes, and so forth. The tutors are able to spot the gaps in learning and come up with effective ways to fill them. Besides, students can appear for evaluation tests in order to figure out how far they have come. Parents have access to progress-tracking tools, which enable them to figure out the areas in which the child needs help.

Genext Parent App

Genext understands that there is always a possibility that there are red flags and areas of concern when it comes to their children interacting with tutors. In order to ensure that any problem, no matter how minor, is addressed to the satisfaction of parents and students, it offers the Genext Parent App. Parents can download it on their Android as well as iOS operating systems. The app can be used to track the progress of the child, make payments, avail exciting offers as well as raise a concern, should there be any.

Ease of payment

Making a payment for the sessions you opt for is very easy. All parents have to do is choose the classes they want their children to attend, and choose form pre-paid packages. You can also use my code DIPIKA10 to get 10%* off on the packages (T&C Apply).

Real-time updates

Genext makes sure that parents know exactly what the child is learning, the progress s/he has made and the areas of weakness, if any. It provides real-time updates to parents and sends them progress reports in a timely manner. The parent can check the same via the Parent App as detailed above.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to http://www.genextstudents.com/ right away. The future that you desire for your child could be just a few clicks away.


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  1. This is so good that even it has attendance feature and we can select class wise..will sure get this for IRA

  2. This is amazing, I wanna try and get this for my boys too. I was impressed with how you can track real time study and attendance too. Thanks for sharing ☺️

    1. All the features of this Genext app are quite helpful to track the record and improvement in the particular subjects.

      1. This looks good. I will definetly recommend this to my sister for her kid.

        1. Loved this piece of info buddy. I have friends very keen on home schooling and thus can be a great option for them too

  3. Quite an impressive way to strengthen education at home with ease.

  4. Now this is something new that i came across by your Blog.This App has so many useful features.Will check it out.

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  9. This will take the stress off parents’ shoulders. I remember how in our times mom used to worry sick abt finding the right teacher and tuitions.

  10. I like how GenNext is paying keen attention on teaching keeping the child’s potential in consideration. A good way for parents to ensure that their kid gets attention and direction.

  11. I am so happy that education and the entire system has got revolutionized and such amazing tools are available to strengthen our children and help with great learning as well. I shall definitely check this out for my daughter as well.

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  18. I remember how troublesome it was for my parents to search for a good tutor for me! This seems really easy and helpful!

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