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Why Genext Home Tuition is the Best Choice for Students?

Why one-to-one tuitions still the Best Choice for the majority of Parents. Genext home tuition is the Ultimate Solution to help students and their parents.

We are technology driven. Yet at the end of the day, we feel overwhelmed and accomplished by human touch and emotions. When it comes to education and upbringing of your child you just don’t want to experiment. Besides technology, app, and online teachings, a personal mentor or home tutor is always the best choice. For a customized one-to-one tutorial so that the child gets enough space and attention to learn the curriculum. Home tuition is just not teaching through different assignments, it is also essential to track the information acquired by the students. This is exactly what Genext Students tries to achieve via home tuition the ultimate solution of an offline in-person plus online tutoring.

Why & Who is Genext Students?

In India, Genext is the first hybrid tutoring platform that brings highly qualified tutors under one roof. Enabled with technology to provide best study materials, customized notes, progress tracking system and proprietary content.

This student-parents-tutor ecosystem enables in-person tutoring empowered with technology for real-time tracking and analyzing progress. It endeavors to reduce the vehement search of a personalized guide for student’s studies. It has appointed skilled teachers by thoroughly analyzing their qualification, teaching capabilities and student-friendly nature. Also, it provides the platform through which these tutors can deliver holistic learning and develop knowledge.

Where and how to access Genext Home Tuition?

Its expansion is across metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. On the website, genextstudents.com you post your home tuition requirements in just a few simple clicks. They will connect you with the best & right home-tutor for your child within your nearby location. You get a free demo class before finalizing the tutor. So you are just a few clicks away to get an exclusive solution for your children’s bright future.

Education Boards, it covers

genext home tuition 
home tutors in Mumbai

It has served students under all major boards – national (CBSE & ICSE), State as well as International (IB & IGCSE) boards. Study material is robust and caters to the individual needs of every student. It helps the student in learning fast in the simplest ways. Apart from that, you can also avail video-tutorial, study materials, notes, and solution papers. You can appear for evaluation test and track your child’s learning development level via their Parent App available on Android as well as iOS.

Also, read is simulation important for child’s growth.

Tailored measured learning is Best Feature

genext home tution review

With the private tutor coming to your home and teaching in-person, the teaching is as per child’s requirements. While providing the individual attention that s/he deserves. With the help of the test modules and progress tracking tools, the tutor can easily and timely measure the learning gaps. Areas, the child is struggling with and address them before the school exams, so that s/he scores well in the test. This preemptive way of learning is at the core of the technology-driven in-person learning solution. Genext Students has pioneered this which helps the parents & students get the best of both worlds. And all these come at a pocket-friendly budget. Their digital content and personalized guidance is the boon of the era for students and their knowledge development.

So, I find Genext home tutoring services a simple and best solution for helping the younger generation in learning with the ability to understand.


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  1. Pankti Hemant Parmar says:

    I agree with you as personal coaching and attention is very important for every child. Thanks for providing information about gennextstudents.com

    Its going to be very helpful for the parents and students.

  2. It is very useful and new information. And the best past is, GENEXT has served students under all major boards – national (CBSE & ICSE), State as well as International (IB & IGCSE) boards.

  3. It is great way to help your child learn things from a reputed tutor. Private tutors are quite helpful because they can interact with your child in a one to one way which can help them analyze the need of the child and help them enhance their skills and knowledge.

  4. Completely agree with you. Though kids have the digital world in their hands anmin person tutoring and guiding them is a must for them to excel. This looks to be a great option. Will take a look .

  5. They can be a sure boon to kids opting for homeschooling too. I am so happy to know about them, will bear them in Mind if someone makes a query

    1. Gunjan says:

      Home tutorial may be costly but it is a better option when one needs a special attention

  6. GeneX home tutoring sounds a big help and it will surely fulfill a niche need

  7. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really wanted to know something like this for Ira and will surely check this out as it looks like a great option to clear her doubts.

  8. Now we dont have to send our kids far away to tuitions. All thanks to such an awesome platform – Genext. ?

  9. Deepika says:

    Time is changing so fast. These types of online platform really help the kids to learn subjects without going too far from home.

  10. Deepa says:

    Home tuitions are really good and my elder one takes home tuitions too. I will check out Gen next as it sounds good. Thanks for sharing the details.

  11. Home tutor is must these days, genext is great solution . No searching and finding for best tutor at home

  12. Yes you are right Dipika, Genext home tutoring services is simple and best to aid the younger generation in learning with the ability to understand.

  13. GeneX sounds good if child requires personal attention. Will check more on it.

  14. Home tutoring made easy now, it is so convenient to find a good guide for the kids.

  15. With so much competition and peer pressure, every parent wants best for their kids and a personalised tutor at home is a great solution. I am sure all parents would really look forward for GENEXT

  16. I was home tutored in maths because I was very weak in that subject. Home tutoring definitely has its advantages.

  17. I so agree with this post that home tutor is the best option to teach kids in the best possible way. As a parent, I am sure I will feel more secure and comfortable if I see my child studying in front of my eyes and in the safe environment of the home.

  18. Home tutoring is beneficial for kids. Genext seems to be bringing a great concept helping parents find a qualified tutor.

  19. Yes I do believe that you talking is really important for the kids because as a parent we also don’t get time to teach them everyday and I think a human tutorial or personal tutorial help kids to understand the concept anf more than digital I guess human tutorial is really important nowadays so I also believe that we should always go for personal home tutor then going for Digital apps

  20. This is a great way to get personal attention for children from good teachers. I’m glad that Genext has come up with this helpful idea for home tutoring.

  21. Home tutoring is definitely good . GenX sounds really good in that case . will check out for my son

  22. Home tutoring is good for kids these days. Glad to know that they have such a platform to ease the hunt for good tutor.

  23. A concept like home tutoring is also a great career opportunity for women who want to go back to work after taking a break. Thanks for sharing about Gen Next

  24. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really feel sometimes that it’s becoming a necessity for us to get home tutoring as a change in syllabus and busy schedule we all need that

  25. GENNEXT is a need of this time to build a better future of kids with advanced technology.

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