10 Effective Tips to Crack NEET Exam in the First Attempt


By far, we all know that the NEET exam is one of the toughest competitive examinations in India. It is because of this exam that you get an entry into renowned Indian institutions. That is why, when you attempt this examination, you compete with almost lakhs of other students in the same field. However, we all know that cracking this examination on the first attempt in itself is rewarding.

So, when the syllabus of NEET is huge and the examination is going to be super tough, it is important that you prepare effectively for the same. And if you are looking for tips for it, then keep reading.

Know your entire NEET syllabus —

The starting point of preparations for the NEET examination and passing it on the first attempt is to be aware of the entire syllabus. Take a look at every subject that is going to be a part of this examination and make a note of all the chapters that are included in it to prepare further.

Make a proper schedule —

The next step to prepare for your needed examinations to get great marks is creating a proper schedule or timetable. According to the timetable, you can dedicate a specific amount of time each week to all the subjects and topics. Ensure that you are not just creating the schedule, but also following it religiously throughout the year.

Dedicate more time to weaker areas —

Certain subjects are very difficult and you might be weak in various topics. It is important that you dedicate a good amount of time to all these areas so that you can score well in them during the examination. But this doesn’t at all mean that you have to ignore the ones you are good at. Ensure that you are learning those subjects simultaneously as well.

Practice sets are a great help —

Each chapter that you cross by while studying for your examination has practice sets at the end of them. Make sure that you are practicing all of them so that you are getting ready for the examinations gradually but perfectly.

Use reliable sources for help —

Since passing the NEET examinations is quite difficult, it is alright to ask for help. You can either opt for private tutoring, take online classes or make use of educational websites or applications. These are all very helpful to prepare you for the NEET examination. Just ensure that whatever source you are referring to is reliable, has verified solutions, and provides you multiple options like video lectures, audio lectures, practice sets, mock tests, and so on.

Don’t forget the mock tests —

Even attempting the mock tests help you a lot in getting good marks in your examination. These not only help you with the previous questions that are most likely to come in the present examination, but they also increase your confidence and reduce the nervousness that you feel during your exams.

Keep a mark on your health and schedule —

Sometimes many students cannot secure good marks in their NEET examinations on the first attempt because they take a lot of stress and that is why they are compromising their sleep and nutrition. If you are doing so, it is time to create a proper schedule and leave some time for your meals and sleep so that you are healthy and ready for your exams.

No guesswork —

Many times you are novels during the examination and then start attempting the answers by doing guest work. Remember, it is a competitive examination, and attempting such steps can be very risky. So, prepare well for your objective questions also and avoid guesswork.

Practice time settings —

Keeping a check on time is an important criterion for passing NEET examinations on the first attempt. So, whenever you practice the mock tests, keep a track of the time settings without fail.

Stay motivated throughout the year —

Many times students are very confident and enthusiastic at the start of the year and this motivation declines at the end of it. Remember, you have to be consistent and motivated throughout the year so that you are preparing well for the examinations during this year.


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