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best english movies

The Movies that Moved me – Inspiring Flicks

Top inspiring movies from Hollywood – FlickFlings Movies and entertainment bring the most needed respite from daily monotony. And if the same entertainment pumps up some inspiration in us, voila! Nothing better than that. This year for #MyFriendAlexa I picked up the theme as – Movies that Inspire. I have already written about my three […]

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best ways to remove unwanted hair

7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Permanently

Hair removal is one of the main concerns for women especially when they spend most of their time at work. Are struggling to keep up with those parlor appointments, and do not get enough time to remove the unwanted hair? Then you might want to upgrade to something more permanent. Although there are various methods […]

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movie review

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana – Movie you wouldn’t want to miss!

A Bollywood masala flick with the right dose of romance, drama, ambition, social causes, revenge, and music. Packed up with powerful performances from the cast, nice script, an amazing screenplay. Would you like to miss such a fantastic movie? Presenting you movie review of Shaadi Mein… I am a movie buff like many other Indians […]

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elderly tooth care knocked out tooth

Steps to take when a Tooth gets knocked out

We are pretty sure this is everyone’s worst nightmare. Getting a tooth knocked out for one reason or another can be a painful and embarrassing situation. There are steps you can take in knocked out tooth situation, however, to ease the pain and remedy the emergency. It’s important to realize that not every knocked-out tooth […]

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honor play

Honor Play Launched in India Exclusively on Amazon

Honor Play Amazon Launch in India – The Huawei sub-brand Honor recently launched its latest smartphone model Honor Play in the Indian market. It seems like the smartphone manufacturer is in no mood to stop. However, Amazon’s listing now shows the launch early next month. It will sell exclusively on the e-retail platform. For the exclusive […]

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Best treadmills

Souq Sports and Fitness Week: Avail Up to 60% off on Treadmills

Souq Sports and Fitness Week: Avail discounts on Best Treadmills Treadmills are the most famous workout equipment designed to provide you with a straightforward, efficient aerobic workout. They are the best choice for a workout regimen because of its predictable surface that is much easier to negotiate than sidewalks. Curbs or trails and the risk of […]

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ice tea benefits

Healthy Ice Tea Flavors – A Brew of Health & Taste

Are you a Tea person? Well, I am for sure! The morning ‘masala chai’ is a daily ritual, I have been following without fail. Last month I decided to go ‘zero-sugar’ to combat certain health issues. Chai did not taste good anymore, and I switched to substitutes. Benefits of green tea are well known, black […]

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best affordable eyeglasses

How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for your Face

How to choose the best eyeglasses for your face? Eyeglasses have evolved over time, gone are the days when a person with glasses was teased as ‘chashmish‘. Now the glasses are in-thing and come in various beautiful shapes and styles. I have had an eyesight correction surgery a decade back, but with constant use of technology got […]

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millennial understanding mindset

Understanding Millennial Mindset – Future Moderators

Understanding the Millennial Mindset – Future Moderators Millennials – the generation you and I belong to! The generation which has seen time turning; which has seen evolution up close. We have witnessed a leap in the field of technology to retail space, from manual to electronic advantages. That 34% of the population in India which falls […]

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monsoon skin care

Essential Skin Care Routine for Monsoon

Essential Monsoon Skin care Routine! Who doesn’t love rain? We all do, our savior from scorching searing heat. Monsoon just not get respite from summers, it also brings us a new beginning. New life springs in nature during this time of year. Freshness and greenery in each sight, cleaner air, neat water and seasonal delights. […]

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hearing implants

Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear

Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear When you learn that your own child has hearing loss, the world starts shattering around you. As parents, we have a nerve-racking responsibility of thinking about our child’s future and better prospects. We worry about their abilities to lead a regular life or are in a […]

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Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Man

Best Anniversary gift ideas for your Man – give him your love and something special! When it comes to gifting men, mind tosses around the same cliche options. Men are either proud loyalists (like in our case) or too rigid to experiment. I firmly believe in beneficial gifting, be it for children or adults. Gifts […]

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