Happinetz helps keep my Daughter Safe on the Internet


Is there a way to provide safe internet for kids without snooping or spying on them?

We are living in a world that is connected digitally with numerous threads of data transfer and technology, something that we never even imagined in the early 90s or 2000s. Technology is a force we all abide by, be it checking our vital fitness statistics on a smartwatch or monitoring blood sugar using a small health wearable. Technology today supersedes everything else and the internet is the core of it.

I see my child using computers and the internet more than before, and this shift is tough to reboot. As they grow, their interaction with technology is bound to increase. But, I am worried about safeguarding her from the harm online interaction poses. My single proposition in this whole online learning scenario is to create a safe internet for kids.

Hence, I decided to install the Happinetz Box to keep my daughter safe on the internet.

Time to learn how Happinetz provides a safe internet for kids.

What is Happinetz, and how does it help keep my daughter safe on the Internet?

Let’s take a simple scenario of online gaming. Most of us enjoy the fast and fantastic virtual world of gaming. Many of us allow kids to play online games on websites or apps. For rewards or extra lives, we sometimes have to bear with in-app ads. Sometimes these ads are not appropriate for kids – which is always my concern area. I wish to let my child enjoy her gaming time uninterrupted but do not want her to watch unsolicited ads.

Hence, a crucial need to provide a safe internet for kids. This is where the Happinetz Filtering System comes in.

Happinetz is an expert Internet filtering system that enables your child to use the Internet safely. Happinetz Box safe internet for kids directly connects with your home router to filter out age-inappropriate content.

The internet filtering box allows you to change/edit settings or modes depending on the age and content that is right for your child. A special Games for Kids category in Happinetz ensures only age-appropriate games are open for kids.

For the online safety of kids, we need a solution that doesn’t interfere with their personal space, and at the same time filters any unwanted stuff that pops up on their screen.

As a mother, I do not believe in scanning everything my child does online. But, we all know how sneaky ‘unwanted content’ is.

Just a few days ago, I was reading a Twitter thread on ‘inappropriate content addiction among teenagers’, and it got me really anxious. Teenagers are so addicted to their phones and social media that they are distracted in studies, social life, family, and most worrisome of all – emotions. As a parent, this would be the last thing I would want my child to fall into.

Happinetz provided a handy solution. All I had to do was install the Happinetz Box to provide safe internet for kids.

How to Install the Happinetz Box with your Home Wi-Fi Router?

What if I tell you that installing Happinetz Box is a kid’s game? Oh yes! It is so easy that anyone can just install and plug in the box with a home router.

  • Buy your Happinetz Box from here.
  • Unbox and read the instruction manual properly. Check the illustrations to connect your home router with the Happinetz Box.
  • Download the Happinetz App on your phone to activate and connect your children’s devices with the box.
  • Switch off MAC Randomization on the devices except laptops and connect only to Happinetz WiFi.
  • Once in the app, you can select the modes between Kid (below 13 years), Teens, and Parent.
  • That’s it, your device/s connected to the Happinetz system is active and is all set to provide safe internet for kids.
  • There is an option to connect Happinetz Box wirelessly to the home router too, however, I have used the LAN/WAN cable provided with the box.
safe internet for kids

Features – Filtering Internet to provide a safe Internet for kids – Happinetz Box

In my previous article, I shared the Effects of Social Media on Body Image and Mental Health. Read it to know the reasons and understand how a digital boon called the ‘internet’ can make our children vulnerable and fall prey to online predators. At my home, this social media fix brings a lot of anxiety, tantrums, ego clashes, and emotional meltdowns.

While we have an ‘open dialogue’ relationship and I specifically focus on ‘thoughtful parenting’, it becomes important to sometimes pull your parent-socks up and do what’s right for them. In my case, I was looking for a safe internet solution and I found it in Happinetz.

Happinetz makes the Internet a safe place for kids and provides a wide spectrum of functionalities.

Filter Apps and Websites – There are numerous positive aspects of the internet and online learning, for example, during the lockdown years, my daughter learned primary Spanish language from a native-Spanish tutor residing in the UK, via online classes.

But, it is not always a happy or a gleeful space for children. The Internet also poses threats and a toxic environment and we need to understand the cause and effect of wrong usage on children’s mental health.

Below are the most common risks for children using the internet.

  • Online bullying,
  • Inappropriate content,
  • Identity theft,
  • Invasion of privacy,
  • Emotional and physical well-being,
  • Misinformation.

The Happinetz system monitors 110 million plus websites and apps on a daily basis and has blocked 18 million plus adults and 4 million plus unsecured websites and apps to provide safe internet for kids.

Happinetz Box filters apps and websites by categorizing them according to the content and age-specific usage. Parents can decide to allow or limit by simply switching off the content from these categories.

For example – you can allow WhatsApp chat but restrict other chat forums for your teenager.

Set Internet Schedule – The Happinetz system provides you an option to set an internet schedule for your child’s device. So, now no more long faces when you ask them to hand over their devices during exam time. You can simply set an internet schedule that will allow them to unwind and mitigate the preparation stress without giving away the device.

The internet schedule can be modified as you wish. You can also Extend Internet Timings to provide them extra time as a reward or on some special days.

Pause Internet – is another excellent feature provided by Happinetz Box. You can pause your child’s device’s internet connection anytime until you resume it.

Happinetz works like your own personal screen time manager, that provides 24×7 monitoring and updates you while keeping your children safe online. An experience we all wish our kids to have.

Whitelist or Blacklist any specific domain – The Happinetz Filtering System allows you to block or permit any particular domain, using the advanced feature. Though the system has blocked numerous inappropriate and insecure sites, you can still add any particular domain link in the whitelist or blacklist section.

SOS Alerts, Device Disconnect Alerts, Time Alerts, and No Filter Alerts notify the parent whenever the system identifies an anomaly in the connection or usage.

You can also scan through the Internet History of browsed websites and apps on the Happinetz system. This feature will enable you to view the device history, but won’t track any particular activity done on the website or the mobile app.

These are a considerable amount of features that help you employ a safe internet for kids and let your kids enjoy their personal happy and safe online space.

Conclusion –

Technology is power, the beacon of growth for any country, economy, company, or individual. We cannot keep our children isolated due to the fear of unsafe practices, but provide them with a solution. Happinetz Box is a handy internet filtering system to does what it does best – create safe internet for kids.


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