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Thoughtful Parenting: How Parent Involvement Benefit Children?

We are well aware of the effects of parent involvement in a child’s education and primary development. Many pieces of research have shown highly motivating results of parent involvement in early education. Kids perform better academically and in over-all activities with high parent involvement. Whereas those with least involvement, perform poorly in studies and other associated activities.

Schools and families are two closely-knit epicenters for the child’s early learning and behavioral growth. Hence, parental involvement in school brings a positive manifestation in children which reflects in their cognitive and socio-personal relationships too.

Benefits of Parent Involvement in Kid’s School –

Responsive or active parenting involves a higher degree of parental influence in early education. Cognition and brain development help children to cope with future pressures and challenges. With active parenting, in the beginning, you build a bridge between expectations and efforts.

This also ensures the ability to take up challenges, a positive frame of mind, a better understanding of the social-personal environment in children. Along with academic understanding, parents also help children develop values and behavioral attitudes.

Parents tend to hold higher aim for their children, which incline children in bringing out better holistic performance. Children supported at home with academics feel more confident and less burdened.

Thoughtful parenting

Parent Involvement brings Positive Parent-Child Relationship –

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Parent-child relations begins at the childbirth and have many long-lasting effects on their lives. A healthy and responsive relationship helps nurture the physical, emotional, and social development of the child.

Parent involvement in the parent-child relationship strengthens the foundation of child’s life. It also imprints on the child’s overall personality, behavior, and choices.

Children are our second chance to have a great parent-child relationship.”

Laura Schlessinger
  • Children who have a balanced relationship with their parents are more likely to develop positive relationships in the future, such as friendship and other relations.
  • A healthy parent-child relationship helps children to explore out of their comfort zones. The confidence in trying new skills helps them master multiple skill sets.
  • Such children have better control over their emotions under pressure/stress and difficult situations.
  • Parent involvement in a child’s daily life ensures higher social and academic performances.

Tips on the Role of Parent Involvement in Child’s Life –

Parent involvement in the child’s life has many benefits, as we discussed above. However, it is often seen that parents go to extremes by either getting too strict or selfishly loving with their children. The balance is hard to obtain, as every situation brings out a fresh challenge for parents. But, in most of the cases, the child suffers long-lasting effects of forced involvement by their parents.

Love them unconditionally but, have boundaries. Children need to be told about the pattern, behavior, rules, and boundaries from the beginning. Guide them to follow some basic rules of moral, social, behavioral lifestyle. Be friendly with them, but don’t cross the boundary of the parent-child relationship.

Bring in positive manifestation by repeatedly telling – You love them and we are family. Open studies on various forums have mentioned about showing love and affection for each other strengthens the parent-child relationship. So, next time when you pick up the phone or see your child, don’t forget to say the magical words.

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thoughtful parenting

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  1. I agree a 100%. Parent involvemnet also helps the child open up in times of bullying, issues at school, peer group pressures and many more such situations.

  2. There is no doubt kids love having their parents around and involved with them most of the times. It positively impacts their bond with their parents as well as in their development. This way we make precious memories too.

  3. Anita Singh says:

    Bahut interesting n applicable bhi hai 👍👍

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    Parent involvement is important for the right upbringing of a child. We as a parent not only relive the moments but also learn and teach each other.

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  7. […] online learning of kids in India and find a lot of free resources. Many e-learning websites are offering a range of curricular and extracurricular programs for free during this period. You can also find publishing houses […]

  8. Involvement of parents in their kids’ lives and education not only helps them learn better but also lays the groundwork for a happy parent-child relationship. It is something we must consciously put in efforts for. Good post, D!

  9. I am the mother of an infant and my mommy anxiety is contemplating reading parenting books. I will work on the points you mentioned about loving unconditionally and setting boundaries, saying we love them.

    1. Thank you so much, glad you like it.

  10. I am really thankful to my in laws that they spend equal time with my kids. Infact, much more time than me. Because of them only, I got some time to kindle up my writing career. So no guilts!

  11. Totally agree with you. It is vital to get involved with parents before this too late. Our involvement vl nurture them further into beings that would be good for the society as a whole.

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