Father Child Relationship – Evolving Parenting Roles

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Father Child Relationship and its ever changing dynamics!

Anxiously he looked at the card, unable to understand what I really mean. My poker face did not give any clues to reveal the surprise. Few troubled moments later he asked swiftly, is it a Yes or No? I burst out laughing, as never saw him so fluttered in life before. With a wink I replied in affirmation, he could not control his glee and we straight-away went to get our seal of confirmation from obstetrician.

The connection was already made, she loved her father from the moment they learned about each other. I was just the port carrying and passing happiness vibes to-and-fro. His touch and voice would make her catapult inside me, and I had to stay awake all night listening ‘hanuman-chalisa’ to sooth her movements down. He was with me throughout the birthing process, holding my hand tight. You think it was for me; oh no not at all, but for the tiny alien residing inside me.

He was the first one to hold her in arms, I still feel pained by the thought but yes that’s the fact of life. Everyone says she looked like him, from the day one till today the resemblance just got stronger and clearer. She is her father’s daughter inside-out, and as mother I get overwhelmed to see their connection par excellence. They say daughters are dearer to their dad’s, probably I was an exception or ‘Fatherhood’ really progressed?

Transformation – Father Child Relationship

I am an 80s kid and have grown up in a joint family, back then all relations had their ‘definition’. My father, is man of few words with limited involvement in day-to-day parenting activities. But he would deeply access everything related to studies and school. Our relation expanded beyond the pre-determined definition during my graduation days. We (read me) started interacting more and beyond educational periphery, however there were plenty such things which I could not dare to share with him.

Today I see fathers actively involved in parenting than earlier times. There is a clear shift in relationship bonding between father and child today. From conception to birth, child care to everything under the sun parents are equally sharing duties. I believe this is good for child development, as they experience dual view-points and perspectives from both sexes.

father child relationship

Father’s involvement in Child Development

Connect to family with unbiased gender roles. When a father is actively sharing parenting duties, children learn adaptability. With the ever-emerging work sphere, mothers can take up job related assignments and children get adjusted to changed scenario.

Emotionally balanced growth, families where father is actively involved in parenting duties are emotionally stronger. Children learn the art of balancing with larger perspectives for any given situation.

Father-daughter bonding – many would agree to this, that girls are more attached to their fathers. Girls build a stronger pattern-based connection, they often relate to father’s behavioral characteristics.

Social development of child strengthens when father is actively involved with children. Research says, children from families where father’s involvement is higher, score high on academics and self-dependency. Glad that parenting is ever evolving and thanks to all fathers who take this job seriously.

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14 thoughts on “Father Child Relationship – Evolving Parenting Roles

  1. Having the involvement for both father and mother works wonders for the child on overall development. Unlike earlier times as shared our relationship with our fathers used to be restricted.

  2. Those lines where your partner stayed with you through the birth was so touching. Most men are scared. More than our parents generation, the father’s of this gen do take extra efforts to bond with daughters. They are setting new examples.My girl too gets all her work done thru her father so easily. It was so not the case earlier during our times. Excellent post!

  3. Such a sweet, sweet post! Yes, girls always bond with their Dad’s and it is such a wonderful thing isn’t it. Kavya does look her Dad too. I love the personal touch you give each post, Dipika. Parental blogs/topics don’t interest me,but i am hooked to your series.

  4. Our journeys have been quite similar dear except my sonny had this connect with his dad. Not only do they look alike, their habits, likes, dislikes are are xerox and I feel like an alien. I totally agree a dad’s role and involvement is as crucial as a mom’s. Great post again!

  5. Most traditional dads think that being actively involved in their child’s upbringing would tantamount to becoming buddies with their kids…which might then not be compatible to the traditional role of disciplinarians. My dad was like that too.

    On my part, I try my best to give my son the affection and attention that I think I did not get enough of from my father.

    All the best for the Challenge. Do drop by mine.


  6. I am a daddy’s girl too Dipika and now I see both my daughters being one too. I agree fatherhood has changed completely. Now there are more hands on dads.

  7. Dad is the first man in a girl’s life. to me, my dad was the first hero. All though my mom invested her time in me more than my dad, he is always special to me. A was attached to me until he was 9 years told. Since 10 and especially his teenage life, i see him more bonded with his dad K. father child bonding is Undefinable. great post dipika.

  8. A father daughter relationship sets the little girl’s expectations in life about what she wants from men, a father is usually the role model and creates a lasting impact. Glad you touched on this subject Dipika

  9. Such an adorable anecdote Dipika! A relatable post as usual. Its universal truth I suppose that daughter shares a special bond with father.
    Coincidentally my post for the letter “F” also is about bond shared by father and children in today’s age.

  10. I was raised by a single Dad. My dad was my best friend and we shared every thing. My husband is a penguin dad and takes care of the son in my absence quite efficiently. I hope his involvement would help son in social development.

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