Thoughtful Parenting: Parenting through Covid19

parenting through covid19

The whole world is struggling to adjust with the new normal, 45 days under lock-down, and still counting. Families across the globe are confined to four walls with minimal exposure to the outside world, except the dire essential visits. Corona-virus has suddenly put an abrupt halt to the routine day to day activities. Parenting through Covid19 is one of the toughest challenges for parents and well as children, however, with these tips you can manage fairly well.

5 Effective ways to Parenting through Covid19

thoughtful parenting through covid19

1. Be a good listener, talk, and appreciate –

Set an amiable tone at your home, it is necessary for everyone to feel at ease while sharing their feelings and emotions. Now, that the outside world is closed, remain at home and pay more attention to the child’s mental and emotional stability. As a parent, it becomes our top priority to ensure ease of dialogues and exchange of feelings between both parties.

Listening and having the right conversation is just the first step, appreciating their views is next. Bring thankfulness and gratitude in daily routine during stressful situations like Covid19. Echoing goodness of gratitude and positive affirmations bring hope in their psyche.

2. Involve with them, spend dedicated time together –

During the lock-down classes and schools have come to home through virtual classrooms, children are involved in mechanical learning and no exposure to one-on-one human touch. Keep aside few hours dedicated to parent-child activities, such as, DIY, activity games, board games, house-hold chores, baking/cooking etc.

Involve them in your work schedule or get involved in theirs, the idea is to have fun together. Don’t push too hard if they do not want to have a conversation at any given point of time.

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3. Tweak your routine to involve everyone –

Change is the only constant, don’ shy away from changing the schedules or daily routines to involve everyone. Having discipline is good and advisable at all times, but during such a testing situation, tweak it a little.

Involve everyone in mapping the course of the day, it will help you in cutting down the burden and also involve others in engaging activities. Flexibility is the key to survive any challenging situation.

4. Keeping kids safe online during Covid19 –

Being connected to the outside world is dependent on technology during Covid19. Children are spending excessive time online using the internet for virtual classrooms and studies. Online education has many benefits, but certain risks and dangers attached too. The best parenting tips during lockdown is to keep all risks at bay is by having control over the content and transparent conversation with children.

Explain them the reasons and create a conducive environment for them to have a discussion with you when in doubt.

Maintain a device-free environment when not in use.

Teach them how to be safe online, provide an insight into the worldwide web network and its objectivity.

Having an open relationship with your children helps in difficult situations like cyber abuse. Tell them ways to keep them safe and the power of cyber laws to protect in crisis.

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Be vigilant for any signs of distress or distraction.

5. Positive Parenting through Covid19 –

Hope and a positive state of mind are the biggest warriors when it comes to fighting a battle with an ever-growing pandemic. Bring new and positive changes around life involving kids, develop happy habits like gardening, book reading, baking, meditation, dancing, etc.

Stop. Relax. Think. Restart.

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thoughtful parenting

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  1. This is really so informative..thanks for share this with us👌

  2. […] We are all living in the constant fear of an invisible enemy, in physical form and mentally. The lockdown extensions have higher threats to our subconscious minds, in easy words – our mental […]

  3. Loved the use of Dedicated time instead f often used quality time. Parents need to keep aside their cell phones and spend dedicated time with their kids. ou have rightly pointed out cyber safety as well. Parents should protect kids from cyberbullies and crimes. it is so easy to get swayed int he virtual world

  4. Keeping a check on their screen time is so important. Children are using screens for all sorts of reasons that are justified but not right. For recreational purposes, to connect with friends or for schooling. Some human contact in the form of productive family bonding time would be a good break to these young minds.

  5. 45 days… I feel like it’s a lifetime of happiness during the lockdown…. We have spent so much time together that we are getting used to it hehehe… Yes we have to be thoughtful about how we speak to anyone actually…

  6. Listening is the most important
    You just reminded us of what we missed out. Some simple things that we ignore.

  7. Such a wonderful piece of advice dipika . Yes parenting during this hard time of COVID is really challenging. Keeping a flexible attitude and maintaining a positive communication is must for parents to help kids in adjusting with so many new things Like online learning. Loved your theme for causeachatter. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  8. You are addressed the elephant in the room buddy and I really liked your tips. I am very thoughtful in the way I parent my kid and am sure taking in your fruitful advice

  9. I feel in this era of social media, most of us are so hooked with our gadgets that we need this constant reminder. Thanks for sharing these useful tips .

  10. This pandemic is really tough time for each one of us and kids especially affected I am happy that you have shared these pointers for every parent to deal with kids during this covid.

  11. Covid time has been tough and more so for the kids. They have been deprived of everything like playing in open parks, being with friends or having birthday parties. All they now need is their parents time and attention and while yes they have to work at home but setting out time to keep kids a company is very important for the kid.

  12. Positive parenting is necessary as one should stay positive while dealing kids during covid. These are some good pointers and advice shared.

  13. Pandemic has surely upscaled the parenting in totally different aspect. The issues which were not relevant few years ago cropped up immediately. I am happy that we all sailed it through with sanity.

  14. Listening is of utmost importance because everyone listens to respond but not actually feel empathetic or anything else.
    Dedicating time for children helps in nurturing them.
    Well written

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