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Children’s Day is around and my search of best gift for daughter and her friends has begin. Starting from checking out on what she already has, and what’s needed. Here is a list of Top 10 gifting ideas for ‘Happy Children’s Day

14th November ‘Bal Diwas‘ (as we call in Hindi) is the day dedicated for well-being, prosperity of children. To think and plan for their brighter future. In schools various activities are planned around 14th November, encouraging creativity and sportsmanship in children. I recall during my school days, this ‘special day‘ was divided into – Sports, Skits, Plays, Songs and Sweets. It was fun; we would collect candies, appreciation notes, feedback from school teachers. To count who got the best of everything. Winner would be ‘self declared’ Star of the class 🙂

As the whole concept of Children’s Day is to ‘encourage kids, motivate them, provide them with better prospective. However, it has contained only to school level. Let’s do something different this time; and bring a smile on their little cute faces.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

gift ideas

1. Activity Boxes

Children love toys and games; so give them something useful instead. I am a fan on self help activity boxes, which aids learning with fun. There are many brands of activity boxes available online or offline. Select the age criteria and suitability according to your kid. Subscribe or get just one, these boxes are quite engaging and keep them off gadgets or T.V. addiction.

2. Reading Books – Stories, History or Adventure books

Books bring wisdom and good habit along with knowledge. Adapting it from early age is favorable. Get them books as per age or interest level. Mine is 5 years and have started making small sentences using easy words, for her two liner books would be ideal gift. Recommend to get hardback books, instead of any app based gadget. Let them LOVE and learn ‘care’ for books. Don’t forget to get gift wrapped them too.

3. Indoor Self Care Garden Gift kits – 

Kids love experimenting and see class room practicals coming to life in real. Beautiful little ‘urban-gardenia‘ with gardening tools is the best gift idea. It comes with Soil-cakes, Seeds, Organic Fertilizers, Schedule for watering and dig-ups. Plus the details if of plants you are growing. For more reasonable versions, can try with local plant nurseries. Mine love the little shrubs with tiny pink flowers blooming every morning.

4. Gift an Adventure Trip or Trek Trail –  


Nothing beats a family trek trip or adventure visit away from hustle bustle of city. A win-win for kids & parents alike. The excitement peaks the moment TRIP comes out. Added point – they going to learn a lot about nature from world’s best guide – YOU! A gift that create happy memories for children & families.

5. Stationary – Notepads, Scratch-book or Doodlers


Reasonable, Secured, Best gift ideas which works 99.99% times is get them some quirky stationary. Market is full of attractive Notepads, Scratch-books & Doodlers (that’s my personal favorite) Let the creative juices flow and give them freedom from ‘directing’.

6. Fountain Pen


I got my first special ‘Fountain Pen’ by school principal when I won an inter-school debate. It’s been decades (won’t tell in numbers 😉 ) however I still remember that pen. Make that moment special on Children’s Day, gift a ‘Fountain Pen’ if the kid is of age. It has it’s own charm; which will never fade away. Explain the importance of this special pen please.

7. Personalized T-shirts or Mugs

Personalized gifts are always appealing to kids and adults alike. Love the happiness on the faces to find their names printed on T-shirts, Mugs etc. They not only appease them but also adds into memorabilia later. They also learn how to take special care of these personalized items.

8. Bicycle or Skates


Gift must be useful and for the reason to bring change – Bicycle, Balancing bike, Roller Skates. Help them in developing a hobby, and outdoor activity. This not only refreshes them from the juggle between school & home, but also keeps them active. City’s space crunch is taking away the open spaces from kids. It’s time to indulge in outdoor sports or hobby which brings a positive change.

9. Chocolates ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’  

Kids and Chocolates! the LOVE in first sight. Let them enjoy a little indulgence of sweet love from Cadbury Dairy Milk. Can you imagine a CHILDHOOD without Cadbury chocolates?

Kuch meetha Ho Jaaye‘ this Children’s Daygifts

10. Your Time and Undivided Attention

Just not for ONE day, give them your attention and time every time they in need. It gets tasking at times, but this is the most crucial phase they need you. Be supportive; not authoritative. Tell them the difference between choosing right or wrong. But with love, time & attention. Not by any rule book.

This Children’s Day ‘Baccho ke saath bacha ban jao‘ become a child with them; come out of your parent’s disciplinarian avatar for a day. Check out this wonderful TVC of sharing LOVE & HAPPINESS.

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  1. Amazing ideas for kids on this special day. I think gifting chocolates and candies is the best one gift for kids. Even its the best ever gift for anyone. My mom too used to gave me a box of different chocolates and candies on my birthday or children’s day also.

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