A Thief’s Mind Unraveled – How Safe Are You?


Being safe or keeping the loved one’s safe is our utmost priority. But do you really feel safe? Inside your own Home?

Keeping the Home Safe – #HowSafeAreYou

Undoubtedly what comes on top priority for each one of us is – Keep family safe. The measures we undertake –  a safe & habitable vicinity, secured surroundings and a good LOCK. But are you sure the Locks you so much trust on will keep you safe? Have you ever wondered what goes inside ‘mind of a robber/burglar?

On the 15th November, 2017 Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems launched an ingenious digital campaign at it’s Hubble office, Mumbai. The idea was to bring together bloggers, media persons, experts and company representatives for discussion on Home Safety, aptly named as #HowSafeAreYou

About #HowSafeAreYou Digital Campaign

Godrej urged to observe 15th November as #HomeSafetyDay to emphasis on self safety for everyone. Demonstrated the reason on why it is crucial to emphasis on home security solutions. With an adept panel of experts from various disciplines of life – Mr. Vivek Agrawal – Senior Crime Journalist & Author. Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir – Psychiatric Counsellor – Mumbai Police. Mr. Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India. Mr. Supreeth Sudhakaran, victim of burglary. Mr. Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems. 


The campaign dealt in details about the mindset of robbers/burglars, releasing videos of real life robbers targeting on few key features. This video is compilation of real interviews of rehabilitated burglars to understand – what’s the psych of robbers.

    • What they think before breaking in to any house?
    • Burglary an intention; evading prison – Mission.
    • Modus operandi behind majority of generic thefts take place.
    • Not following the basic procedures of ‘self-safety’ major boon to robbers.

Key features from the #HowSafeAreYou campaign

During the event expert panelists have shared their knowledge on how and why some people choose to rob/harm others. Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir, explained on how ‘robbing is an addiction’ for many. Regardless of the economical background or society, it is a disease, an urge called – Kleptomania.


Mr. Vivek Agrawal shared his experience of the criminal mindsets he encountered in his long course of crime journalism. How some criminals, get adrenaline rush out of a heist and killing is never a ‘taboo’ for them.



Mr. Prakash N. Borgaonkar emphasized on the need of ‘self-safety’ first. Sharing few anecdotes with audience he referred the safety and security of senior citizens. Specially those who are living alone in cities, inadvertently sharing personal details can cause much harm too. Mr. Shyam Motwani shared the ethos behind making our homes a safer place. In his own words –

“While the police and government have been trying their best to curtail crimes, it is equally the responsibility of the citizens to help police curb crime as well as take appropriate measures to prevent them. With this digital video, we are creating awareness in the minds of the citizens and helping them stay safe.”

Author’s Note

When we think of locks – the first generic brand comes to an Indian customer’s mind is ‘Godrej‘. The heavy duty locks from Godrej have helped us in thick-n-thin. During train travels, or hostel stays. P.G. accommodations or out of home trips. We trust the heavy and thick locks from our most trusted – security solutions company. As the time has changed, so is the approach of burglars. They evolved in their approach to break-in and developed latest tech to aid heist. So the security solutions also need to be latest and more robust.

Godrej Locking Solutions & Systems is bringing best security solutions to our home. But at the same time, we as responsible citizens have to complete our duty.

  • Keep your locks and security measure updated.
  • Never share extra set of key or pin with any third person.
  • Always register house helps, domestic helps with nearest Police Station.
  • Keep your monetary details to yourself.
  • Never indulge your holiday plans with strangers or on Social Media.

Together with Godrej Locks & our self-secured measures let’s make our Home a Safe Place. No event is complete without some fun & clicks with friends. Here are few glimpse of post event entertainment.

With fellow bloggers and friends
with dear friends Ayesha, Utpal along with Sujit Patil

© Dipika Singh

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  1. Anita Singh says:

    Aajkal saftey bahut jaruri hai, bahut chori hoti hai, humne bhi recently sab saftey lock change kiya hai
    Thanks for sharing all details 👍👍

  2. We can never take safety for granted. Dependable security systems are the need of the hour.
    It was a great session. Meeting up with fellow bloggers was an added advantage.

  3. I am definitely more of an alert citizen post this!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks Maria, agreed this event was quite an insightful one

  4. Brilliant blog post. The fact that citizens need to be aware and take responsibility for their own safety is so pertinent. Thank you for highlighting this.

    Do visit my blog:

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank you so much Mayura for your kind words.

  5. It’s about time more secure locks came to India.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Yes thanks Sangeeta.

  6. Much needed post …safety is so important we need to be aware

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You Neha.

  7. This was a amazing event nice meeting u

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You Sneha, likewise.

  8. the safety and security of the house always keeps e [aranoid but thanks to brands like godrej, we can sleep a peaceful night!


  10. Home safety is the need of the hour. So glad to see this initiative by Godrej Locks spreading more awareness on the same.

  11. The session was really insightful. It is heartening to know that Godrej is a trusted name and has evolved in its approach and technology of locking mechanisms.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You, glad to attend this insightful session with friends & fellow bloggers 🙂

  12. This is Amazingly Awesome initiative by Godrej. I love you described everything in detail !

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a heap Monika, glad to know I could have been some help

  13. We have to take our security really seriously In Today’s world. I cannot step it of my house without alarming it or sleep in the night without doing the same

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      I agree and specially when we have small kids at home it becomes all the more necessary. With Godrej security solutions this problem has come to an end. Thank You

  14. Such an informative post on home safety, glad that we have solutions from Godrej to keep ourselves safe.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You so much Jhilmil.

  15. I feel we always are bit uneasy towards the saftey and security of our homes. Glad that godrej is bringing home security solutions to give us peace of mind.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Absolutely dear, the kind of security solutions Godrej is giving us are very robust and safe. Thank You

  16. Safety and security is really important and good lock can definitely ensure that

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You for stopping by & read

  17. Papri Ganguly says:

    Safety comes first always. Thanks for such useful post

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You Papri.

  18. I really like the idea of safety by Godrej. The way they have come about it is commendable

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Yes Nidhi, the solutions were quite evolved. With latest technology and gadgets we can feel much more secured. Thank You

  19. Godrej has really created a niche in security solutions. I have used there products and can relate to your post big time. Very informative take on home safety. I have seen many who take it lightly.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You Anubhuti, exactly bang on we take our security for granted by believing on age old locks or trusting others. Glad you could connect to it.

  20. Good safety systems are must these days.. Thnx for sharing this

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      MY pleasure Jayshree. Glad you liked it.

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