Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for Everyone

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This is a Sponsored post, but all the views and maintenance tips shared below are from personal experience & knowledge. 

Car – once a luxury; today has become a necessity! Earlier considered only for the elite, now family from any social strata has a vehicle designed for them. With its increasing popularity and demand the automobile companies are doing their best to attract customers. Like additional servicing, many freebies, discounts, maintenance tools, self caring tips etc., and much more.

Our Family Car is like a member – Went to many romantic long drives, late night movies, happy vacations in & around city. Our darling daughter had her very first journey – from hospital to home in car. And of course the monthly grocery shopping without it is just unimaginable. It has helped us in thick-n-thin and it’s our responsibility to reciprocate the LOVE by proper maintenance. With these easy Top 5 car maintenance/care tips; anyone can enhance the life of 4 wheeled drive.


1. Regular Servicing/ Maintenance at Authorized Service Provider –

With the enhanced usage of Car in daily commuting its utmost important to take care of servicing calls. Get your car checked by an expert who understands the genesis of automobile, or maintenance experts. Oil Check-up be it engine oil or oil filter, you must do proper & thorough cleaning for better functioning. De-Carbonation of oil residue on car’s engine will help it breath free and work well.

2. Polishing & Regular Car Wash –

It’s no possible & feasible to get car washed everyday, hence getting it thoroughly washed once in a while is crucial. Make sure to use good car wash shampoo to avoid chemical damage to outer body & Paint. Or give it to any service expert for wash maintenance.

Regular polishing keeps the car’s paint intact and shining. With just a swipe & swoosh-swash of cleaning cloth – car shines like a diamond 😉


3. Interiors is as Important in Regular Maintenance –

I dislike littered car interiors, Scraps of food, muddy shoe-prints, wrappers, etc. A Car is a reflection of its owner – keep it clean, safe, infection-free and fragrant. A badly kept car interiors – like the mat, car seats, leather, etc could be breeding grounds of germs or infections if not taken care of properly. Use a handy vacuum cleaner for removing all dust and left-overs from car’s inside. Even the micro-fiber cleaner cloth also does the cleaning job well.

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4. Wheel Alignment & know your Car-

Wheel/ Tyre alignment is most crucial after engine maintenance. For a smooth and safe ride – it’s advisable to have wheels checked regularly. Proper tire alignment & air pressure saves you from unwarranted tire failures or unnecessary punctures.

Pro-Tip – Check the wheel alignment prior to long drives or travel plans.

You must have full knowledge of the car you are driving. Check out the technical map or functional areas to know what is placed where – & how to take care of it manually (if possible)

Image –

5. How to get your Car ready for Rains –

I am a Mumbaikar (resident of Mumbai) and Mumbai rains are quite notorious. A season that lasts for 4 odd months takes a heavy toll on city roads. We make sure to get our CAR Rains ready before monsoon struck us in full force. Get the Tyre & Engine checked. Exterior Polished to save from water damage, Interior Wash-Proof floor mats to safeguard the floor from getting soggy.

With some technical knowledge and few DIY tips from it gets really easy to maintain care yourself. Hope you like the tips shared here – let us know your must-do car care check-list.

© Dipika Singh

All safety & maintenance tips shared above are from the author’s personal experience with her own car.

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