The Global Trendsetter in Dietary Supplements Reveals Probiotic Benefits


DuPont HOWARU® The Global Trendsetter in Dietary Supplements Reveals Probiotic’s Benefits

DuPont is a global leader and market trendsetter of future aspects of dietary supplements. Nutritional-health based products, and Pharma Excipients. It had organized a bloggers’ meet recently which opened up an awareness on the requirement of Probiotics. Pinpointing several aspects of Probiotics in maintaining a healthy digestive system and resolve other health-related issues without using medicines. Also talked about to launch a Probiotic strain that has a wide range of food supplements to enormously benefit health.

probiotics dietary supplements

Many eminent bloggers and influencers had met up together where we discussed many unknown facts and curative property of Probiotics in maintaining healthy, mind and body. DuPont is really delving out wonder on nutritional supplements that supersedes traditional form of nutrition intake.  Under trademark of HOWARU® it has ensembles benefits of Probiotics range that are microflora or good bacteria and maintain our gut health.

To reach out the mass about the consciousness of Probiotics this meet had been arranged. But to sum up, the innovation and knowledge which their more than 8000+ employees across 20+ innovative application center have assembled are difficult to pen down. Based on consumers’ insight on dietary supplement and need of nutrition they have opened up Probiotics and its use.

Properties of Probiotic in gut health management and other health benefits

Probiotic is PRO & BIOTICS which means for life. It is a good bacteria that enhance the digestive system. Lactobacilli are a major bacteria under Probiotics. The traditional yogurt is yoghurt, curd, milk, yeast, dairy products and lot more. But a dietary supplement enhancing the rich source of in taking it can solve an array of disorders like

  • Stop irritation in bowel movement or bowel syndrome.
  • Recovers constipation.
  • Recovers ulcerative colitis.
  • Resolves abdominal cramping pain, indigestion and lot more.
  • Reduces body fat by dissolving fibers into fatty acid.
  • Improves urogenital health in women by maintaining the ecosystem of the vagina.
  • Reduces skin disease
  • Boost up the immune
  • It is a mood churner.
  • Keep away short-term memory or improves mental health like anxiety, stress, and headache.

DuPont HOWARU® has designed an array of products with Probiotics which has mastery over solving various health issues. By researching on the insight of consumers and the need of the contemporary time period it has manufactured this range of products.


 DuPont expertise on three main segments

With a yearly revenue of $ 4.4BN, it has held a mastery on three segments. It is a global leader and a trendsetter of marketing nutrition products across the globe. Its nutrient and health division is DowDuPont. The three main segments of DuPont Probiotics strength are

  • Food & Beverage.
  • Dietary supplement.
  • Pharma Excipients Segments.

It is one of the companies with the broadest portfolio that deals with innovative solvers in dealing with nutritional challenges. With technology, research and insight of consumers it has transformed the food supplement industry growing twice better than traditional food sources.

Its 5 best business units are:-

  • Pharma Excipients.
  • Probiotics
  • Protein solution
  • Emulsifier

They conduct many surveys and research among consumers of different countries has led to an industry-wide integrity and accuracy. DuPont™ Danisco® probiotics have proved scientifically the influence of Probiotics on health and digestive system.

Work Efficacy of DuPont Probiotics

danisco dietary supplements

It has research out one of the most beneficial Probiotic strain. Along with good bacteria of Probiotics, it has other nutritional benefits as well.  It is based on a robust scientific foundation where quality is assured with high safety. After many clinical trials, it has been set. Based on geographical area and food habit they have experimented the overall strengths of Probiotics. HOWARU® is marketed as a Probiotic premium range. It is clinically documented and formulated to support all age group, gender, weather and food habits across the world.

It comes as a nutrient powder, soft capsule, gel capsule, dairy products, and beverages.

The study says consumer are of five set when it comes to supplementary nutritional product

While analyzing the customer base of nutritional supplements it can be categorized in 5 segments. DuPont HOWARU® encompasses all these categories in churning upon consciousness for the requirement of different nutrition.

  • Health helpers,
  • Weight strugglers,
  • Health conscious
  • Taste is driven
  • Have good food without any restriction.

Difference between GOOD & BAD bacteria

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In our digestive system, we have more than 100 trillion microorganisms or microflora. Inside the digestive system, it maintains an ecosystem that is balanced by good and bad. Probiotics is a good bacteria that enhances intestinal and digestive system’s health. It enhances metabolism and digestive tract enzymes to let food absorb fast inside the body and provide nutrition. Yoghurt, frozen curd, yeast are a primary source of Probiotics. Any ulcer or inflammation related disease is also cured by it.

Check this space to know more about food and nutrition. Keep health think healthy!


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    Great post. You have shared a wonderful post with in-depth information about this product and its benefits. DuPont Probiotics looks like a great product to have. It has whole lot of benefits attached to it. Surely worth a try.

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  2. I have been reading a lot about probiotics and their uses but is it safe and okay to give small children and if so at what age should we start?

  3. So glad I read this post. Appreciate how well you’ve explained everything to do with Probiotics, Dipika. I will see to it that I add them in my every day meals.

  4. Glad that you are creating an awareness about probiotics by tying up with DuPont, Dipika.People often neglect the goodness done by them in the gut and the way they aid in the digestion process.

  5. Thanks Dipika for sharing this informative article. Of late people are waking up to the health benefits of probiotics and more the options they have , the better. I too will check out DuPont supplement for sure.

  6. We definitely have to include probiotics in our daily diet. Its good to know so much about it and that it can be there in yogurt, milkshakes, frozen desserts and itger yummy food.

  7. The good bacteria aka Probiotics is essential for our body. It helps in our immunity and in fact there is some good bacteria on our skin too. Thanks for sharing.

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