Motivating Your Child for Healthy Oral Health

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Motivating Your Child for Healthy Oral Health – The oral health is one of the greatest assets that we have as it has a great impact on the overall health apart from contributing massively to the creation of first impressions.

As it is such an important aspect of our daily lives, the oral health should be taken care of and the earlier it starts the better. It is for this reason that oral care should start right from an early age.

But do kids understand the significance of oral health? Does the very sight of the toothbrush make them run away?

It is a challenge to motivate the kids to take care of their oral health. To the youngsters, even a couple of minutes of lost playtime seems to be a huge sacrifice.

So if your kids absolutely despise to care for their pearly whites, here are some of the ways in which you can motivate them to do so. Just read on.

Let the Kids Choose their Toothpaste and Toothbrush –

Make the toothbrushing fun by letting the kids pick their toothpaste and toothbrush. There are a plethora of different kinds of toothpaste and colorful toothbrushes available that your kids will love. To make the oral care more fun toothpaste are available in various flavors. That along with a toothbrush inspired by their favorite cartoons can motivate the little takers to take care of their oral health and keep their mouth healthy. They are more likely to brush sincerely when they get the toothbrush and toothpaste that they have chosen for themselves and know they like.

Brush the Teeth Together –

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You should make brushing a family activity. It is a general tendency for kids to imitate whatever their parents do blindly. Thus, an effective way to make the kids brush their teeth is by making the act of brushing a practise that the entire family does together. You should represent the good oral hygiene by practising brushing and flossing in front of the kids. Then encourage them to try the same themselves. The kids will be compelled to emulate the oral hygiene practices depicted by their parents for the same reason that they tend to dress up like their parents. Once you start doing this routine together with the kids you can also keep an eye on whether the kids are brushing properly or not.

Turn the Toothbrushing into a Game –

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Kids enjoy playing games and so you can turn the toothbrushing into games. You can tell stories about why toothbrushing is important for the kids. You can also make up stories about how the plaque monsters are killed by the superhero toothbrush. So, make them excited about taking care of their teeth by using your imagination.

Purchase the Hand-held Flossers in the Fun Colours –

The colourful hand-held flossers are quite eye-catching and can encourage the kids to floss at night post brushing. Anything that can inspire the kids to practise their oral hygiene in a fun way can assist them to establish the healthy habits that are for life and which will help them to take care of their oral and overall health.

Create Reward Systems –

At times, the little ones may just need some rewards for brushing their teeth. To help make the process easier, you can opt for incentives. You can devise a sticker chart and make the kid pick a sticker and put it on the chart once they have brushed twice for a month in the right way. Your kid can be convinced by the prospect of a reward.

Use the Educational Tools –

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Kids have a tendency to pay closer attention to the messages that arrive from sources other than the parents. The educational tools play a crucial role in the implementation of healthy habits. The oral hygiene becomes more important to the little ones when they play mobile games, watch videos regarding why brushing and taking care of the oral health is important. As a result, through them, they realise the significance of oral hygiene tasks and why they should learn them.

Apart from the above, you should also consult with the pediatric dentist of your kids so that you can make them more aware about their oral health and teach them to take care of it in a proper manner so that they can flaunt a beautiful smile with confidence whenever they want.


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