Steps to take when a Tooth gets knocked out

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tooth gets knocked off
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We are pretty sure this is everyone’s worst nightmare. Getting a tooth knocked out for one reason or another can be a painful and embarrassing situation. There are steps you can take in knocked out tooth situation, however, to ease the pain and remedy the emergency.

It’s important to realize that not every knocked-out tooth is a lost cause. In fact, millions of teeth are lost every year by kids and adults alike due to various accidents. This article will look into some of the actions you can take when working quickly that can help save the tooth.

Firstly, you’ll need to track down an emergency dentist. In Australia, most dental surgeries cater for incidents and normally have an out-of-hours service in case of emergencies. If you happen to be looking for an emergency dentist in Brisbane, there are several dentists who cater to same day priority treatments, such as those in Face Value Dental.

Plan of Action for Knocked Out Tooth

tooth gets knocked off
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The most important takeaway from this article is that you need to act quickly when this happens. You should have called an emergency dentist within at least 30 minutes from it being knocked out whilst following these steps: 

Picking up the tooth carefully

If you can find your tooth, ensure that you never touch it at the root. Always pick it up by the crown which makes up the main surface area of the tooth. Remember to treat it with care and handle it delicately.

Make sure it’s clean

If there is any dirt on the tooth, ensure it’s rinsed clean with water to get all the grime away. Never use any soap or dry the tooth. You also want to avoid scrubbing it or keeping it in tissue to keep it dry.

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Position it back in the socket

The sooner you can do this, the more effective it will be. You want to get the tooth back in the socket and push it in gently. Keep in mind to only touch the crown area and close your mouth gently.

If this doesn’t work, ensure it’s in milk

The most important thing now is always to keep the teeth moist before you can take it to the dentist. You should put it in a small glass of milk or in your cheek as you transport it to the dentist, so it is kept moist by your saliva.

knocked out tooth

After carrying out these steps, make sure you see your dentist in half an hour or less after the accident takes place. If you speak to the receptionist and let them know what happened, they will prioritize your appointment. A knocked out tooth, otherwise known as an ‘avulsed tooth’ is considered and treated as one of the most serious dental emergencies.

So, if this ever happens to you, try not to panic and carry out the above steps to give your tooth the best chance of being saved.

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22 thoughts on “Steps to take when a Tooth gets knocked out

  1. Thank you for explaining how to deal with a tooth being knocked out! My niece had her baby tooth knocked out in a sledding accident, but it made me wonder how I would have dealt with a permanent tooth falling out.

  2. wow. I definitely didn’t know we could replant a tooth if it gets knocked out. Thanks for all the tips.

  3. Getting a tooth knocked out is a nightmare. The tips you’ve mentioned are easy to follow, D. Don’t panic is the important part. Imagine if the tooth breaks into two!

  4. Oh god I never imagines till last week that doctor is bhagwan and so is a dentist. this post has reminded me of my latest dental surgical extaction ooch its damn painful and still dont know how much have to deal with is.

  5. this is definitely a helpful post for anyone. My friend is suffering from such disease .Will share this post with her.

  6. I must say It’s a very informative post. I never knew that a Fallen out teeth can be replaced with the help of dentist, my cousin’s tooth came out in accident and doctor transplanted an artificial one ..

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