Bag Essentials – Things To Keep in Your Bag

women bag essentials

Women Bag Essentials – Things to keep in your Bag.

There are many things that one can find in a woman’s bag, from necessities to simple utilities and more. Some call it – ‘a Pandora’s box‘, but ask any woman and she will tell you the need to stash things handy. I might be having an entire writing/working space in my handbag along with a few other kinds of stuff.

Apart from the everyday essentials, women also carry other stuff which comes handy at the right times. From traveling needs to basic first-aid, makeup to hygiene, and sanitary needs. We have compiled a list of Essential handbag items, a list of things which every woman should carry in her purse.

Women Bag Essentials:

1. Loose zipper pouches or smaller inside bags

these pouches/bags come handy when you have a tote bag or big a handbag. Small objects like lipsticks, coins, loose items move inside bags easily, making it tough to find when needed. Zipper pouches come handy when you saving left-over food items or liquids. Storing an extra pair of jewellery safely in smaller bags save from breakage or losing it.

Pro-tip: I often get smaller sling bags, which can be used individually or as inside kit for bigger tote/ handbags.

2. Extra pair of Jewellery –

Make sure to carry an extra pair of jewellery with you, especially when going for special meetings/ occasions. Fashion statement jewellery transforms any look an extra notch, but beware of last-minute glitches.

‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’

A broken earring or sudden fallout of neckpiece might bring down the whole look. It’s better to carry an additional set of jewellery or earrings, along with some ‘save-me-tricks‘. Safety pins, additional hooks, bobby pins come in handy in stressful times.

3. Body/ Face Cleanser –

Stashing a nice cleanser – body/face saves from untidy situations, especially when going out with a baby or dining dates. Cleanser comes to the rescue when in need of proper water and wash cleaning during travels or dining. I have faced a situation where wet wipes could not help, and depending on outside dispenser soaps is never too easy.

Choose a nice organic face or body cleanser, travel-friendly packaging advisable and stash in your purse/ bag. Organic products last long and give the best results, keeping skin soft, pampered and supple.

4. Breath Fresheners – Women Bag Essentials

Bad breath or mouth odor is a major turn off and shows poor hygiene standards unless you have a medical situation. Peppermint, chewing gums, mouth fresheners come to rescue during dire needs.

5. BB Lotion –

A good BB Lotion helps in even face texture and also help makeup stay for long. Women travel bag must-have list cannot be complete without a good natural/ organic BB lotion. Comes handy for face re-touch or getting a fresher look, after a long tiring day at work.

6. Perfumes –

A good fragrance can turn any tricky situation into easier, just smell happy and think well. Keep a small pocket size spray of perfume or body mist in your handbag. I always carry a small body spray in sweet flowers/ orchid fragrance, it makes any rough day into shiny bright one.

7. Pen and diary/ Paper –

A blogger/ writer without a pen is like a knight without shining armor. Paper and pen help you in noting down most crucial things – like passwords, codes, addresses etc. Scribbling random thoughts in notes helped me in weaving some most loved blog-posts.

8. Essential Gadgets –

Phone charger, pen drive, power bank, these are few necessities today. Leaving home for a long day’s work gets tedious without these essentials. The power bank is a must for every woman, as you don’t like phone konking at the worst times or situations.

9. Lipsticks/ Lip-gloss –

Give her a bright lipstick, and she will conquer the World‘, a saying that is so close to my heart. I am sure most of you agree to it too 😉 Always carry an extra lipstick/lipgloss in your handbag, I choose a nude shade as a spare which goes well as top-coat on almost all shades.

Make sure you keep a good quality lipstick, with right ingredients and zero toxins.

Lady Raga Fashion & Beauty Subscription Bags

Subscription bags are doing rounds on social media and also getting a lot of attention from Indian consumers. With a plethora of options available in the market or online, it gets tricky to choose which is best for us. Value for money and the one which is just not a ‘fad’.

Lady Raga is an amazing bag with the right combination of fashion, makeup and utility together. This bag is designed keeping in view of what women need to have in her – Bag Essentials.

From everyday makeup needs to hygiene, from skin care to accessories along with a nice durable, handy bag. Lady Raga got it all covered in their monthly subscription bags. Each month, Lady Raga sends you high-end beauty products varying from beauty care to eye-catching fashion accessories that match your lifestyle.

How to Subscribe for Lady Raga monthly bags?

lady bag essentials
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What’s in my bag?

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3. Quinta Essentials organic sandal wood & vanilla body cleanser Rs. 200.

4. Ethnic pendant set with earrings worth Rs. 155.

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  1. My list of handbag essentials is almost the same as yours, Dipika. Except for the extra Jewelry bit. I thought it was an interesting tip.
    A small mirror and comb and an SOS Medicine Kit are my other absolute essentials.
    The Lady Raga bag looks absolutely wow!

    1. Thanks, Mayuri for the entry, yes the SOS kit is must-have too.

      1. same list as your and with sos kit i would like to carry one small knife, safty pins and wet tissues

  2. I have just read your recent post on, it is really beneficial

  3. Dr Arpita Subhadarshinee

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    we wish if we read. A world of books is a paradise to live in.
    A book is a dream that you hold in your hands. A dream so beautiful, that you don’t want to wake up

    I say what can be more ideal than a novel in hand, a cup of cappuccino and winters. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Reading bridges between misery to hope. Whenever we read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to light up our world.

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    ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
    I beeped into a book
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    Nobody can find me
    My world stood behind me
    I opened the book,
    Dealt with tears and laughter
    I finished the book and came out
    my world still the same
    but I have a new world within..
    My Bag always has BOOKS. 🙂 besides some dire cosmetics.

  4. My Essential kit in my bag Small pack of face wash, Paper Soap, hand sanitizer, Pepper Spray, Safety pin it helps me many times from embarrassing moments

  5. Nice article on bag essentials , mine is bit similar like yours , things which I carry in my bag are Hand Sanitizer , Wipes/ tissues , Lip balm , some candies or biscuits , wallet , my phones .
    Participating in this giveaway , following both host and sponsor on FB , Instagram & Twitter 🙂

  6. Mine always have a comb and kajal because most of the time I get ready in the car. Other than that hand sanitiser, wipes , my wallet and phone.
    This lady Raga bag looks irresistible.
    Followed both Host n sponsor.

  7. Practical and usesul suggestions, Dipika. Can I add tissues and sanitary napkins to the liat too? I always have them in my bag. Carrying extra jewellery never occured to me. Also, thanks for the reminder about power banks and chargers which I tend to forget.
    The Lady Raga bag is too good to resist!

  8. My handbag essentials are :
    1) Power bank: To charge mobile and Kindle.
    2) Pen and Pocketbook : To note down essential things and for various other purposes like things I need to buy, calls to be made etc
    3) Kindle and a novel : I can’t sustain a day without these two. I have to wait a lot so I start reading my current novel to pass time.
    4) Comb : My hair are fuzzy and need to be combed every few hours.
    5) Tissue paper and wipes : The weather over here is very humid and hot so these two are a necessity.
    6) Earphones : I love music so whenever I get pissed about anything I just plug in my earphones and start my music to calm myself.
    7) Moisturizer and lipgloss : It helps me maintain my look the whole day.
    8) Wallet : Without money and cards I can’t survive a day!
    9) Passport Size Photos : I always have this in my bad because for may form or government procedures I need them.
    10) Copy of my aadhar card : It’s not that necessary but I carry it anyways.

    I never thought of caring jewelery but it’s a good idea and I will keep in mind . Even pen drives was an amazing component and I am gonna put it in my bag right now! Thank you!!

  9. My bag essentials include a pack of tissues, a toner or cleanser, a lip balm and a kajal. Loved everything in the Lady Raga bag too. I think will add jewellery to my bag too .

  10. i am a lazy person & my bag essentials always been a lipguard, sanitizer, tissue & comb. But blog is really interesting & never thought of keeping pair of earings in bag… for now surely going to carry it

  11. I totally agree with you my hubby always say ish me ky pathar bhare hai. itna bahari kyu hai. who will tell him with kids , I have to take care of entire things too . That are really great bag essentials

  12. I love the products you recommend! I am extremely jealous of girls who don’t feel the need to carry large bags… My bag is also full with all this things..

  13. Travel size perfume and lotion, a lipgloss, pen, face wipes…These are my handbag essentials. The subscription box idea is quite cool. Shall try.

  14. I loved the bag and I too sure carry a tissue and hand sanitizer for sure

  15. That’s a handy list which we all need to carry in bags. Believe me safety pins and Bobby pins are permanent in my bag for those uncalled times. This bag sounds exciting with the content they have, would love to try them out

  16. Very important set of points put across beautifully, thank you for sharing

  17. These are some great tips. Love the idea of jewellery. Its sometimes not easy to wear on the way but jewelry is needed at the venue for the style statement. Will keep this in mind

  18. My Bag Essentials are:

    Safety pins & bobby pins as they are of great help in some risky situations
    Mint mouth freshners & some ginger hiney drops as these help me during motion sickness or simply when I want to feel good & fresh.
    Notepad, some colour pens as I love doodling in long journeys
    comb & Kajal as it helps me pep up in a minute
    Sunglasses n sunscreen as I travel during the day so these are must haves
    Hair tie or hair clip
    Maybelline Baby Lips
    Ear phones as I love listening to music
    wet tissue or napkin

  19. This bag is really good and your list is so up to mark as I too carry similar stuff in my bag

  20. I always carry safety pins and extra pair of earrings and bindi packet in my purse, it rescued me many times when my footwear was broken.

  21. I can never step out without my bag because it has all my essentials.. your list is so relatebale 🙂 Story of every woman’s life! haha

  22. Good list Dipika. My bag usually weighs a ton because I carry so much of stuff in it, useful and useless both!

    1. Thank you for reading Kala, I agree our bags have whole universe inside it.

  23. Humara handbag kisi store se kam nahi hota , mere bag me kuch medicine, pee safe, hand sanitizer, perfume, lipstick, tissue paper, pen ,small notebook, mukhwas, cough drops, paani bottle, rumal, I card, paise, spoon n knife, needle n thread, saftey pin , aur ab plastic banned hai to ek folding bag to jarur hi mil jayega ))

  24. wipes… pen..lipstick… safety box … chocolates… vomitting medicines… headphone..toffee…kjl

  25. I’ve never tried the Lady raga bag and my bag usually just has lip balms, my million tiny gadgets and medicines.

  26. My bag has all essentials mentioned except a few makeup things

  27. Handbags are more than just a fashion statement for most women, as they literally carry their life in their bag.

    1. Touche Can’t agree more.

  28. Good list of women bag essentials. I have lens solution, lens case, power specs, dry and wet tissues, some essential medicines, tooth pick as extra.

  29. I do keep some of these and will be adding some from the list

    1. Thank You for stopping by.

  30. These are some great tips. I prefer to carry gadgets and only lip gloss while traveling.

    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

  31. I always prefer carry earphone and wipes definitely.. Informative post.. #MyFriendalexa #Flavorsofworldread

  32. That’s very essential things which comes as saviour most of the time. Especially the Lipstick and hand sanitizer is must have for me

  33. A hand sanitiser and a few napkins are also a must!

    1. Thank you, Manpreet for stopping by and reading.

  34. A box of mint and a few hair clips and bands rounds up all the essentials. An informative read indeed.

    1. That sounds like perfect bag essential.

  35. Awesome article, Dipika! I am so loving this post <3. A sunscreen according to me is another essential thing that we should always carry unfailingly.

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