Fashion Statement Jewellery: for the innerspirit in you

Fashion Jewellery

If the attire gives an insight to your taste then the accessory that goes with it reflects your inner soul, it gives an insight into what you seek and what you’d like to show. Accessorizing is an art that very few can master. Especially when it comes to statement jewellery, it seldom goes wrong.  There should be something statemented for every occasion and apparel that you go by. So many occasions to make memories with these.

If not, the statement jewellery symbolizes the inner spirit in you.

History of jewellery

If you know, shiny beads and seashells were once even used as a means of exchange – currency. This shows how lucrative these accessories can get. Over the years we have been introduced to jewelry of various finesses, all thanks to westernization. You now have a wide variety of Art pieces to choose from.

And, with choice comes confusion. Some jewellery pieces that you might own are probably outdated while some are too hippy in contrast to your ethnic taste, well, this is where you can make use of these accessories and statement pieces. Something different.

When you accessorize it right, you feel this inner happiness that reflects well on your face. An eye-catching piece of jewellery brings in a lot of compliments to the wearer. Women who love to play and experiment with different styles must surely give modern statement jewelry a go.

The occasion for something statemented:

To be honest, you don’t need one! You can mix and match with all the accessories you have, and voila! You have something new! That is the beauty of statement jewellery, it does not restrict you at an end. You have the freedom to pair anything with everything and go with something that gives you the right feel and vibes.

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Fashion Statement jewellery patterns and types for you to play with:


engraved necklaces

This is an all-time favorite. Whether it’ll be designs and patterns or words and messages on an engraved piece of jewelry. You can have it on metal plates, plain sheets of either silver or bronze and many more. These pieces are known for their heaviness. They make the wearer look bold. The jewellery speaks out for itself. A must-have in your jewellery box.


fashion statement choker

This is where you show your love for maths and figures per se. These jewelry pieces are the perfect official accessorizing pieces that will always keep you two steps ahead of your counterparts. The flawless and seamless patterns make for beautiful additions to your kit. You can have something soft or sharp, curvy or edgy, in loops or singlets, so many options to experiment from. For the professional diva in you.


Boho Fashion  statement jewellery


Inarguably, we all love this one and have it on us too! The best part about boho jewelry is that it fits so well with Indian ethnic wear. You can pair it up with kurti, saree, and dresses. Works well with almost everything Indian, it is majesty on its own. Especially the metal engraved boho jewellery in silver, it is a sure head turner and attention grabber per se. For the bold and beautiful you, this is something that reflects your view.


statement jewellery beads necklace
PC: Google Image

It is a classic piece of work that gets passed on from one generation to next. And arguably, the older designs and patterns are prettier than the new ones! A great amount of thought goes in the preparation of these jewellery pieces, one of the reasons behind it could be sourcing out the right beads to add up to the perfect match. It is so beautiful to look at. Enchanting is the word.

From the Author

Finding the right piece of statement jewelry takes quite the effort on your part. You simply cannot have a collection overnight. At The Fashion and City, we recommend that you look out for these pieces in your local markets and also so some online browsing. These jewellery pieces are mini investments on their own, so taking quite the time in assembling your enviable collection is agreeable.

Get. Set. Go!


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35 thoughts on “Fashion Statement Jewellery: for the innerspirit in you

    1. Right, Accessorizing is an art that very few can master.

      Accessories can be the shining feature of any and every outfit.

      I like boho jewelry that fits well with Indian ethnic wear.

  1. Stone age se hi jewellery rahi hai, infact females ka to naam kharab hai per males bhi shuru se hi inko use karty hain ??
    Mujhy traditional, diamond n pearl pasand hai, lakin inko kiske sath kab pehna jaye, art ye hai ??

    1. True, Ma’am matching jewellery with the attire is most crucial. Thank you for visiting the blog.

  2. I am a sucker of contempemporary jewellery and always love to experiment and have some classy pieces in my collection. Your lovely post made me realise what additions I need to make to my collection immediately.

  3. This is completely my kinda accessorising for any event or party. Huge chunky is my style along with extremely dainty as well.

  4. Statement jewellery is for everyone. It has its own charm and can give instant makeover. I am very fond of statement neck pieces.

  5. I haven’t read any blog which covers jewelry from history to its importance of complimenting other accessories in such a beautiful way, hats off for the amount of research put into this blog post

  6. I love boho and beaded jewellery they go so well with different ethnic and modern clothing. These styles mix match so well. The history of jewellery well this was an interesting read.

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