One-Stop Solution for Stronger Immune System & Better Nutrition in Kids

How to make stronger immunity in kids

Nothing worries a parent more than seeing their child fall prey to infectious diseases. As parents, we try to do everything we can to ensure our children receive the proper balance of nutrition and grow up with a stronger immune system to fight off unknown infections. Yet sometimes in our attempt of trying to do a lot of things we miss the best, clinically-approved, and most trusted one-stop solution.

Every new parent is bombarded with a truckload of information necessary for their child’s optimum growth and strong immunity system. You have to breastfeed for a strong foundation, vaccinations should be your top priority, once they start solid food you must include fruits and veggies in their daily diet, let them spend a good hour in the Sun for Vitamin D, and whatnot. These are all true and important so they grow at the right pace.

Some Growth Nutrients that are crucial for Stronger Immune System

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats: These are macronutrients and growing children need this in their daily meals. Whole foods contain a good amount of these nutrients. 

Iron and zinc: Found in green veggies, seafood, rajma, beans, and other legumes are important when children are underweight or have low hemoglobin.

Vitamin D: Outdoor playtime and exposure to sunshine is necessary for children to get the right amount of Vitamin D. Now, with the virus outbreak and quarantine, outdoor games are not possible, but food such as mushroom and daily intake of milk can help raise Vitamin D levels.

Sometimes children can get fussy or bored with regular food. In that case, including nutritional supplements in your child’s diet is the best way to make sure he/she has all of the nutritional needs fulfilled in just two servings a day. 

If you are wondering, here’s why: PediaSure has 37 nutrients and high-quality proteins, thereby maintaining a balance in nutrition. To explain it in a better way:

It helps your child’s muscle and bones growth –

It’s a known fact that the building blocks of your child’s physical growth depend on the daily dose of protein, calcium and Vitamin D. And where do we get it from? Dairy food, leafy vegetables, meat, eggs, and fatty fish. Along with maintaining healthy food habits, including PediaSure to your child’s daily diet you can be assured that the apple of your eye receives the necessary nutrients for stronger bones and muscles. Plus, it tastes good. A win-win all the way. 

It help child build up stronger immune system –

If protein, calcium, and Vitamin D are the building blocks of your child’s physical nourishment, antioxidants are the foundation of strength. Fruits like berries and oranges, vegetables like broccoli and peppers, a variety of nuts, beans, and seeds, fish and poultry products provide us Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Selenium – all are necessary for a stronger immune system.

It aids brain and eyes development –

A diet that supports physical nourishment and fortifies the immune system, along with helping brain development is the ideal way to pave a bright future for your child. One of the most essential elements needed for this is Omega-3. Human bodies produce very less Omega-3 on its own, so we must include food and supplements in the diet to receive the required fatty acid for development. Seafood and nuts are good sources of Omega-3, but some kids are allergic to these.  PediaSure contains Omega-3 and can make up for this.

Stronger Immune System #StaySureWithPediSure

So if you are looking for a wholesome diet for your child and want to ensure your child is eating the right way, you can consider choosing a supplement like PediaSure. But don’t forget to combine it with good wholesome food from the kitchen, sufficient sleep, proper hygiene, regular exercise, and a stress-free home environment.

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  1. I am surely going to share this article with my cousin for my nephew. With this whole Corona situation that has been going on we were searching for ways to increase my nephews immunity.

    1. Glad you liked the information, thank you

  2. I totally agree that these nutrients are so much needed for the right growth and immunity of kids!!

  3. Definitely a big concern especially in tough times like these. Perdiasure is a good supplement food that fortifies and helps build immunity. My sister is extremely happy and stress free with the product

  4. My kids eat all the fruits but when it comes to green vegetables they are difficult. Pediasure is a great supplement that helps in covering the deficiency of nutrients.

  5. Providing kids necessary nutrition has always been an area of concern for parents. I have read a lot about Pedicure in the past and have recommend to a few of my friends in India. Some have tried it and are very satisfied with the results.

  6. Mom’s are always worried about kids getting the right amount of nutrients. Pediasure assures that they don’t have to worry any longer. Lot’s of Mom’s i know are so thankful for it.

  7. Omega 3 is available in fish. Are you a vegetarian? Mostly whatever we eat has most of the nutrients in it. Minerals and vitamins too!

  8. I must say Pediasure is a boon for those kids who are very fussy eaters. I can feel the changes in immunity as I am using this for a long time.

  9. Now’s the most important time to make sure that kids have a strong immunity. Pediasure is definitely one easy and good option for moms to keep their kids strong and healthy.

  10. Good nutrition is crucial for the active and strong immunity in kids. This is a very helpful resource for many moms looking for help .

  11. Strongly agree with you on this topic. Immunity is one thing that is important in kids especially in today’s time where we are affected with COVID 19 crisis. Pediasure certainly will help as a good supplement.

  12. This is an informative post, Dipika. Every parent wants their child to be healthy and strong for which nutrition plays the most important role. It is always a good idea to add supplements like PediaSure in a child’s diet to improve their immunity.

  13. Truly kids always get fuzzy about eating green & there is no better way than Pediasure to kick in all the essential nutrients in an easy way. Thanks for sharing

  14. So agree with you Dipika. For our fussy eaters a health drink like Pediasure can indeed work wonders.
    We really trust it a lot too.

  15. I totally agree with you kids immunity is really important in we need to take care for it by giving proper balanced diet. Thanks for pediasure that includes all the need vital nutrients.

  16. We have been very thankful to Pediasure since the time my son started becoming a picky eater. Now its better. During those times, Pediasure helped with the proper nutrition. It is really good.

  17. Good nutrition is surely a worry for parents more. These are helpful pointers that will help parents to give a balanced diet to their kids.

  18. Really help full wright up

  19. Pediasure is not only adding nutritious value to children’s food intake but also keeping parents stress free. Now no worries at all.

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