The Best way to Treat Dandruff

how to treat dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem that affects 50% of the general population. Read on, if you too suffer from the bothersome condition, because we have found an effective solution to treat the root cause of dandruff. Or shall we call it the best way to treat dandruff!

First thing first, what is dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common disorder and is mostly accompanied by an itchy and flaky scalp. Every day our skin sheds the old cells, which are then replaced by the new ones. When this shedding happens at a faster rate than usual, we have dandruff. The stubborn, annoying flakes that we see stuck between our hair strands, on our clothes, are basically the dead skin cells.

Why do we get dandruff?

To treat dandruff, it’s important to know the root cause of the problem. But unfortunately, dandruff happens for a lot of underlying reasons. Dandruff can happen because of the dry scalp – that is lack of moisture in the scalp. It can also happen if you have an allergic reaction to the shampoo or any other hair product you are using right now. If the water of your area has hard metal content, it can deposit on your scalp and cause irritation – eventually leading to dandruff. Additionally, dandruff also happens due to lifestyle issues such as stress and wrong diet, low immunity system, and hormonal changes.

Hence, it’s not clear what causes dandruff. But what we do know is that nobody likes it. Having dandruff is irritating and when we go out in public, it’s embarrassing to meet people with flakes on our hair.

So, is dandruff manageable?

How do we get rid of Dandruff? Is dandruff manageable? We can manage dandruff by using the right kind of product. I personally prefer and would suggest a medicated shampoo you can find in a nearby pharmacy i.e. Selsun Suspension. It contains a 2.5% w/v selenium sulphide which is a very well-known and trusted ingredient to treat dandruff.

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Who thought these tiny white flakes on the scalp could create so much stress in life? Wearing your favourite Little Black Dress, but what if dandruff ruins my evening? Top class presentation to the boss, but sudden urge to scratch the itchy scalp creates havoc in mind! . ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ SWIPE LEFT ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ . But now, I have found an effective treatment to get rid of DANDRUFF; Selsun suspension 2.5%, an anti-dandruff shampoo that not only treats your dandruff but also controls it from coming back. Read my blogpost to know how you too can #BeSelsunSure #Antidandruff #dandruffshampoo #haircare #dandrufftreatment Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video are independent views solely of the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. This video is for product awareness purposes only and is not intended to substitute the advice given by licensed health-care professional. Kindly seek advice from health-care provider, if unsure about your symptoms or suitability of product or if pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend you to read labels, warnings, and directions before use

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I normally tend to get dandruff during weather change and this product was once recommended to me by a chemist, I visit regularly. So now whenever my dandruff reappears, I prefer to #BeSelsunSure by using only Selsun Suspension with 2.5% selenium sulphide over any other products available in India and globally.

Selsun shampoo is really effective and works like magic to give me relief from dandruff and itching caused by this. Each time I use this, there is a remarkable reduction in my dandruff within just the first two washes. However, in order to get the best results from this shampoo, one must carefully follow the below instructions while using the product. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use this product.

  1. Selsun is for topical use only and must be applied without diluting with water.
  2. After wetting the hair, massage Selsun onto the scalp to form lather and keep in contact with your scalp for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse your hair and skin including hands and nails to remove all traces of the product.
  4. Use twice weekly for two weeks and then only when necessary (for not more than twice a week) unless advised by your doctor.
  5. In case of any discomfort after the use of a product or worsening of condition seek an immediate opinion from your doctor.

What are some of the important things to consider while using a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo like Selsun?

  1. Read the label instruction carefully before use
  2. It must not be applied to or on infected or broken skin
  3. Keep away from children
  4. Avoid usage in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned on the product pack
  5. Seek advice from your doctor if unsure about your symptoms or suitability of the product or if pregnant or breastfeeding.  I recommend you to read labels, warnings, and directions before use.

The bottom line!

Practice drinking a lot of water, stay on a healthy diet, and keep a check on your stress levels. It is also essential to maintain basic hygiene standards, especially during the season when dandruff aggravates – for some people, it happens during monsoon, for some in winter and there are many people who get dandruff throughout the year. Understand the requirement of your skin and hair to keep it healthy. I hope you found this information useful. You can buy it here.

Have you used Selsun before? How was your experience? Tell me in the comments below!

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The views expressed in the blog contents are independent views solely of the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. This blog is for product awareness purposes only and is not intended to substitute the advice given by a licensed health-care professional.  Kindly seek advice from a licensed health-care provider, if unsure about your symptoms or suitability of the product or if pregnant or breastfeeding.  We recommend you to read labels, warnings, and directions before use.


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  1. Thank You For The Wonderful Review !!

    1. Thank you for stoping by

  2. I have been looking for a dandruff free shampoo and thanks to this article I got one.
    Great you shared!

  3. Dandruff is annoying and embarrassing , but can be controlled with the right shampoo. Thanks to Selsun, I control mine!
    This is such a detailed and informative post. Well written.

  4. This is quite a detailed and informative blog on how to beat dandruff and how to #BeSelsunSure. Thank you

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  5. Thanks for the great review!!

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  6. Selsun is a trusted brand for 90 years. Truly very effective and results in dandruff free hair. I was able to control my dandruff all thanks to Selsun.

  7. I agree, Chemist shops often recommend Selsun as treatment option for dandruff. I have had a good experience with Selsun myslef.

  8. Selsun is a trusted brand, something even my mom has counted on always. I’ve recently started using it, and I can feel the difference.

  9. I have never tried Selsun. Will check if I can find it on amazon. during weather change, I also experience little bit of dandruff. good to know that Selsun works good on dandruff problem.

  10. I hate it when I get dandruff, it is mainly seasonal. I have tried almost every famous anti-dandruff shampoos in the market, nothing works for me. Going by your experience I would like to give Selsun a try too.

  11. I haven’t tried Selsun brand before. Thanks for sharing about them. I liked your tips as well. I don’t know dandruff and drinking water is connected

    1. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, dryness is a major cause of Dandruff. Thank You

  12. Thankfully I do not have dandruff at the moment but I am glad to know about this treatment for dandruff if I ever need it in the future!

  13. Dandruff is so annoying and equally worrisome. Selsun has been used for years for treating dandruff. It’s highly recommended by doctors too.

  14. I often have dandruff owing to change in hair products or weather change. I haven’t used Selsun yet but am sure going to try it very soon. It is medically approved too!

  15. I have had dandruff a couple of times and was recommended Selsun by the dermatologist. It is very effective, like you, I too can vouch for it. Exhaustive post you have covered all aspects brilliantly.

  16. My brother have dandruff problem and his scalp is very dry. It even lead to hairfall. We tried many Remedies. Selsun shampoo is sounds effective in treating dandruff. Would recommend him

  17. This used to be one of my major hair issues and now my daughter too gets dandruff so it seems really helpful for both of us!! Thanks for the detailed review!!

  18. You explained very well Dipika. Dandruff comes back in winter again, I tried lots if known shampoos but not the medicated ones. I shall try this one and will check the results.

    1. you will be very happy seeing the results I am sure Thank you

  19. I hear a lot about Selsun. I have been a Nizral fan, but it feels like I must switch soon. Thanks for an insightful post. Is it available online?

    1. I have used Nizral for many years, but then it makes you immune. Selsun is much more efficient and the best part doesn’t make your hair go dry.

  20. I have struggled with dandruff issues during college days. Wish I had tried this shampoo then. My mom used to make try home remedies which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t

  21. Dandruff can get very irritating in winters and since we are soon going to approaching the season its a good way to prepare the body for it. I am happy to see that this medicated shampoo can help dandruff problem so well.

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  24. Dandruff is one problem I think everyone face in their life, thanks to such shampoo that comes as solutions to tackle with them

    1. It is really effective, thank you Neha.

  25. in this weather, my scalp is such a pain area! I am glad you found a good product and are sharing about it – definitely going to get this and use! I find most only give temporary relief, and am looking for a sustainable and long term solution.

    1. Glad this is helpful, thank you for stopping by

  26. Just got myself a new bottle and must say it’s working awesome #BeSelsunSure

  27. My hubby has major dandruff issues and the shampoos in chemicals doesn’t help so I guess I am going to recommend Selsun shampoo to him. Wanted to ask whether the shampoo has a fragrance?

  28. I truly agree. Selsun has been my savior from dandruff and itchy scalp for years. It is such an amazing and result-yielding product!

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