Best 5 Chemical-Free Baby Bottle Liquid Cleanser in India

best baby liquid cleanser

Like many new mothers, do you also worry over choosing the right cleanser for your baby bottles? Or are you looking for the best baby bottle liquid cleanser? Don’t worry – you are certainly not overthinking it. Gone are those days when this seemed like a luxury. Today pediatrician advises that you shouldn’t use regular dish soaps to clean your baby’s feeding essentials.

Why Baby Feeding Bottles and Tumblers need special care?

This is mainly because of the chemicals used in regular dish soaps that are definitely not good for the infants. Small children have a developing immune system and sensitive skin. Using chemical-based products to clean their bottles could harm their health in more than one way we can imagine.

Our newborn babies have ideal hygiene requirements. It means just thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the house wouldn’t be sufficient, but also their feeding essentials. This is why you need the best baby bottle liquid cleanser that is gentle and chemical-free. At the same time effectively removes milk or other residues from the bottles.

Here’s a list of 5 Best Chemical-free and Natural baby bottle liquid cleanser to help you make the right choice for your little one. All of these products are chemical-free and do a great job cleaning the baby bottles thoroughly.

best baby bottle liquid cleanser

1. Mothers Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Cleanser:

All the nursing items for babies such as bottles, nipples, toys, and other accessories mostly have valves or knots. These are the easiest parts in which the baby food gets stuck, leading to a bad smell and a risk of generating harmful germs. The Plant-Powered Natural baby bottle liquid cleanser from Mother Sparsh has the best formula to combat this problem of baby feeding gear.

Mother Sparsh is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to baby care and essential requirements. It is at the frontline for offering excellent child care items made from all-natural ingredients. Also, absolutely harmless for everyday use that gives an effective cleanse to your baby’s feeding essentials. It was founded in 2016 with a mission to offer plant-based natural and sustainable baby products to every household. Their revolutionary water-based baby wipes with natural plant-derived fabric is every mother’s first choice.

This plant-powered liquid cleanser for feeding bottles removes up to 50% more milk residue from baby bottles and tumblers. It’s made with two main ingredients – green apple and basil – and are completely baby skin-friendly, free from every kind of harmful toxins. The green apple extracts are not only a safe natural cleanser but also gives you a fresh fruity smell. A perfect and natural way to remove the bad smell from your baby bottles. Instead of using any chemical, the basil is free, and clear liquid cleanser is a great choice to naturally sanitize the baby bottles and other products. This makes Mother Sparsh as the Top rated liquid baby cleanser’s brand.

The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties in basil effectively kill all the harmful bacteria from all your baby feeding products. Since it’s made with a chemical-free and biodegradable formula, you can safely use it in cleaning baby products. Such as bottles, toys, pacifiers, milk packets, peeled fruits, and vegetables. These unique properties in Mother’s Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser makes it a must-buy product for your newborn baby. From removing tough stains to eliminating the bacteria created by the build-up of milk residues, this baby liquid cleanser does it all.

2. Mee Mee Antibacterial Baby Liquid Cleanser –

This Antibacterial Baby bottle liquid cleanser from Mee Mee complies with international safety and hygiene standard. It can be used to remove milk and formula residue and odor from all baby feeding materials, accessories and fruits, and vegetables before it reaches your newborn. You can also use this environment-friendly and biodegradable cleaner as a feeding bottle sterilizer. Also, besides using it to clean your baby bottles like a regular liquid cleaner, you can also use this to clean all baby items such as toys, etc.

3. Pigeon Baby Liquid Cleanser –

This liquid baby cleanser is tried and tested by mothers throughout the world. Made with sugar and coconut-based formula, Pigeon Baby Liquid Cleanser safely removes the bacteria from the baby’s feeding essentials. It claims to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and comes with an easy rinse formula, making it quick and easy to clean the items.

4. LuvLap Liquid Baby Cleanser –

This is a free and clear liquid baby cleanser – which means it uses no artificial color, making it safe for your baby’s health and appropriate for the gentle skin. Made with 100% food-grade ingredients and free from toxic materials, it safely removes stains from your baby bottles and toys.  It’s also effective to clean pesticides from fruits and vegetables as well.

5. Morisons Baby Dreams Bottle & Accessories Cleaner

Morisons has been trusted by mothers for over three decades for its range of child care products. This baby bottle cleanser is suitable for feeders, toys, as well as to clean the vegetables. It’s enriched with food-grade ingredients and uses a formula to effectively remove bacteria and fungi. To clean the feeding materials mix 5 drops of this cleaner in a bucket of water and clean the items with a cleaning brush, before rinsing it thoroughly in water. To clean the nursing materials and toys mix 7-8 drops of the cleaner in water and rinse it in the water later.

Final take on Buying baby bottle liquid cleanser –

Not just the feeding bottles, even the nipples, teethers, sippers, toys, and other baby accessories should be cleaned after every use. This is why choosing the safest and best baby liquid cleaner is so important. While there are a plethora of options available on the market today, it’s always advisable to choose the best. A product that is made from all-natural ingredients and environment friendly in nature. So that it maintains the baby’s immune system and keeps them away from unwanted health threats. Also make a contribution from your end to give her a safer, healthier, and more sustainable environment to thrive in tomorrow.


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16 thoughts on “Best 5 Chemical-Free Baby Bottle Liquid Cleanser in India

  1. When my kids were in the infancy stage, it used to be challenging to clean the bottles are get rid of the milk smell. I wish this one would have come in the market at that time.

  2. Yes Mother sparsh is a great and trustworthy brand. I had used their products personally and had a great experience with it. this bottle cleanser is looking really promising. will check out this for sure . thanks for sharing detail review dear.

  3. This product is must to have for all the new mommies. Mother Sparsh has some great products and this is definitely one of them,

  4. Oh wow we have a separate baby bottle cleaner now. I used to wash with normal utensil detergent separately. New moms have several options now and this is a good one for sure.

  5. For kids bottles, cleaning is really important and I too rely on Mother Sparsh as it’s one of the most trusted brands from years

  6. My kids were not taking milk from a bottle and they didn’t use the bottle for taking milk. So I didn’t use any bottle cleaner. I will suggest to my friends whose kids are having milk from a bottle.

  7. Singe I could not BF much due to less supply, I hd to start bottles from early stage and hence cleansing them and maintaining them was crucial too. I use the pigeon cleaner to clean and wash them.

  8. I have use mother’s first products and it’s really nice for baby skin, this baby massage oil is among few good products that is made in traditional way with herbs benefits

  9. Cleaning feeding bottles was such a pain earlier. I’m glad that mothers now have some great choices and don’t have to worry about safety and hygiene endlessly.

  10. Agree that finding the right liquid cleanser for baby feeding bottle is very difficult. I’ve used Mothers Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Cleanser. Like you said it removes foul smelling and milk residue easily.

  11. For a proper take care of baby the feeding bottle and utensils need to be properly cleaned as well. Thanks for the list of top 5 bottle liquid cleansers. I quite like Mother Sparsh.

  12. Its very important to clean the baby’s bottle properly. And organic baby bottle wash is good for the baby. MotherSparsh baby bottle cleaner is purely organic and so good for babies.

  13. We have been looking for some good bottle cleansers that were free from nasty chemicals too and I am glad you shared not just 1 but 5 with us. Surely going to check out the Mother Sparsh one.

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