Top 5 Baby Massage Oil for Strong Bones and Growth

best baby massage oil in India

Baby massages are an essential element in the newborn care routine. For generations, we have heard about the benefits of full-body massage and baby massage oil given to newborn babies. I remember during the pre-natal counseling session, my coach also mentioned how the baby massage helps the mother to bond with her child better.

Massaging a newborn baby with pure and natural oil is vital for their overall growth. Keeping your precious baby’s delicate skin moist and pampered is every mother’s biggest challenge. I remember it was quite tough to hold on to my little girl when she was born. Her pink skin felt so thin, that it might break on a simple touch.

Benefits of Massaging Your Baby Regularly 

Do you know a baby’s skin is 30% thinner than adult skin and looses its natural moisture twice easily? Hence, it is very essential to keep the skin healthy and moisturized all the time. All the other vital nutrients are compensated by mothers’ milk, but the skin is one area that needs extra attention after birth.

Massaging a child regularly with good baby massage oil has many benefits, like –

  1. Strengthening the bones, 
  2. Better sleep patterns, 
  3. Aids digestion,
  4. Improves blood circulation in the body,
  5. Cures colicky reflux,
  6. Unclogs nasal congestion,
  7. Stronger immunity.

Massage is a great way to bond with your child, I remember this was my most relaxing time of the day. My daughter loved the soothing body massages, and she would giggle the whole time enjoying the soft easy massage movements.

Numerous massage oil for babies are available in the market today, and selecting just one is a very challenging job. If you are nervous about choosing the best baby massage oil, trust me you are not the only one. Or if you think the current oil is not giving the desired results or leaving the baby’s skin red it means you need to have to look for the best oil for baby massage.

Here is the list of Top 5 Baby Massage Oil for Stronger Bones and Overall Health to help you choose the Best Baby Massage Oil

top baby massage oil in 2020

1. Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Message Oil is an organic blend of herbs and essential oils. It is a 100% ayurvedic formulation that contains the goodness of nature in its original form. This Ayurvedic body massage oil nourishes and helps in relaxing the body. It also aims in strengthening the baby’s bones and muscles with regular use.

Being a natural and plant-derived formulation means, it is free from all toxins and completely safe for your baby. This natural baby oil comprises extracts of 18 essential oils, Almond, Coconut, Sesame, Avocado, Olive, Jojoba, Lavender, Orange, Wheat germ, Rosehip, Sunflower, Walnut, Shankhpushpi, Durva, Ashwagandha, Tagar, Tamalpatra, and Lajjalu.

All these herbs are known for generations for their medicinal properties and soothing health benefits. Shakhpushpi provides complete moisture to the baby’s delicate skin, which is prone to get dry easily. At the same time, Ashwagandha is a well-known herb for its anti-oxidants and protects the skin from damage.

Coconut Oil alone is often referred to as the best baby massage oil in summers. The ayurvedic combination of 18 essential oils makes Mother Sparsh massage oil suitable for all seasons. With regular massage, you ensure the baby is absorbing the right nutrition and anti-oxidants healing the skin damage from within.

The goodness of any massage oil depends on its formulation process, Mother Sparsh ayurvedic baby oil is made by authentic decoction process. The ancient ayurvedic decoction process is used to extract pure, natural, and gentle oil that is toxic-free and safe for regular usage.

This oil is the right choice for nourishing the delicate baby skin gently. The 100% plant-based formulation is dermatologically tested and is safe to use on newborn babies ’ skin.

2. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

A gentle baby massage oil from the house of Himalaya’s is well known for its soothing smell and moisture content. The formulation of this oil is safe to be used on pre-matured babies as well, contains olive oil, winter cherry, and aloe vera. Anti-oxidants in this baby oil helps repair the skin damage and leaves it soft, supple, and healthy.

This is not a thick formulation oil, like other ayurvedic oils, and gets easily absorbed into the baby skin. The unique mild fragrance distinguishes this oil from others in the same category.

3. Dabur Lal Tail

The second ayurvedic formulation baby massage oil in this list is known over generations for its medicinal properties. Dabur Lal Tail was once a generic name in the baby massage oils category, however, today we have equally good or better options available to choose from.

Regular usage of this ayurvedic baby massage oil helps in overall health benefits and development of the child. This oil also aids in the sleeping pattern in babies, builds stronger bones, and healthy muscles.

4. Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

Sebamed baby massage oil is enriched with vitamin F, which is great for skin elasticity. This brand is a known name in a newborn baby skincare routine and vital nutrition. Sebamed offers various products in the baby care category, however, our favorite is massage oil. This is a lightweight oil, which easily seeps inside the baby’s skin and can be used post-bath too.

Unlike other massage oils, Sebamed baby oil is very light and can be used multiple times on the skin to enhance the skin moisture. However, price is one area that brings this oil on the 4th place on our list.

5. Figaro Olive Oil

Well, known Olive Oil in the Indian massage oil market is Figaro. Pure and non-irritant olive oil is known for its skin hydration benefits from generation. The unique tin packaging makes it a familiar household name. Edible massage oil is a little heavier as compared to other baby oils on the list. This is a great product for massaging newborn babies and enhancing their skin tolerance against external damage and dryness.

Though due to its thicker consistency, it might not get completely absorbed into the skin, leaving stickiness on the baby’s clothing. In Indian summer months, the baby’s comfort lies with lightweight and completely absorbed massage oils. However, this oil is safe to use and derived naturally.

How to give your baby a safe and comfortable massage at home?

Firstly, do not panic! Your baby can feel your temperament, hence stay calm and follow what the mother instincts guide you. Make baby massage routine a healthy bonding session between you and the baby. Take a little oil in your palm (you may warm oil if needed or depending the season) rub the oil in your palms first and then gently start from the lower body. Thighs to legs, going all the way to feet keep the pressure very gentle and massage is vertical movements when on limbs.

Around the tummy keep movements circular, again very gently. Make sure you keep the baby’s comfort level as the top priority. Turnover the baby and repeat the same process at the back, be very careful when massaging the head, neck, and chest area.

It is also advisable to do a small patch test on the baby’s skin before starting the regular massage sessions. However, all the oils mentioned above in the list are safe to use and are dermatologically tested.

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Massaging a newborn baby with pure essential oils is an age-old ritual, which is passed over generations. The famous five oils mentioned above in the list, are 100% pure, natural, and enriched with healthy ingredients. As a mother, I have used all these oils over the period and experienced the benefits personally. If the baby’s skin is extra sensitive, patchy, broken, or scale it is advisable to seek an expert’s opinion before beginning the massage routine.

Mother Sparsh, the formulation is one of the best ayurvedic baby massage oils derived from the ancient decoction method. This makes it my most favorite along with a few more from the list.

So, which oil would you use for your baby or have used in the past? Share your feedback below in the comments.

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  1. I have been using Mother Sparsh Oil for the past few months and have found good results. Your recommendations are really good.

  2. Wow its sounds great for my baby.. I will definitely use this product.

  3. I have used Figaro, himalaya and mother sparsh they are great massage oil,natural ingredients product

  4. That was a pretty comprehensive post on baby massage oils. The importance of massage for the health and development of a baby cannot be expressed enough.

    1. So, glad to like it Doc. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. I have used all these oils except sebamed in the last 5 years and recently I have tried Mothersparsh, I found it really good. Even though it has ayurvedic ingredients it doesn’t smell that strong.

  6. Have used figaro for my kids. Other brands too look promising.

  7. I havent used this oil or even heard of it when I was massaging my babies. But it seems like a good one for the skin as well as muscles.

  8. I have tried many Mothersparsh products and they are really nice.

  9. This is a useful post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I dont get any of these brands here but I use a combination of coconut, olive and almond oils. I loved Figaro back in India, heard a lot lately about Mother sparsh, sounds like a promising brand.

  11. Massage oils play important role in kids development. I used Johnson’s and Himalaya Massage oil for my kids but this new brand mothersparsh looks worth to try, will surely share it with my friends.

  12. Massages are very important for those tender little bones and these oils work wonders.

  13. I also use mothersparsh baby massage oil for my son.. although in summers I prefer coconut oil for it’s cooling and healing properties .

  14. I have been reading a lot about Sparsh products and massage oil these days. I have tried Dabur for my little one but mainly we used the Nani Maa ka secret nuska for both my kids. Times have changed and it’s wonderful to see that newer brands are coming up with equally suitable alternatives to our home remedies.

  15. Massage is really important for kids skin and bone and I love the list you have shared among these I am using Mother Sparsh oil for my little one

  16. Baby massage is very important I parrticularly like Mother sparsh oil and Sebamend massage oil.

  17. Baby Massage is not just for building bones but also rapport with the baby. I have always preferred Olive oil or Sesame oil for their soothing and non -irritating properties.

  18. These are some great suggestions. My sis is expecting and will definitely share this list with her.

  19. I have used Dabur lal tail for my kids. But I am sure all the brands mentioned by you are quite promising. Massage is an integral part of kids healthy life. will share it will all newbie mommies.

  20. Massing our babies has been traditionally a big ritual. I’ve used Dabur lal tail, Figaro, mustard oil, coconut oil and what not to massage my kids. Great that so many good ayurvedic oil options are available now.

  21. I do not get any of these brands here except Himalaya. But I have always used coconut oil and oil I’ve oil for massaging. Sometimes almond oil. Heard a lot of Mother Sparsh Oil and Dabur Lal Tel as well.

  22. Great post dear. I had used Figaro olive oil for massaging my both girls and had great experience with it. During recent time brands mother sparsh seems most promising.

  23. I agree massaging is best for our little ones. Like you I too can vouch for Mother Sparsh Massage oil. It indeed is worthy.

  24. Some really good masaage oils available in the market. I have used Mother Sparsh and Figaro , also happy with its quality..

  25. I am using mothersparsh baby massage oil for both my kids and we totally in love with it . Except that I also like Figaro olive oil for massage.

  26. I am yet to try Mother Sparsh. It really sounds like a promising brand. I really prefer using natural brands for my family. I will definitely give them a try soon. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you, glad you found this informative.

  27. Great recommendations. i find baby oils are super helpful for sensitive and very dry skin – especially in the current weather, these really help with caring for the skin.

  28. For a long time I have used sesame seed oil for massaging later moved to commercial ones and have used a few from the list with satisfactory result. This is a good list of massage oils available for babies. Helpful for new parents.

  29. Massaging creates a bond with the child and if done with the right product we can see the results more clearly. Mother Sparsh products are purely made of natural products and for me too it stands on 1.

  30. You girls are spoilt with so many options.We had only one in our time-Johnson’s. And i dont see that on ur list. Means my choice was terrible 🙂

  31. I also have tried Mothersparsh baby massage oil for my kid and its really good even I gifted the same to my cousin too for her new born.

  32. When I used to massage my baby I used to use Dabur Lal tail as it has so many good herbs. But now Mother Sparsh looks to fast catching up.

  33. Sebamed and Figaro are my go-to. My mum used to massage me with Figaro fig olive oil and I have used Seba. I hear some useful reviews on Sparsh. Will pass on this message to pregnant mums.

  34. I’ve used mothersparsh baby oil and it’s amazing. #dewreads

    1. It is truly wonderful, thank you

  35. These are some great recommendations of massage oils Dipika. I have personally used all of them except Sebamed for my son and can vouch by all your recos!

    1. Glad to know that, thank you for stoping by.

  36. Insightful post for moms of newborns. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I have written a similar post & yes mother Sparsh products are one of the best baby brands.

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