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3 Interesting and Easy DIY Diwali craft activities for Kids

Diwali is one of the most awaited time of the year for everyone. It is the time when we get the chance to meet friends and family, go on a shopping spree, decorate home with easy DIY Diwali craft activities for kids, and the list goes on.

For children, holidays from school and homework let them enjoy the festivities to the fullest. However, this year in 2020 considering administration guidelines, we all will act responsibly and celebrate Diwali at home with virtual parties and safety. To make it a fun-filled experience, we decided to make some interesting and easy Diwali DIY crafts at home with the help of Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 Orb Adhesive.

Interesting DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas with art and craft for Kids

Easy Diwali craft activities for kids

1. Easy Diwali Kandil DIY made with craft paper

Kandil is a desi lantern avatar used widely for decoration during the festival of lights. Markets are usually brimming with numerous styles of these pretty hanging lanterns. You will find a kandil/paper lantern hanging on every balcony or window during the Diwali holiday season. We (daughter and myself) have joined our creative minds together to recreate some famous easy Diwali crafts for kids using colorful craft paper.

What you need to make paper Kandil?

  1. Colorful craft papers (contrast colors advisable)
  2. Scissors
  3. Decorative sequence/beads/crystals or buttons
  4. Thread
  5. TruGrip CR-8 Orb glue for better hold.

Instructions for making craft paper kandil

  1. Fold the colored paper into half horizontally, cut slits across the folded side leaving some part from the edge. The slits should be of equal measurement and straight.
  2. Unfold the paper and join both sides together with Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 Orb white glue that holds strongly and gives the best grip instantly.
  3. Decorate the edges with colorful sequences or beads. You can use a lot of creativity here, let the kid have fun with her/his creative mind.
  4. Stick or staple thread on top of both edges to hang the kandil, if you are using it for table décor place a tea-candle in the center at the bottom.

2. Decorative Rockets using craft papers and TruGrip CR-8 adhesive

Another easy DIY which is very famous as ‘Diwali craft ideas for school‘ among kids is Rocket making. Kids will enjoy creating these cute little glittery rockets to decorate home around Diwali.

All you need to make decorative rockets –

  1. Colored chart sheet paper or any sturdy paper for creating the base shapes of the rocket
  2. Craft papers or foam sheet in neon pink, yellow, and green are the best choices
  3. Scissors
  4. Glitter stickers and golden frills to create the fire effect
  5. Quilling tool (optional)
  6. TruGrip CR-8 white glue for art and crafts.

To make DIY decorative rockets with kids, help them with scissors by cutting rectangles and triangles from the chard sheet. Keep them in contrast colors to better appeal and look. I have used Tru-grip CR-8 glue which is available in colorful and vibrant orbs. Kids love this glue due to its unique shape and easy usage. The best part with Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 glue is it doesn’t dry out. So, whenever the need arises, just open the orb and it is ready to use.

Pro-Tip: Once the glue orb is over, kids can use it for fun DIY activities.

Now stick the triangle shape on the edge of the rectangle (shown in the above image). Make funky shapes with the help of stencils or cookie-cutter from foam and stick these shapes on the rocket’s rectangular body.

To create a fire effect, stick glittery frills or curl the golden craft paper with the help of a quilling tool or using fingers. Add a few stickers on your rocket! Voila, it’s ready to amplify the home décor during Diwali.

3. Candle Holder using old bangles and CD disk

DIY art and craft for Diwali
Image Source – TimelessWonen

Diwali candle craft is one of the easiest and most vibrant DIY that every child would love to make and flaunt to their friends. You may use your old colorful bangles for this activity along with a discarded CD disk for the base.

Materials required for easy Diwali DIY with kids –

  1. Old used bangles, CD disk
  2. Glue
  3. Heavy-duty knife for cutting the old CD
  4. Decorative stuff like shells, crystals, golden dust
  5. Candle

Take CD and place a bangle on top of it, with a pencil or marker outline the inner side of the bangle clearly. Now, cut out the CD tracing the outline. Use a heavy-duty knife to cut the CD, apply glue on the CD, and start adding bangles one on top of the another to make a hollow holder.

Keep adding the bangles on top of each other, once you reach the desired height of the holder stop. Decorate the candle holder using decorative items you have at home and by glitter dust. Place a tea-candle carefully inside, and your DIY candle holder is ready to use and spread the warmth.

These are easy DIY Diwali decoration ideas to be enjoyed with kids at home. Festivals are meant to be enjoyed with fun, love, and frolic. There is nothing as precious as creating these life-time moments. Make sure you capture yours with the warm smiles cheering the joy of togetherness.

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  1. Nice activities

  2. Suresh Allu says:

    Amazing article nice idea using CD and bangles, it’s looking colourful. Good read 😍 😍

    1. Thank you, glad you like it

  3. All three ideas are awesome buddy, am surely gonna try the bangles ones with sonny in the Diwali vacations

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    These are really great DIY ideas for upcoming activities!! Thanks for sharing these and it’s going to help in festive decoration!!

  5. Diwali is the time to bring lights, joy and festive vibes inside our homes. Candle holder with bangles looks very festive. The entire craft activity looks mess-free. I liked the cute color bottles.

  6. Swati Mathur says:

    These are some great DIY ideas.. I love the candle holder made by bangles.. Will try this out. Paper Kandil is something which my kids make every Diwali.

  7. Great DIY craft ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  8. With the relaxed celebrations this year there activities will make sure that kids feel the festive spirit. Loved the candle holder made with bangles and CD. Trying it!

  9. Wow I love the bangle one the best. It looks so pretty and it’s really an amazing way to decorate with stuff you already have at home.

  10. Wow these are awesome ideas, especially because they are easy to follow and so festive. The Trugrip adhesive seems like a good product to have at home for kids activities and crafts.

  11. The bangle candle holder is just too good, its an amazing craft plus a great way to upcycle all those bangles lying idle. Making this one for sure

  12. Those are wonderful activities. I am going to try that lamp.

  13. I loved the bangle candle stand .. that one is amazing.. cant wait to try out. I guess I need to buy bangles for that now

    1. The idea of these DIY was using the old stuff. Thank you for stopping by.

  14. That’s fun, I loved the bangle Diya’s, we had made them 2 years before and it was fun for Arham! Good work Kavya!

  15. wow dear such a relevant post. diwali is just around the corner and I was looking for some crafts to do with my girls. loved these ideas. will try it for sure. candle holder is looking so good.

  16. Snigdha says:

    Very nice Diwali craft ideas. We will also make paper lantern this time and bangles candle holder idea is also beautiful.v

    1. So happy you like the lantern ade by my daughter

  17. The true grip holder glue looks so good and for sure super comfortable for those tiny hands. These are some really cool DIYs for the festive season, I am sure my kid would love to try the lantern

  18. Kavita Singh says:

    These are absolutely amazing Dipika, that grip holder glue is a must for kids. The DIY is a wonderful way to keep our little ones away from the screen and improve their creativity level 🙂

  19. My daughter loves doing all sorts of art and craft and so we are going to try some of the easy and wonderful ideas that you have shared.

  20. These three DIYs are so new to me.. I would love to try making them along with my son. The Kandil idea and the Bangle candle holder are worth the try.

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  24. Diwali is approaching and we are set to decorate house with such DIY. Shall try old bangles set and the yellow lantern craft. Plus it will keep kids busy for few hours.

  25. good ideas! I really loved the bangles idea! i am going to get this glue you have recommended and make this too 🙂
    also a great way to use bangles we love but no longer wear!

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