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mental health of children during Covid19

Mental Health in Children during Covid-19


Mental Health in children and young people during the troubled times with everyone locked inside their homes for more than 60 days now, and no clear […]

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parenting through covid19

Thoughtful Parenting: Parenting through Covid19


The whole world is struggling to adjust with the new normal, 45 days under lock-down, and still counting. Families across the globe are confined to four […]

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thoughtful parenting parents involvement with kids

Thoughtful Parenting: How Parent Involvement Benefit Children?


We are well aware of the effects of parent involvement in a child’s education and primary development. Many pieces of research have shown highly motivating results […]

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Common Parenting Mistakes

Thoughtful Parenting: 7 Parenting Mistakes we should avoid


Parenting is hard, that’s a universal fact. But what makes it more difficult – our mistakes. Yes, we emphasize too much over the perfection that ending […]

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thoughtful parenting #causeachatter

Thoughtful Parenting – Theme Reveal #CauseAChatter


Thoughtful parenting – is more to do with parents and less with the kids. It’s our reflections as parents on the kids’ physical, emotional and mental […]

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healthy meal plans for kids

6 Innovative Ideas to Make Tasty & Healthy Meals For Kids


If there is one thing that all moms universally dread is their children complaining – “Ma, I don’t want to eat what you have put on […]

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All Out Mumbai

I am a MOM, Your Superhero! #MujheSabNahiPata


I am a Mom, and Mom knows best! Being a mom is about learning and discovering new, sometimes trivial, things that you never knew existed before. […]

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fun and learn activity box

Keep Kids Engaged with PediaSure Fun and Learn Activity Box – #UnboxGrowth


When you have kid/kids at home, vacations can be a real challenge! No, I am not even counting the endless questions and repeated requests for outdoors. […]

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baby development

Does Environment Influence My Baby’s Cognitive Growth?


Does environment play any role in your child’s cognitive development? I am sure most of us agree that yes, it plays a huge role. However, the […]

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Special care for your Preterm Baby


How to do Preterm baby care at home? Baby – a tiny bundle of joy wrapped in happiness and hope. A child brings a new perspective […]

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Motivating Your Child for Healthy Oral Health


Motivating Your Child for Healthy Oral Health – The oral health is one of the greatest assets that we have as it has a great impact on […]

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quick breakfast for kids

Easy and Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas


Healthy and Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipe Ideas Breakfast – The most important meal of the day, as you break your fast from the previous night, i.e. after […]

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infant simulation brain growth

Why is stimulation important for the Child’s Development?


Importance of stimulation to feed IQ to your baby When a child is born, so takes birth the responsibility to bring up a smart, healthy, and […]

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getting pregnant

How To Prepare For Pregnancy During the 40s


How To Prepare For Pregnancy During the 40s – things to consider for getting pregnant during the 40s Pregnancy is one of the most special phases […]

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learn everything meningitis

What You Should Know About Meningitis


How a WhatsApp discussion led me to understand Meningococcal Meningitis! We were heading towards the school exit when suddenly a lot of commotion could be seen […]

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