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Micronutrients – Know Why They Are Essential!

One of the biggest challenges you face during parenthood, is feeding your newborn baby with the right foods and nutrients. For a sound physical and mental growth inner nourishment is very crucial. Until one becomes a parent, one will never know the grind involved in taking extensive baby care. Here we are going to help […]

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Travelling with Kids – Make it Easy

Travelling with kids – well many might get jitters even thinking about it! Kids, our super smart aliens get over excited learning about the travel plans. And at times this – over the board excitement takes a toll. For our family travelling is a routine job, as visiting parents once in a year is A […]

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Pampers Pants – Magic of 3 Technology Diapers

Pampers doesn’t need any introduction in mommy-land. This has been mine and many mother’s like me – by default first choice. If diaper is the need; then this is the generic solution to it. Over the years, pamper-diapers not just evolved on technology front but also have cultivated trust in our hearts.   One such […]

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Are you on the Right Track Mom?

“Parenting isn’t a practice, it’s a daily learning experience” – anonymous. Parenting Article – Just last week I received a call from my house help who, in midst of heart-wrenching sobs and told me about the demise of her teenage daughter. I was shocked to hear the news as I knew this girl – she […]

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It’s Sleeping Time – Silence Please

Sleeping – I had many issues with it earlier, but after becoming a ‘mommy’ realisation struck me how wrong I was! Baby – “Mommy I am sleepy” Mom – Ok baby let’s go to bed… Baby – Yessss… it’s play time – on bed!! Mommy – *faints*  Don’t you agree, when the little angel arrived she had […]

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hopes wishes

Hopes and Wishes for a Better You

In a World where you can be anything; BE KIND Hopes and Wishes from a mother’s heart are always earnest and true to the ability in making of a child’s character. We all have our own share of hopes, wishes, dreams for kids, to pave out their path for better future we stand like a […]

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my parenting mantra

My Parenting Mantra – Never Go Overboard

“The sign of Great Parenting is Not the Child’s Behaviour. The sign of Truly Great Parenting is the Parent’s Behaviour” – Andy Smithson MY PARENTING MANTRA- a wonderful Blog Train journey, we have some amazing bloggers here who are going to drive this train for a month. We promise to bring you some enriching contents that […]

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childhood memories

Memories from your Childhood – #ThankfulThursdays

“Childhood Memories are Happiness Elixir of Life” Childhood the most amazing time of life – it’s just not said for the beauty of it, but for a simple fact everything is awesome ‘being a CHILD’. Your best friend is the world to you, fairy-tales come alive during nights, you talk to plants/grass/trees and no one […]

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parenting journey motherhood

Looking back at my Parenting Journey – #MMM

Parenting Journey Biology is the Least of what makes someone a MOTHER – Orpah Winfrey Parenting/Motherhood is a bag full of emotions; you get anxiety, happiness, overwhelmed, confused, contend, tired, amazed many things mixed on one helluva cocktail. Today on the edge of 5 wonderful years of my Parenting Journey, I sit back and look […]

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Top Ten Gifting Ideas for New Moms

Just a fortnight ago, we received the news family has been waiting for since 9 long months – arrival of my brand new nephew 😀 the tiny tot brought happiness and cheers all around with him. It’s a five long year gap since we got a new addition in family (whole khandaan)  hence, it’s jubilation […]

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