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5 Tips by Mom I am Ever Thankful Too

As a mother myself I know how hard it is to manage everything at one go and still stay sane, yes working same as an army of 20 people and still managing all those nagging questions from the little one. …

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Motherhood – A World In Itself

What is Motherhood for you? When I was asked this question during one of the blogger events, I got rattled to fix a decent answer. How will you define a ‘feeling’ which is revolutionary? How can you describe it, frame …

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Maa – I am busy

Mother – a name/word/definition in itself. Maa, Aayi, Mom, Mummy, Amma you call it in any language any tone it gives you the same relief, same contend feeling. When our body passes through different stages of life, so is the …

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Are you a Kind Mommy??

Kindness, Empathy, Compassionate these are certain qualities we parents wish to have in our kids!!! I recall a funny subject called ‘moral science‘, been taught to us when we were at school some decades back…. which spoke big about being …

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healthy snacks for kids

Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids My Love for good food is never hidden, I enjoy food be it at home or outside. Yes, I am guilty of being a Foodie! Grew up tasting some beautiful & humble …

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Some Quickie Hacks from the Mom’s Kitty!!

Exactly 4.5 years ago I realized my life is going to change; change drastically for good!! When you are blessed with a little human, who is ever so energetic and always high on to reach up the levels with elders…. …

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Easy Tips for Potty Training Toddlers

Easy peasy tips of Potty training toddlers. Ask a new mom her biggest challenge with a toddler or growing kid; the answer would be – Potty Training. In the mommy community the biggest stress is when playschool attendant asks this question …

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Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids – A Fun Learning

“To Live Our CREATIVE Life We Must Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong” – Joseph Pierce With the onset of April, I am so relieved from the ever so tiring subconscious tussle of managing kid at home and continuity of regular work. April brings …

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Book Love for your little one: Oh My Name! 

Books!! Reading helps me keep my mind off to outside commotion, the best de-stressing & captivating exercise after a hectic day of running around unseen goals. I do not need any special space or time to start my affair with …

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stop judging

Single Child Syndrome #StopJudging 

Don’t Judge Anyone! You Never Know What Battle They Are Fighting I was just coming back to terms of having my career back on track after a long sabbatical of some 3 + odd years, with clear horizon of opportunities as …

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#ColgateMagicalStories: Mission To Save the Space

When I first read about the Colgate Magical Stories weave a story challenge through BlogAdda it was like taking a route down memory lane, when my mother taught me about the whole universe & how it’s up there above our heads …

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Exams & Coping Mothers

Exams & Mother’s Stress is directly proportionate… when I flashback my memories I can still see the palpable stress on my mom’s face, but today I can just smile and tell her; “Hey! mom, see I have made it through”…. …

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Five Lessons I Learned As A Mom

  When motherhood knocked at my door, I wasn’t ready for this new role…. Contemplating many ‘WHATs‘& ‘HOWs‘ I finally took up this challenge with a confused state of mind. Slowly and steadily the new developments got sync in my …

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Long queues….Bye Bye!! #MondayMommyMoments

Shopping is happiness, Shopping is divine, Shopping is the best stress buster, Let’s go SHOPPING! is my all time favorite line… It gave me immense pleasure (yes! Pleasure) when I used to planned my shopping list; Shoes, Dresses, Accessories, Cosmetics, Bags, Perfumes …

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State of Mind: Confused!

“Mom Uncle doesn’t love me anymore; he never picks me up or let me piggy back…” As a mother of a growing girl, I am usually on the receiving end of mindless questions and many funny accusations, but this statement …

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