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Disciplining Children – Make it a Covert Operation

Discipline – A Covert Operation Have you ever wondered what life would have been without discipline? We know the reasons and need of discipline in life, don’t we? Discipline is one such crucial aspect of life which keep us sorted, design the blue print of life, bring utilization and make us social. But when it […]

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Comparison – Kill the Comparison not Competition

Kill the Comparison not Competitiveness Namita was 10 years old when she won inter-school swimming championship, and national level when she reached 12th standard. An all-rounder student, a picture-perfect daughter. By the time she finished her graduation, top most colleges of the country were more than happy to accommodate her. A lottery ticket for college […]

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Be an Active Listener Parent

Listening is an art; and we as parents must excel in that. An active listener parent exhibits balanced understanding of the problem and then reacts accordingly. Our kids need to learn this – but with examples and not narration. Are you a good listener parent? Oh yeah! I am. Let’s do a small quiz here […]

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Acceptance – First step towards Positive Parenting

Acceptance key to Positive Parenting Welcome to A to Z of ‘Gleeful Parenting’, my theme for #BlogchatterA2Z from Blogchatter. This is my first attempt for A-Z with an intention to write 26 posts comprising 26 happy parenting concepts. The alphabet for today, i.e., first day of this challenge is ‘A’. Beginning my alphabetical series of […]

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Educational Toys enhance learning & problem-solving ability in Children

Educational Toys enhance learning and problem-solving ability in Kids If you are following my blog & social media channels – you must be aware that I am pro advocate of engaging kids in real time games and not gadgets. The gadgets that look swanky and interesting, are addictive and influence a child’s behavior & development. […]

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5 Best Return Gifts Ideas for Kid’s Birthday

Birthday Parties are the most loved and special occasion for kids and parents alike. A lot of planning, scheduling, and handling goes into organizing even a small birthday bash for your child. Children wait a whole year to celebrate their birthday in style. From venue to food, dress to the theme, we keep a close […]

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Micronutrients – Know Why They Are Essential!

One of the biggest challenges you face during parenthood, is feeding your newborn baby with the right foods and nutrients. For a sound physical and mental growth inner nourishment is very crucial. Until one becomes a parent, one will never know the grind involved in taking extensive baby care. Here we are going to help […]

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Travelling with Kids – Make it Easy

Travelling with kids – well many might get jitters even thinking about it! Kids, our super smart aliens get over excited learning about the travel plans. And at times this – over the board excitement takes a toll. For our family travelling is a routine job, as visiting parents once in a year is A […]

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Pampers Pants – Magic of 3 Technology Diapers

Pampers doesn’t need any introduction in mommy-land. This has been mine and many mother’s like me – by default first choice. If diaper is the need; then this is the generic solution to it. Over the years, pamper-diapers not just evolved on technology front but also have cultivated trust in our hearts.   One such […]

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Are you on the Right Track Mom?

“Parenting isn’t a practice, it’s a daily learning experience” – anonymous. Parenting Article – Just last week I received a call from my house help who, in midst of heart-wrenching sobs and told me about the demise of her teenage daughter. I was shocked to hear the news as I knew this girl – she […]

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It’s Sleeping Time – Silence Please

Sleeping – I had many issues with it earlier, but after becoming a ‘mommy’ realisation struck me how wrong I was! Baby – “Mommy I am sleepy” Mom – Ok baby let’s go to bed… Baby – Yessss… it’s play time – on bed!! Mommy – *faints*  Don’t you agree, when the little angel arrived she had […]

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