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Daddy’s Day In – A Funny Tale of My Favorite Two

father child relationship

‘My daddy coolest! – Know about this cute tale of Father-Child Relationship’ What happens when Daddy plays MOM for a Day – Dad; someone who brings hopes of independence from Mom’s jail,  When mom is angry and whining fire, dad …

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Blame it on me – A Mother’s Heart

Blame it on the Mother! I was just 10 when my school rickshaw driver told me to come with him. He said – ‘I know a secret garden behind the mosque.’ Wow, secret!!! Yes! Secret. Nobody knows about it, and …

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It’s same as common cold, but just stays for 5 days!!

​ Shantini was in the middle of her phone conversation when she saw her 13 years old daughter Sumedha playfully fiddling with a tampons packet. The same packet store waala has just delivered very promptly by wrapping it first in a newspaper …

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Tell your Daughter not to Trouble my Son!!

Daughters take the brunt of being scapegoat, but I ask WHY? Kimi was just 15 year of age when her dad received a call on the landline; it was a normal evening routine – dad came back from office and she …

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right parenting

Information Overload – Parental Guidance

‘It is not Information Overload; It’s filter failure’ – Clay Shirky Daughter came to me with a sheepish smile and asked timidly- “Mom where do kids come from?” Well I know most of us have faced the same situation when …

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