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#ColgateMagicalStories: Mission To Save the Space

When I first read about the Colgate Magical Stories weave a story challenge through BlogAdda it was like taking a route down memory lane, when my mother taught me about the whole universe & how it’s up there above our heads and we are part of this huge unknown vastness of Galaxy, Milky-ways, Planets, etc.

My daughter is just 4, but she’s a chatter box and making stories out of thin air is no sweat at all. When I asked her about planets or Earth she animatedly replied; “it’s mother EARTH mommy, not just Earth”, that was the time I decided to register for this challenge. Registering was quite easy and in less than 24 hours I received my beautiful package of three Colgate Toothpastes with Free Magical Space Adventure Inside Box. All we had to do is….cut open the box around the dotted lines. Little one is not well equipped with the cutting mode, hence I did the work with scissors.

Voila, we got such lovely space characters now all needs to be done is weave a story with lots of fun, action, and a happy ending ? So I asked her what do you think about this space story?

 The Story: Mission To Save The Space

#ColgateMagicalStories by

All the planets have gone on war to know WHO is most powerful of them all?

Mars said:“I am closer to The SUN hence, I am the most powerful of you all“.

Venus got really angry, calls Mars a cheater….saying he is nothing  but a RED Ball, “I am beautiful of you all, hence I am the Super Powerful“.

Saturn laughed at them saying; “Does anyone of you wears a ring like me, I have a ring around me…HAHAH.. I am the most powerful with my crystal ring and lovely shine“.

All the planets starting hurting each other by burning comets which were very dangerous. Mr. Sun got really worried and called help from his Alien friend ZOBO, he’s a friendly neon green colored alien who promised Mr. Sun to help in saving the Space. But this is a huge task, ZOBO alone could not handle it, hence he called for his Earthling friends Bheem & Raju (can’t help it 😉 )

Bheem & Raju came for rescue immediately when ZOBO called them, they traveled to space in a Rocket and from the Indian space station they used Rovers & Shuttles to travel on surface of MARS. They asked MARS:

Oh! Dear great Mars, you are so big and giant… every one wants to know the mysteries hidden on your surface… Will you be a happy when left alone in the galaxy, with no one around you but the burning comets & darkness?

Mars, started thinking on what just Bheem & Raju said…. he looked at ZOBO and asked him; “Why will I be alone, what will happen to all my friends?” ZOBO answered: “When you all powerful planets fight with each other to win the battle of strength, the entire universe will suffer and die.” MARS realized his mistake and promised not to fight with his friends anymore. The trio then moved further to meet Planet Venus, which was colder than Mars and beautiful too..

They told Venus about the Unity & Strength of the planets and that MARS has promised not to fight with you all….

OH! Beautiful Venus; you are such a charming site…. how will anyone appreciate your beauty, when no one will be left to see you… Please forget about this fight and stay as friends with all planets to save the galaxy. 

Venus also promised not to fight anymore and stay happy with other planets. Now come the chance to meet Saturn, which was little snooty with his huge ring around his belly. This shiny ring was made of rocks & ice, all the three space saviors carefully reached Saturn, and said;

Dear Saturn, your ring is so very shiny and dangerous too… you are mightiest and smartest to carry this heavy load with you. But what’s the use of all this strength when you will be all alone in the galaxy to show off.

Startled Saturn thought about what he just heard and with a crying baby face he promised not to ever hurt his friends with his mighty strength. All the planets forget their childish fight and they asked Mr. SUN to forgive them.

With the space a safer place now, Mr. SUN thanked Bheem, Raju & ZOBO for their help. All of them shake hands and become friends forever. The space heroes bid their good-byes to planets & Mr. SUN with a promise to visit them soon.

Raju & Bheem left on a happy note: “How Colgate keeps our mouth safe from germs & cavities, same way we will keep our SPACE safe from any calamity.” hurrayyyy . our SPACE ADVENTURE has come to it’s end, let’s go back to home.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

The plot is decided by my daughter Kavyanjali, with many special inputs from my end. We both thoroughly enjoyed weaving the story around Space Adventure.

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  1. Kavya rocked !!!!Mummy shocked can’t think to save universe with Chotta bheem … Lovely 🙂 <3

    1. Hehehe… true it’s Chota Bheem everywhere ?? thanks di for feedback

  2. What a cute, little, imaginative story! Your daughter is very creative with stories, I can see. Great going!

    1. Yeah, she likes to talk all the time… i am happy this time it’s in a constructive way. Thanks for your kind feedback.

      1. You’re welcome ?

  3. My daughter just turned five and she loved the Colgate magical stories activity too.Wonderful stories .United we stand

    1. Yes, it’s indeed magical when our tiny tots weave such lovely stories. Thank You for liking and your valuable feedback ?

  4. That’s the reason your daughter calls you ‘ Mommy ‘ & not Mummy Jee ! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ ! Greetings from Ex Banker turned Author !

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