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Thoughtful Parenting – Theme Reveal #CauseAChatter

Thoughtful parenting – is more to do with parents and less with the kids. It’s our reflections as parents on the kids’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Are you a thoughtful parent? Is your behavior well thought in front of the kids? Do you really think about your decisions and actions taken in the matters related to your children?

Blogchatter has provided bloggers with a wonderful initiative, via #CauseAChatter blogging challenge. We all blog for a reason, just scratch those grey cells a little and find the purpose you blog.

For me, I like to write about – Lifestyle – tips/hacks, entertainment. Occasionally stirring the Health cauldron for our younger ones. Money matters (thanks for my banking years). I love cooking up some thrillers, check out the Fiction section on the blog. But Parenting is the one, that gets me talking.

As a hands-on-mom, Parenting Gyan is an easy call. I prefer writing on constructive parenting – which aids in building parent-child relationships. With #CauseAChatter, I am aiming to convert the energy towards Thoughtful Parenting. Which involves topics such as –

  • Detailed view of Thoughtful Parenting – What, Why, by Whom, Tips, Ideas, etc.
  • Mental & Emotional build-up – Parents and Children.
  • Gender biased parenting.
  • Equal parenting.
  • Transitioning age – Parenting from small to grown-up kids.
  • Rapid changes in the kid’s behavior.
  • Red Flags of Parenting.
Thoughtful Parenting #CauseAChatter

Why Thoughtful Parenting?

Thoughtful parenting is the style of parenting where you put conscious efforts to understand and reason out with children. It is way different from the parenting we have grown under.

Today, kids are smarter and they are well aware of ways to get around with their parents. At the same time, parents go out of their league to address kids. There are grey zones, no one wishes to talk about and then some areas where everyone has a lot of scoops to address.

With thoughtful parenting series, we will learn to be a conscious parent. Now, if you wish to be a part of this wonderful campaign kindly Register here and start writing!

#CauseAChatter Blogging with a purpose theme reveal

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  1. Parenting is a heavy duty but the most self rewarding. A parent knows where he is great and where he went wrong.

  2. Anita Singh says:

    Sahi baat, sabhi parents apni taraf se accha hi karty hain

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