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constructive parenting

Theme Reveal – Gleeful Parenting with #Blogchatter2018

Theme Reveal with BlogchatterAtoZ I am so excited to start a fresh challenge with The Blogchatter, and this is my very first ‘AtoZ’ series post. 2017 January when blogging became a healthy addiction, I was too new to take-up a daunting task of writing daily. This one year gave me enough preparation for time management (though […]

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international women's day

International Women’s Day 2018 calls for #PressForProgress

International Women’s Day falls on 8th March, a movement which initiated ages ago to bring the backbone of society as front-runners. Women the basic structure of any social system started the crusade to ask what they legally deserved in the early 1900’s. The movement gained momentum and today its celebrated across the globe with much […]

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celebrating women's day

Celebrating Women’s Day – Change the Perspective

Celebrating Women’s Day – “Think Like a Queen. A Queen is not Afraid to Fail. Failure is another Stepping stone to Success” – Oprah Winfrey. 8th March – day everyone celebrates as International Women’s Day! An initiative, a movement that began some years ago and gained momentum across globe for women’s rights. Today after so […]

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The Power of Loving Yourself

‘Where there is LOVE, there is LIFE‘ – Mahatma Gandhi Yes, I am a mother to a growing Kid, wife to a loving husband, daughter/in-law, a sister and known by many more names. However, that won’t stop me saying – ‘Love yourself Truly‘. Will that make me any less in all the duties I have been […]

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Indian Republic Day & Significance of Parade

‘Parade Special’ – Indian Republic Day 26th January 1950 Indian Constitution came into effect, and hence this marks a special presence in every Indian’s life. Today with Republic Day’s celebrations and tricolor flags everywhere, this day is worth a wait for. Schools and housing societies start preparations of Republic Day’s functions well in advance. This is […]

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The Accidental Invention – Guest Post by Lavanya

The world has seen uncountable inventions in the past millennium. Be it Newton’s law of gravity, Einstein’s contributions to physics or even Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Each of these have contributed to the evolution of the only sentient species on this planet. The origin of a masterpiece of innovation, however, was unknown until the last […]

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health thankful

Health – A Thankful Note To My Health

Health I am thankful to you – for giving me a wonderful Life! Participating in #ThankfulThursdays #ThankYouNote – Week 1 contest, hosted by Amrita & Tina.  If you ask me ONE thing I am thankful to, my answer would be Why JUST ONE? I have many many things to be thankful to.  For instance – […]

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Mother’s Heart – #writebravely

Seeing you smile, my heart swells with happiness. I wonder how God designed such contendness! Just a few giggles or funny face; Bring glee & cheerness in my empty space. You add wilderness into my prime world! ….. and all this light; which I always considered too bright. When I see your sweet silent face […]

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Music is for LOVE – #writebravely

Music is the Language of Love!! They say where words fail, Music keeps the conversation going. Remember that personal ‘LOVE SONGS’ list, Varied genre – Solo, Duet, or Harmony. When gloomy, sad, tired or low; Favourite numbers kept up the ghosts away. Pushed the feet running every morning, Kept the midnight oil burning on. But slowly that […]

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Monsters inside my Head – #Writebravely

‘Monsters are real, so are the Ghosts! They Live inside us; and sometimes they WIN too’ – Stephen King With a smile he slipped the drink in her hand, she loved his eyes when he smiles; they sparkle. Ecstatic with the joy of ‘just got promoted, she finished it – bottoms up!’ All eyes were stuck […]

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Importance of Keeping Family Traditions Alive

TRADITIONS are not to Preserve the ASHES; but to PASS on the FLAME. – Gaustav Mahler Why Traditions – What does the Dictionary say? ‘The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.‘ Traditions are all about sharing the beliefs & ideologies from one generation […]

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It’s a Blessing in Disguise – WOW

  ‘What seems to us as Bitter trials are often Blessing in Disguise’ – Oscar Wilde October 2nd, the day celebrated all across World as ‘International Day of Non-Violence‘. And in India as – ‘Gandhi Jayanti‘ birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Father of Nation, whose vision, hard work & passion shown our path to achieve freedom. As a Nation, […]

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