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6 Skills that Fosters Personality Development in Kids

Times have changed and so have the kids around us. Nowadays, ensuring that a kid goes to school to study is not enough. Personality development has also become crucial for a child’s growth.

There are a lot of skills, particularly 21st-century skills, that a kid can learn to ensure success in this era.

Here are some skills that a kid in today’s day and age should have –

1. Good Communications Skills –

Kids in their lifetime come across and interact with a lot of people. Peers, teachers, family to name a few. Having good communication skills help kids put forward their opinions well.

  • Being a good public speaker also requires good communication skills. If your kid has it, he or she can become a good public speaker in the future. A lot of professions need good communication skills. For example, journalism, Host, Spokesperson, Lawyer, etc.
  • Good communication skills enable kids to communicate with teachers or peers. Kids can often feel shy when engaging in a conversation with their friends. Being good at communication can easily solve this issue.
  • Kids with good communications skills often have outgoing personalities. They are much easier to reach out to, by their friends, and also make up for great speakers.

2. Digital and Technical Skills –

In the 21 century, this is a skill that a kid must and should have. Knowing how to use basic electronic gadgets. Apps can help a kid understand technology better. Online classes have become the norm for kids these days. Hence, knowing how to use an online learning platform becomes significant.

  • A kid must understand and know about the basic skills. They should know how to operate a laptop or a computer. It has become a necessity today, where technology is growing at an insane rate.
  • It can also open opportunities for your kids in professions that involve programming. Professions involving a lot of technical and digital to-dos.

3. Good Speaking Skills –

personal development in kids

Being a good speaker is something we all want to become. We are sure that parents feel proud when their kid/kids deliver a speech on stage in front of a massive audience. It is also a great confidence booster for the kid.

  • Good speaking skills can be a strength of a kid. The ability to convey a message to anyone in the best possible way has immense benefits.
  • Having good speaking skills can make a kid a great public speaker as well. It can also help in boosting the personality of the kid and can give him or her great self-esteem.
  • There are a lot of professions that need one to be a good speaker. From being a teacher, professor to being a sales representative.

4. Good Listening Skills –

Being a good listener is a quality that is evident among a lot of great leaders. It not only helps you to gain a proper perspective on things but also speaks and communicates better. Installing good listening skills in kids can help them in many ways.

  • It can help them in their academic life. By listening better, one can understand and process the information in a better way.
  • It can also make a kid a great team leader or a team player. Since both roles need a person to be a good listener, at the end of the day.
  • Good listening skills can help a kid to grasp more information in a short period.

5. Good Social Skills

personality development in kids

Socializing is a major part of a kid’s life. It eventually shapes their personality in the longer run. Kids, who do not socialize a lot, are often regarded as introverts. Whereas kids who socialize a lot are called extroverts.

  • Having good social skills will enable a kid to become more outgoing.
  • It will help the kid to form more meaningful and deeper relationships in his or her life.
  • It will also help the kid to develop a good social life in the long run.
  • It will help the kid join various communities or clubs and talk and engage with new people around.

6. Critical Thinking –

Critical thinking skills have become important, especially for a kid these days. Not only it helps with the academics of the kids but with extracurricular activities. From math to analytics, it all requires critical thinking.

  • You can help your kid be better at critical thinking in a lot of ways.
  • You can get your kid into any activity that requires the kid to use his or her critical thinking skills. Activities like chess or computer programming can enhance a child’s critical thinking skills.
  • Critical thinking is also associated with a lot of professions. If your kid wants to become an analyst or a programmer, then he should have sharp critical thinking skills.

There you have it. Those were some important skills that a kid should have in today’s day and age. Kids should get these skills to tackle any obstacle that life throws at them.

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  1. Ruchi Verma says:

    I agree kids need to focus on these aspects and critical thinking is very important for kids’ entire development process,

  2. Personality development is a wide term and has many components in it. Today academics is not the only element which can take any child towards success. But an overall personality will contribute towards their goal. Most of us stress over the need of strong communication skills, but along with that listening skill is equally important.

  3. Yes, absolutely! Critical thing and social skills have become a much for this generation! things changed as of our time! Kids need to be more out going and having good communication skills would help them to be their best

  4. this is such a wonderful post and you had said it all. yes, time has changed and it is essential to pay an attention on kid’s overall personality development that includes the development of all amazing skills that you have mentioned in the post.

  5. These are really good skills to imbibe in the kids. I always and everyday work on these skills for my kids in our routine life too. Like when they talk and when they do things. I keep guiding them as to how to do it right. These are imp skills to have as life proceeds and becomes a part of your personality.

  6. This is a topic closest to my heart and I myself writing a lot about, have also tried my best to bear these all in ming while rearing Arsh dear.

  7. It’s really important to develop these skills in our kids on time you have picked up a good topic for we parents.

  8. Very well said just academic is not enough in today’s world where competition is increasing rapidly. I think these skills are more of a life skills now without which you cannot survive. Personality development has lots of components and you have covered almost all.

  9. I’m glad you included good social and listening skills in personality development. These two are so underrated in kids nowadays especially due to extreme use of gadgets.

  10. Good listening skills are in short supply nowadays. Children are easily distracted.

    1. I agree with you. Thank you for stopping by.

  11. Priyal says:

    Personality development is very important for kids in today’s time. And I agree all the points which you have mentioned are very important for kids. Very nice topic you have covered.

  12. Milan Singhal says:

    Besides academics, for overall personality development in kids, it’s important to focus on the skills, u have mentioned in the blog. Good one.

  13. As a father to two growing up kids, I agree with everything you’ve written. Children need to develop these skills to foster personality development. As the world outside is so competitive, I believe children should work on their confidence also and carry the same as their CV.

  14. Alongside education kids also need to learn about developing personal skills as well. The age we live in demands not only bookish knowledge but about how to present and share it so communication plays a very important role

  15. Yogita Joshi says:

    Personality development is a very important aspect that we must look up to in our kids, especially in today’s competitive world, than you so much for this informative piece

  16. Yogita Joshi says:

    Personality development is a very important aspect that we must look up to in our kids, especially in today’s competitive world, than you so much for this informative piece

    1. Glad you like it. Thank You

  17. We need to focus on a kid’s overall development from the beginning. Often as parent we just try to focus them on academics but an overall developmental approach is the right way of parenting. As usual a wonderful post.

  18. All these skills are very important aspects for the kid’s overall development. Critical thinking is more important than anything .

  19. Personality development is indeed one of the key aspects for growing kids and these skills help them develop into smart and sound individuals. I have been trying to foster these skills in my kids.

  20. Judy says:

    Surely for developing kids personalities one has to be a good listener and also have good social skills. The latter one is what I want to work upon as networking always works in favour.

  21. Thank you for sharing such an amazing information with us. I found it very useful and wonderful blog. Keep sharing such blogs with us.

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