7 Online Tools and Websites every College Student needs to Use

Websites for college students

7 Best online tools and websites for college students – In this modern world of the internet, college students’ life is becoming easier and easier. All the information they require can be accessed with just a few clicks. In this way, they can effortlessly conduct all academic projects after browsing the web world for a few hours.

With the developing curriculums that are becoming more rigorous, college students should think of different ways of improving their productivity and courage.

Fortunately, some websites and tools will help them increase their planning, time management, brainstorming, socializing, writing, and more. If you are a college student and want to lead ahead in every circumstance, read this post carefully. Here, you will find the top 7 websites and tools that will help you a lot.

Top 7 Tools and Websites Selected Best For College Students

After putting hours into research, we have gathered seven best-known sites and tools to add perfection to student’s life! So, don’t rush and ignore; scroll down and read on!

1. Online Notepad (by Editpad.org)

Edit pad is one of the most popular websites that offer the text editor tool for editing plain text. This is an amazing tool that works the same way as the online notepad of Microsoft. Students can use this text editor for creating their notes online. They can easily copy-paste to edit text and save it for later use.

They can also use this tool for proofreading and paraphrasing their text. Besides that, this text editor facilitates students with all editing and formatting options. Access this website using your favorite browser, copy and paste the text you want to edit, and save or use it on the go!

2. Standard Form Calculator (by MeraCalculator.com)

This is another website that is offering different calculators use to perform different tasks. However, its standard form calculator can be the best tool for students. Students will have all the features and options they need to perform equations.

They can easily find visible immediate results. This website is providing a complete bunch of different calculators. However, the most popular calculators students are using are Units, Physics, Chemistry, and EngineeringCalculators.

3. Plagiarism Checker (by Prepostseo.com)

This is a top-notch website that is facilitating a cost-free service to check plagiarism. This tool has proven best for college students who need to scan their assignments and thesis.

This plagiarism checker has an advanced algorithm that enables students to find copied and even paraphrased text. The best thing about this tool is it provides students the links to plagiarize sources to match and fix them easily.

7 Best online tools and websites for college students
Image Source Prepostseo.com

It is a cost-free tool that puts effort into delivering accurate reports. Also, this platform can help a student to improve their overall writing style. Just copy-paste the text you want to check with or upload the file directly. Once you do so, click the Check Plagiarism button, results will be displayed in less than a minute.

One more interesting tool is – Education Calculators (by calculator-online.net)
It is one of the most useful websites on the Internet for students, and it has more than 200 free math, chemistry, physics, and health calculators. This platform is very suitable for students who cannot do calculations in their subjects. Most calculators like the standard form calculators on this website will not only show you the answers to your questions but also provide you with complete solutions. If you want to continue learning, you can search for any calculator on their website. For example, an online standard form calculator provides a complete step-by-step solution that is very useful for all students who are working with standard form calculations.

4. Grammar Checker (by Grammarly)

This is a great website that is offering students the facility to check for grammar and punctuation. Students can use this tool to improve their English grammar knowledge as it provides additional writing insights and the reasons behind basic grammatical errors.

Besides grammar checks, students can also scan for readability, correct run-on sentences, and enhance vocabulary and sentence structure.

Furthermore, this AI-based grammar checking tool is offering various writing styles, suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. These advanced features can help a student in delivering errorless work without any hassles.

5. Paraphrasing Tool (by Paraphraser.io)

Paraphraser.io is an amazing site that is suitable for all kinds of writers, and of course college students always need to complete their work before the given deadline.

While working on assignments and papers, students have to stay focused on quality. Paraphraser.io is the best tool that can help students in both time and quality home-task submissions. This is why it is considered the best tool for students.

This paraphraser will deliver unique and perfect rewritten content in just a few seconds. Just enter any kind of text. This tool will rewrite each line. In this way, students can submit their home tasks on time.

6. PDF Converter (by PDF2Go)

PDF Converter by PDF2Go is one of the best PDF tools for college students. It is offering a complete set of incredible tools for document converting, merging, and compressing. This is an OCR-based tool that allows students a safe and secure interface. Students can easily save, share, and edit their documents for free in no time.

The best thing about this site is it doesn’t need you to get yourself registered or to spend extra time in procedures. Just select a tool, upload your document, and click the button. With instants, your file will be ready for what you desire!

7. Reverse Image Search (by Google)

For every college student, a reverse image search is an important tool for doing visual research. ReverseImageSearch.Net is an excellent website that offers a robust image search tool to find and trace sour material.

This is one of the best websites that use special algorithms AI Technology. Students can utilize this service in three ways. These ways include search by the keywords, search by image URLs, and search by image.

Once you provide an input query do the tool in just a minute you will be served with accurate results. The best thing is these results will be savable, accessible, and shareable.

With the help of this tool, students can easily find similar and fake visuals that are available on the internet.

End Words

Dear Students! You are lucky that you are living in a world of the internet that provides you vast amounts of resources to navigate your higher education. As studies are becoming difficult and require strict punctuality, these websites and tools are a blessing for you.

All the above-mentioned websites and tools are going to help you in learning, reviewing, and researching. So, don’t waste your time and efforts. Grab online tools and bring ease and perfection to your work now!


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