How to Extract Text from Screenshots Using Image to Text Converter?

how to extract text from screenshot

Are you struggling to extract text from screenshots of your bank statements, or receipts? If yes, then we have the easiest and finest solution for you, OCR technology.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology is a digital solution that is extensively in use for data entry, it extracts text from a scanned document or image file, and then converts the text into a machine-readable form.

OCR technology is benefiting small businesses in many ways as the use of OCR technology helps in fast and accurate data entry, increases work productivity, and saves time and operational costs for businesses.

Optical Character Recognition technology improves information accessibility for users as they can use OCR solutions to extract text from screenshots and image-based PDFs.

But, how? It is important to learn the way to extract text from a screenshot using OCR solutions for maximum accuracy.

In this post, we will discuss how you can extract text from image using an image-to-text converter.

So, stick to reading!

How to Extract Text from Images using Image to Text Converter?

An image-to-text converter is an AI-based solution that is built on OCR technology, it uses some numerical rules to extract text from images.

The tool uses Intelligent Character Recognition technology to read, analyze, and extract even handwritten printed text. The text extracted via the tool from digital files like invoices can also be edited or modified when required.

Though what’s important is picking the best and most reliable OCR tool because on the internet there are several OCR tools available, but no one can know if they work accurately until you try them out.

And, it is not an ideal choice to try each and every OCR tool available online. Well, you don’t even have to do that as we have done that work for you.

We have tested a lot of image-to-text converters and rounded up the two best and most reliable tools for you that you can use without any doubt.

Two Best OCR Tools to Extract Text from Screenshots

Here are some best OCR tools:



The first OCR-based tool that we find incredible while testing is the, this tool is very simple and has an easy-to-use interface.

Extract Text from Screenshots

How to use

  • Go to the tool window in your browser.
  • You will see a white box with the ‘Select Image’ button, as shown in the image attached above.
  • Click on the ‘Select Image’ button, and upload the image from your device from which you want to extract text.
  • Or you can simply drag and drop the image, in case you don’t have the image saved on your device.
  • Once you are done uploading the image, hit the ‘Get Text’ button, and let the tool will start doing its magic.
  • Within a few seconds, you will have the extracted text, copy the text or download it for later use.

Does the tool really work?

Well, this question might also be popping into your head because you can’t rely on words but, work.

We took a screenshot and pasted it into the tool input box to check if the tool extract the accurate text from the screenshot, and guess what?

It did!

Look at the input image below:

how to extract text from images

In this image, you can see the screenshot we used to test the tool’s working. It took the tool 6 to 7 seconds in extracting the text.

The tool extracted text:

Three cornerstones to system programming in Linux: • System calls • System programming starts with system calls. • The C library • The C library (libc) is at the heart of Unix applications. • The C compiler • In Linux, the standard C compiler is provided by the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc).

This is exactly what is in the screenshot, isn’t it incredible?

Characteristics of this tool

1. Device Independent 

The is great as it works equally on all devices. You can use the tool on your smartphones, PCs, Laptops, or Tablets without the need to switch to different modes.

The tool works consistently on all devices as it is designed for cross-platforms.

Also, you don’t have to follow different steps for different devices, you can go with the above-discussed steps regardless of device type.

2. Extract Text in Multiple languages

The tool is designed in a manner that it has the ability to extract text from screenshots in multiple languages other than English.

It can extract text in Spanish, Dutch, Italian, or any other language. Therefore, users don’t have to be bound to the English language while using the tool.

3. Free to Use

If you are concerned about the charges to use the tool then don’t be because the tool is completely free to use. Moreover, Users don’t even need to sign in or register themselves before using the tool.


Next, we have this, this tool is also suggested if you want to extract text from screenshots.

It provides a complete solution to extract text in multiple file formats, and users can even edit the extracted text and save it for later use.

The tool is completely free for its users and there’s no need for any sign-in or entering credit card information.

how to copy text from screenshot

How to use

  • Go to the tool from your browser.
  • Upload the image (Supported Formats include PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG.
  • After uploading the image, hit the ‘Get Text’ button.
  • The image is converted into text, you can either edit or copy the text in the clipboard.

Characteristics of this tool

1. Extract Text in Multiple Format

Whether you want to extract text from PDF or JPEG, you can! The tool supports multiple file formats for extracting text.

You can also capture text from GIF, PNG, JPG, and SVG. Isn’t it a great feature for students, teachers, and businesses to have a free OCR-based tool to ease their work?

2. No Extraction Limit

Well, it is suggested to use this tool for extracting text from screenshots as it allows users to extract text from one image, two, or multiple.

Users don’t have to worry about the extraction limit. With the tool, users can extract text from as many images as they want. There is no limitation to using the tool.

3. Works with Low-quality Images

Even if your images are in low resolution, the tool will work amazingly. The strong artificial intelligence algorithm behind the tool makes sure of the accurate text extraction from low-quality images as well.

4. Little or No Error Risks

Manual data extraction comes with a greater risk of errors and mistakes because a human being can make mistakes while typing records especially if the records are in digits.

Human-made mistakes can cause great trouble for businesses and individuals But, with the tool there are little or you can say no chances of errors.

The artificial intelligence behind the tool works by extracting accurate information and ensures that the automated data extraction is more than 90% secured.

Last Words

Optical Character Recognition is a great technology that is extensively used by businesses and students to extract text from different image files like SVG, JPG, GIF, or more.

The image-to-text converters use mathematical rules to extract text from images regardless of their text fonts.

In this article, we have discussed the two best OCR-based tools that users can use to extract text from screenshots or any image-based document.

If you are confused about how the tools work for text extraction, you can read the above-discussed steps and implement them for accurate text extraction.


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