Leading a Healthy & Safe Life with ORIPLAST Bathroom and Water Solutions

Oriplast water tank and pipe fittings for your home – When you dream about a home, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort and safety. You go the extra mile to bring the best for your family and home, even if that one has to add a few extra zeros in the overall budget. Bathroom and water fitting, and plumbing is an integral part of designing a home, no one would ever like to compromise on the quality of these. While designing a home or doing structural changes, special attention is given to bath fittings, water tanks, sanitary pipes, etc.

Building a house involves major investment and a lot of emotions. Hence, we have listed a few important points that will help you on leading a healthy and safe life with the right bathroom fittings and water solutions.

Combine technology with aesthetics –

Looks and durability are often considered contradictory to each other, but when it comes to designing a durable and quality bathroom and water fitting solutions, one must consider combining the two. You should consider the pipe fittings, and bathroom solutions from the brand which provides holistic solutions to all your problems, like OriPlast bathroom fittings and water solutions.

Ori-Plast bathroom PTMT, PP, and PVC fittings are the exclusive example of quality manufacturing and fine craftsmanships. They are one of the oldest companies to leverage the latest innovations in material science, and technologies, introduce modern lifestyle-oriented polyvinyl bathroom fittings and serve customers in their evolving needs and lifestyle preferences.

UPVC is leak-proof as a material –

One of the biggest challenges in bathroom and pipe fittings is the chemical composition and rusting that will lead to discoloration and inconsistent behavior of the product. Bathroom solutions need strength and durability of a lifetime, hence UPVC pipes are the best choice.

Ori-Plast UPVC pipes have high tensile and impact strength which makes them a long-lasting solution for all types of plumbing needs. They are flexible and have excellent bendability, which makes them ideal for handling during construction and events like earthquakes.

Unaffected Quality of water with Oriplast Water Tank –

Water is an essential source of life, and it must be in the purest form for human consumption. Plumbing and water fittings should be done, keeping in mind the storage facility area, inlet and outlet pipes, durability, and quality of material used.

UPVC pipes are resistant to chemicals. This ensures that the water quality remains unaffected. In recent years, plastic water tank demands are increased for domestic and commercial purposes. Plastic tanks are very popular in comparison to steel or cement tanks because they are lightweight and cost-effective. Plus, high-quality plastic tanks are non-toxic and do not interfere with the taste and odor of the water stored in them.

Some tanks react when exposed continuously to sunlight, but FDA-approved Ori-Plast polyethylene resins that constitute plastics, are safe to store food and water.

Right drainage system for durable homes –

Your home is probably the most prized possession you have. Indeed  Ori-Plast is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing PVC drain pipes and sewer pipes across India. Being a smart homeowner you should invest in superior quality ORIPLAST bathroom and water Solutions. A perforated pipe, for example, is the best choice for outdoor use.

Ori-Plast offers the best possible standard and quality of products in order to get the above-mentioned accreditations. Apart from checking drainage pipe sizes and types you need, always check the manufacturer’s certifications.

oriplast water tank

So, these are some things to keep in mind before you start remodeling your home or building a new one. Water solution and plumbing act like a backbone of a healthy platform for a durable and long-lasting home. Safe solutions not only come cost-effective in the long run but also helps you in leading a safe and happy life.


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  1. This looks so good for bathroom fittings and glad that you have shared all details to help many who are looking for some renovation at home.

  2. Seepage is one of the biggest issues we face within houses and one of the reason could be leakage from pipes within. Therefore selecting right pipes and fittings are so important. Oriplast looks like a promising product. Thanks for sharing dear.

  3. Oriplast pipes and fittings seem to be really nice. They seem to be a nice blend of aesthetics and durability. They seem to be seamlessly in harmony with the bathroom too.

  4. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Oriplast pipes and fittings sound like a fantastic solution for our houses. I’m thinking of some renovations in my apartment next year. I’ll keep these brand in my mind.

  5. Oriplast has the right features one can ask for for the longevity of the pipes. The PVC pipes looks so durable and has excellent features to select for home.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Dipika, we have to do some pipe fitting in our flat this recommendation would be really helpful

  7. Bathroom fittings must not only match our decor but have good quality for long life and safety. Oriplast seems to offer everything and is indeed a great option to go for.

  8. Oriplast pipes and fittings seem to be really nice. They seem to be a nice blend of aesthetics and durability. Definitely include in my bucketlist.

  9. Interesting! The Oriplast pipes and fittings seem like the perfect leak free solution for bathrooms. I am looking for some renovation in my place and will surely look at this solution.

  10. While making a house, one of the most important factors to take care of is that of proper seepage and fittings. Oriplast fittings seem to be a good choice for a complete piping and fitting solution.

  11. Oriplast definitely seems to be promising when it comes to piping. I love the variety of products that you showcased the different needs for across the house.

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