Paul Gauguin’s Paintings – Perfect Decoration for Any Living Room

Paul Gauguin's Paintings

Paul Gauguin’s Paintings are the most colorful and sophisticated artwork for your home decor – Paul Gauguin, the French Post-Impressionist, was one of the foremost painters of his time. His artworks continue to impress for their sheer vibrancy of color and synthesis of form.

Tahiti was a place of change for both the artist’s life and style. The landscapes, culture, and people of the Polynesian country made an impactful impression on the artist that would give birth to several stunning artworks.

Many of these artworks have the power to bring life, vibrancy, and a modern feel to any space, and we will check artworks by the French painter Paul Gauguin that are perfect for a living room.

Two Tahitian Women

Now in possession of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, this incredible double portrait titled “Two Tahitian Women” was painted in 1899 and is one of Gauguin’s most famous pieces. The artist beautifully captures the delicate and subtle expression of each model.

The colors used by the painter Paul Gauguin in this masterpiece can elegantly complement any living room, as this enticing portrait is able to match many styles of decorations. The model on the left wears a dark blue fabric over her waist that beautifully complements the bright orange-red fruit she holds. The woman to the side seems to whisper something to the main figure while holding pink blossoms in her hand.

Ia Orana Maria Aka Hail Mary

Representing the first significant painting made by Gauguin in Tahiti, “Ia Orana Maria” was painted in 1891 and is an atypical representation of a biblical scene. Instead of portraying the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, an angel, and other characters from the bible in the traditional European aesthetic, the Post-Impressionist painter created a scene of natives from the island.

This modern masterpiece is currently held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and is a unique interpretation of a religious theme, bringing a new and fresh atmosphere to any interior. The French painter Paul Gauguin broke the barriers of his time by bringing these two worlds together.

Matamoe Aka Landscape With Peacocks – Paul Gauguin

During Paul Gauguin’s career, he had two key inspirations for his production, the population of Tahiti and his rendering of the wide range of sensations and emotions he experienced. In this amazing artwork, we can notice the influence of both, as it was created in 1892, during the artist’s first time on the islands. It portrays what the author considered one of the most impactful visual experiences of the time, observing a native man with an ax chopping up a tree.

The richness of color experienced by the artist at that very moment is said to have deeply inspired the artist to create not only this artwork but also “Man with Axe” one year prior. This incredible Post-Impressionistic landscape is a wonderful fit for a living room as its bright colors can elegantly transform an environment.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We Doing? Where Are We Going?

Arguably few artworks can display such a complex symbolism as this astounding artwork. Paul Gauguin regarded it to be his most complete artwork and would say that such was the feeling that he could never create something to excel it.

When the painting was concluded, the artist sent it to Paris for it to be sold, along with a quite extensive description of each symbolism in the composition. The blue idol is meant to symbolize “The Beyond”; the woman picking fruit in the center of the composition is meant to answer the second of the three questions; the white bird with a lizard in its claws by the older woman’s feet at the left of the canvas represents the irrelevance of words.

Like many mystic writings of yore, the painting was meant to be observed from right to left and ultimately answer the questions in its title. According to Gauguin’s vision, life begins with a child lying on a rock, already under the examination of cloaked figures in the background. Then, it moves on to the women sitting with inviting looks, while another one picks fruit and a young child eats them, enclosed by animals. In the end, an older woman accepts, in either shock or despair, her fate, while the young woman worries and the child is seemingly oblivious, all under the observance of The Beyond, which invariably falls overall.

Parau Api (Aka What News)

This artwork is a beautiful example of creative motivation, as it was finished a year after the artist’s arrival in the Polynesian islands. The location and natives had a significant impact on Paul Gauguin’s famous drawings.

The subject matter is two Tahitian women sitting together, with expressions on their faces indicating a combination of disinterest and shyness, actively avoiding the gaze of the artist. The woman on the left side wears a red skirt decorated with white flowers. She turns away from the observer with her eyes closed as if she is not interested in the situation.

Although the model’s expressions are demure, the painting itself brings an explosion of color and excitement. Gauguin exaggerates his use of warm colors like yellow and red in a way that even the viewer can almost feel the warmth coming from the canvas.


After seeing these beautiful Gauguin masterpieces, it’s easy to understand how they can impact your interior design – the hard part is choosing just one! The decision to have a modern painting in your living room has the potential to give an entirely new atmosphere to your home.

Gauguin’s colorful paintings are sophisticated and great conversation starters. Imagine receiving your family and friends over and greeting them with a handmade Gauguin reproduction hanging over your couch – an essential piece for any art lover’s decoration.


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  1. Living room decor will have a whole different look with the addition of these paintings. They’re sure to spark conversations around the use of vibrant colours and the stories behind every frame!

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