7 Splendid Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room

Hanging Wall Decor

Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room – Let’s be honest, we all love to see our home neat, clean, clutter-free, and yet can’t stop ourselves from shopping for something new for home decoration. There was a time when I had piles of photo frames (bought and gifted) to which I had no clue what to do with? A few I used as table frames, some sent away, and still left with a few loaded in the boxes. This was before the kid was born and we were living in a much smaller apartment. Walls! I removed the support cover from the back of all those frames and hung them on the wall – in a pattern. It immediately enhanced the overall look and feel of the living area.

Walls are like an empty canvas for your imagination, you can go wild and make them look artistically beautiful with talent, or simply get some stuff and decorate like how I do!

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wall hanging ideas for living room
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1. Antique Clocks as a Classic Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room –

These large framed vintage clocks would take you back to the old ear of station masters and chugging steam-engines. Hang these to add an antique touch to your living room, don’t forget the side rail fitting to give an authentic look to these clocks.

Pro Tip – Check the antique collector stores in your area, you never know if luck strikes gold and you get a real era based vintage clock as a treasure.

2. Macrame Hanging Planters

I am deeply in love with macrame-style home decor items. This Boho Chic style of home decoration is easy to maintain and available freely across the country. It adds an earthy look to your space and instantly soothes the eyes. Have you see this macrame wall pot planter, isn’t this dazzling! For effortless styling game – macrame all the way.

3. Metal Wall Art Sculptures

This needs a one-time investment but worth every penny. These metal wall art sculptures are inspired by tribal or Indian folk art, adds an artistic touch to your home decor. Available easily online and in the local markets, these brass metal sculptures are a must-have for your living room.

Pro Tip – make sure you know the metal before purchasing the art piece.

4. Dreamcatchers

Perfect wall art addition for a cozy bedroom space! Get a decorative dreamcatcher for your home, or kids’ room. This art piece could also be hung in the lobby, best art decor! Dreamcatchers are known to have a positive effect on your life and reduce stress. Kids especially like these, as they look like an article from fantasy fiction.

Perfect wall art and a budget decoration for home, hang it near the window for relaxed sleep and happy dreams.

5. Wooden Wall Hanging Door Sign

Add quirk with these funky wall signboards to your home. Available in a wide variety based on need and placements, these signboards can be personalized too in the local markets. Surprise your children/child with these fun boards to add an element of joy.

6. Lord Ganesha Metal Wall Decorative with Diyas and Bells

Add a traditional touch to your living space with this Lord Ganesha Metal wall decorative piece. This particular item can be used to light diya as well, the tiny bells add up for the complete look. Be careful before you buy the metal and aware of counterfeits. Check the local market art shops and traditional emporiums for such artifacts.

7. Geometric Wall Décor Container for real or faux plants

Dash of contemporary style in your home decor with these geomatric hanging planters in white and gold. If you have pets at home, these planters are a blessing in disguise. As your kitty’s won’t be able to climb all the way to these cute planters hung on the wall.

Hope you like these haning home decorative ideas, we will be back soon with some more ideas to decorate your home under budget.

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  1. Great list, I would have add, hang a quilt ;))
    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

  2. Love them all! I have a thing for antique pieces and also macrame hangings! Best of both worlds.

  3. Hanging planters or floating shelf with pants is my favorite. I also like the Jaipuri birds and the stuffed puppets.

  4. i really like the decorated wall with clocks, especially sticky wall clocks and pendulum clock

  5. i am love in this list, I wanted to revamp my space and this is gonna be helpful. I personally love antique clocks and dream catchers.. gonna checkout

  6. Wow, a wonderful list of options to decorate our dream house. By giving to some a touch of vintage or some trending objects. I loved the Macrame hanging planters the most; I consider them worthy for gifting purposes also.

  7. Those are some great decor ideas. I really love the hanging planters and antique clocks that adds more beauty to the space

  8. Love all the ideas. I love decorating my home and love to change the decor Avery few months. Thanks for sharing the links too, very helpful!

  9. Wonderful collection of these beautiful wall hangings. I like the geometric wall decor container for plants so much. Thanks for amazing decor ideas.

    1. Glad to know you like the ideas

  10. I like to change and shuffle the decor of my house from time to time to add a new look to it. And I use a lot of such wall decor and handging decor stuff to brighten up the house.

  11. These are indeed very nice wall-hanging ideas to try. I personally love the macrame hangings Dipika. Have recently got some in my house and must tell you they add such lovely element to home decor.

  12. Dreamcatchers are my recent obsession 🙂 from paintings to wall hangings, I love it all. Geometric wall decor is another rage I have been seeing and I absolutely love those too.

  13. I love these ideas Dipika. RECENTLY bought an antique clock and it sure has added to the character of the room.

  14. I love this idea dipika dear such very helpful 😍

  15. This us really amazing post dipika dear 💓

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