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Etsy home decor

Home Decor Ideas from Etsy – An honest confession, I am a huge fan of ETSY style art and craft, and I am sure most of you nodding heads after reading this line. Don’t we all love the creative stuff displayed on Etsy.com For the longest time, I requested my relatives and friends living in the USA to get me something only from Etsy with the tag attached. Knowing how crazy this sounds, they would happily oblige, as firstly it was a cheap gifting option ๐Ÿ˜‰ and secondly, there is something in the world that is not made in China (pun intended)

For all those who don’t know what is Etsy, well it is the Maa (mother) of all art and craft-related stuff. An American multinational e-comm giant specializes in handmade and vintage craft items and supplies.

In this post, I have collated few wonderful home decoration ideas from Etsy. A little disclaimer here is a must, Etsy products aren’t available in India, but we can always search for the Indian stores if have the styling ideas in mind. Hence, this post is just to share the ways in which we can decorate home with arts and crafts – DIY or purchased from local stores.

1. Wooden Candle Holders –

home decor etsy
Image Source – Etsy.com

I love this rustic wood heart shaped tea-candle holder. A perfect decor for those lovely evening sessions together or to add a little dash of romance in the air. Earthy textured end-table setting with this beautiful candle holder is a perfect plan to set the mood right.

2. Beach Art Resin Turtle Wall Decor –

Beach Art Resin Turtle Wall Decor from Esty. I am a particular fan of resin-based artwork, as they last long and are absolute low maintenance This sea turtle decorative piece can be perfect for the Kid’s Room Wall Art. To get this piece in India, search for Beach Home Decor, Hawaii Art.

Etsy Home Decor Ideas

3. Ceramic Vase in White –

Minimalist Bisque Vase or Nordic Vase Type is a perfect match for Dry Flowers. The delicate look of this vase is quite sophisticated and will look good in your library or by the reading table. Use these vases only for dry flowers or stems to create the magic they are made for.

Similar designs are available in the Indian local markets and also on the popular e-commerce sites.

Home Decoration Ideas
Image Source – Etsy.com

4. Disney Inspired Home Sign –

Just a look of Disney and we all get excited with childhood memories and magical tales. Why not surprise your kids with this cute Mickey mouse Home Sign board. The sign boards are available in Indian markets easily and can be customized as per your choice. Go ahead let the kids enjoy the magic of Disney in their own home, via this cute sign board.

decoration home sign
Image – Etsy.com

5. Geomatric Concrete Marble Planter –

I love small planters in stone and ceremics, and markets are filled with various shapes and sizes. But this geomatric puzzle kind of planter got my attention. I love the shar edges around it, that makes it look and feel so different. A perfect art piece to be placed at the entrance of the home or by the desk. This definitely adds a unique style to your home.

Keep a cacti or thorny small plant in this style of planter to serve its purpose to the fullest.

Etsy home decor ideas
Image – Etsy.com

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  1. I am going to check out Etsy. All the decor items are fabulous. So contemporary and unique designs.

  2. I rarely shop from Etsy! But I loved the sea resin so much that I think I’m going to search for it right away. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. Wow amazing. Etsy is my favorite website . it offers great options at affordable rate. loving the series dear. so creative and unique.

  4. I love ceramic white vase and geometrical planter. Etsy has plenty of options. Sometimes we just need some inspiration and we can decorate our house.

  5. I’ve been looking for some pretty planters. These look lovely.

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