5 Stunning Chair Ideas for your Home Decor

Chairs for home decor

Stunning Chair Ideas for Home – The latest trend in home decoration making round these days are designer chairs – there are different types and styles of chairs available today in the marketplace to uplift the mood and look of your home instantly. Chairs are the most thought about additions in your home decoration plan, as with a right statement chair the entire room will look different.

We are going to check out chair ideas to decorate your home in style.

Accent Chair –

accent chair home decor
Image Source – Yahoo

These chairs are known for the eccentric looks and comfortability, a must-have for every home to amp up the looks and feel. Available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and fits, accent chairs much have for every home. There are various styles of accent chairs, but my favorite is multicolor patchwork chairs. They immediately add an appeal to your living room and goes well with every interior.

Accent chairs come in different styles, to name a few –

  • Egg chair
  • Swan shaped chair
  • Diamond cut fabric chair
  • Tower Base chair

Pro Tip – Research online and also at the local furniture market in your area, don’t forget te bargain well and get these chairs in right budget.

Lounge Chair –

chairs for home decor
Image – woodnestreet.com

Well, these chairs are quite famous and loved by all due to the comfort and good looks. We all have seen these at the longes, hotels, lobby areas, airports, etc. But the love for these chairs have brought them inside our homes to amplify the look of our homes.

Pro Tip – They fit well near reading spaces or at the corner in your bedroom. Don’t match them with your living room furniture, as these beauties don’t like to be compared with another single set of furniture.

Recliners –

chairs for home decor
Image – candel

Nothing beats a recliner chair in helping you destree or unwind for the day. They make a place look cosy with leather or fabric upholstery, place them right in front of your television set for a relaxed viewing experience.

Armchair –

Armchairs are popular piece of furniture since decades, infused with new styles and ideas they are absolute essential addition to your home decor requirements. Get them in subtle tones or bold colors, the right placement and dash of coordinates make them look amazing in every home.

You may choose armchair based on the room’s interior or as a statement by adding more texture or color to it. A easy way to add glamour to a room, fix it with a good leather upholstery or velvet fabric.

Pro Tip – I have placed mine in the bedroom by the window, where I often sit and sip morning cup of chai.

budget home decor ideas
Image – Decoholic.org

Kitchen Stools or Bar Stool –

Indian kitchens are changing with every passing generation and embracing contemporary design ideas with ease. Gone are those days, when kitchen was suppose to only a cooking platform. Today, Indian households have kitchen spaces fitted with latest technology and accessories. Same is the case with kitchen furniture, middle class to luxury homes are customised with kitchen bars attached with living areas.

Kitchen bar stools are must addition for such homes, the counter height seating stools look chic and stylish also give a modern appeal to your home.

Image source – Home Designing.com

A chair isn’t just a place to sit anymore, it is an essential addition in home decor ideas for your home. The experts take extra caution while picking the chair for each room in your home, while decorating. As a wrong pick may change the deplete the overall look of a particular room. If you are trying to add a chair as a statement in your home decor, my only suggestion would be ‘research’ well and then make a final decision.

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  1. What a lovely post. It makes me wish I had bottomless pockets and a wonderful house to decorate. :p

  2. I want to re-decorate my home now. But I am not sure when will get that opportunity.

  3. A good chair can completely makeover a room and it’s an easy way to create a cozy nook. Thanks for the lovely post – great tips!

  4. Accent chair reminds me of Monica’s living room from Friends! Good recommendations, D. I wish I could get a recliner chair to relax in after a long day.

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  6. So true the right chair can change the look of the room.
    And nothing beats the recliner in the bedroom.

  7. Accent chair has always been one of my favorite home decor piece. It just adds up to the entire place. I also like Joot Indian Stool. Getting one of such stools is in my list for a long time.

  8. […] C – 5 Stunning Chair ideas for your homr, read here. […]

  9. […] C – 5 Stunning Chair ideas for your homr, read here. […]

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