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8 Drapes And Curtains Styles – Affordable Home Decoration Ideas

Living room drapes and curtains provided the finishing touch that completes the entire look and adds an appeal to a room. We often keep curtains and drapes as the last sorting decision. But the right planning and knowledge helps in deciding which curtain will suit the look of the living room.

Know your curtains well!

drapes and curtains for the living room
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Drapes and curtains are often used together and end up confusing the user, however, one must not think of these as one. Drapes and curtains are different on the basis of their panels and falls, even the textures for that matter.

You will find curtains and drapes in a wide variety available in readymade or custom-made format. Drapes are usually elaborate fabric planning that comes with a customized panel lined up and wide plates that suit the living room’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Curtains are easily available in local markets or e-commerce sites, with various specifications based on generic requirements. Drapes, however, are usually preferred to be custom-made with precise measurements and are comparatively expensive than curtains.

Drapes are made with double panels, usually sheer and textured bind together in pleats to create asymmetry. Curtains also come in a huge variety, one can choose on the basis of need and pocket size. Some of the most loved curtain designs are – sheer fabrics for the living room, a blackout fabric for bedrooms. Drapes and curtains are sold in pairs usually.

Types of Curtains and Drapes

  1. Neutral colors – Curtains in neutral colors, usually in the hues of blue, pink, floral colors are loved by home decor experts. They bring nice light and fresh appeal to the entire room.
  2. Curtains with a tie back to give an elegant decorative look – A tie, either in the form of velcro or button in the middle of the curtain makes it look elaborate and also adds volume to the piece. Pleated neatly they give accentuate look to the fabric.
  3. Sheer curtains – these see-through breezy curtains are loved by all. Match when with the dark-looking walls/furniture or interiors.
  4. Printed or patterned drapes – if you wish to add some drama in your living room, try patterned or printed drapes. They go well in nature prints like florals or motifs, and in similar shades to your furniture.
  5. Stripes – Horizontal or verticle self-stripes do wonders to enhance the overall look of your living room. These living room curtains are made to give flair to your room.
  6. Old classic curtain set-up – Grandma style of curtains with a heavy panel at the top and earthy shade drape to follow. They add volume and length to the room. Easy to maintain, the tapestry works for long without washing, and the drape could be cleaned separately when needed.
  7. Greens and Blues – I am often surprised by the effect of these two colors on a particular area. Curtains in these two statement colors can never go wrong. Or mix them well with the corresponding patterns or colors to bring more volume and feel.
  8. Only Whites – Personally I avoid plain white as they add maintenance by cleaning regularly and with kids at home, you can’t guarantee no-stain curtains. But pure white curtains add elegance and freshness to room, a decision worth taking a pleunge.

Hope you like these ideas, with dapes and curtains even a small room can be enhanced and made into a feel-large area. I am too learning new dimentions with these simple home decor ideas. If you wish to read the previous posts, check below.

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  1. I like sheer curtains since they let in natural light while giving privacy. I find myself inclined towards floral designs more.

  2. Curtains do add a lot of character to a room. I love sheer and blue and green colored fabrics.

  3. Curtains make or break the room aesthetics, I believe. Loved knowing about the various types. I always have a sheer curtain in place along with heavy ones.

  4. Green and Blue are two of my favorite colors for curtains. I have Blue curtain in my living and bedrooms. Green gives me a sense of freshness and water calmness. And since Houston gets pretty hot during summer so both these colors solves my purpose. 🙂

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  6. Interesting ideas and this blog post really help me a lot thank you for posting such amazing content keep posting

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