6 Ways to Decorate your Home in Bohemian Style

Boho home decor

Bohemian home decor or boho chic home decor is the current mood of most decor enthusiasts, do you know why? It is one of the easiest and free-spirited designing ideas, as compared to the modern or contemporary style of home decorating. Boho home decor as the name suggests is a laid back, personalized, unique, and blended kind of decoration.

The bohemian originated from the unconventional lives of artists back in the 18th century. And hence, one of the most prominent features of Bohemian design are bold vibrant colors and a mix of patterns followed by textures. The Boho Chic home decor is particularly popular among the metro condo apartments. Another advantage of bohemian home decor is – using refurbished materials or upscaling the old ones.

Ways to Decorate your Home in Bohemian style –

bohemian home decor

Boho home decor is the easiest decorating style, you just need to add textures, colors, geometric patterns to add up your own unique personality. Here are some easy ways to decorate your home in Bohemian style.

  1. Use natural and raw finishes – Boho is about a rare marriage of textures and designs in their most unadulterated manner. While walking on a beach if you find a nice piece of drifted wood, don’t throw it away. Bring home, clean, add up bold textures from paint or silk/jute, and flaunt it as boho chic decorations. You can do the same with walls, tapestry, furniture, corner hanging decor, etc. Just remember to make it look unusually unique as per your taste.
  2. Add tradition with bold colors – In bohemian decor, colors play a major role, pick basic bold colors and you are all set to play around with the decoration. Tie-n-die sheets, macrame hangings, cushions, rugs in the right mix and match colors add up the boho appeal and warmth too.
  3. Culture creative mix – Did you ever take a walk down the old book bazaar in South Mumbai or a Street tour of Old Delhi. What do you see there, traditional catching up with the modern? Will, the bohemian decor is exactly the same, the mess of cultural aka traditional with new contemporary ideas. Take an example of books, in Boho Chic Decor, you don’t need a fancy bookshelf to neatly stack your books, but a corner with the right lighting to pile the books neatly. Throw up a subtle floor rug, and some cushions to make up the right vibes.
  4. Revive vintage furniture – Vintage furniture! Voila, just the name makes you happy. In bohemian home decor we don’t overdo the painting job on our vintage furniture but make it look rustic and earthy. Try out storage cabinets in vintage appeal for your living room. Or a bedside table for the lady in boho-chic vintage style. Bed canopies, room separators, bold colored sheets as wall hangings are the fastest moving boho decor ideas.
  5. Decorative windows – This reminds me of Rajasthan! Bohemian decor means loud and unique yet not an overdo styling. Windows drape with bold colored curtains in unusual textures of silk or satin, etc. The hanging accessories of beads or mirror braids hung on the windows are too chic as well. The window doors can be painted with striking bold colors to add an oomph factor to your unique decorations.
  6. Junk is Good – Empty beer bottles, mason jars, cookie boxes, wooden casks, old lamps, fused bulbs, boho love them all. Junk is a treasure for bohemian home decor enthusiasts. Use them as wall hangings, or a new home for baby plants, or fix in some rice lights to warm up your cozy corner. Old mirrors refurbished and polished in gold color will just add up the right gig for your home.

Home decoration isn’t a tough job, it is time consuming but following the right ideas and conducting some basic research will reap the right results. Hope you like these tips of home decoration, we will meet tomorrow with another budget home decor idea, until them – Keep reading and sharing.

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  1. Wow loving your series dear. vintage furniture are my personal favorite and I did not know that they are popular in bohemian style home decor. looking forward what is coming next?

  2. I love bohemian style ;)) “Junk is good”, oh yes, that’s so true ;))

    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

  3. I agree, home decor is not a tough job and also it need not have to be all about buying expensive pieces. Little bit of creativity and you have it. Bohemian style is one of my favorite styles. I love the fact that we don’t have to stick to one particular decor. we can mix and match.

  4. I absolutely love boho chic for home decor and even clothes! That’s my kind of style! Thanks for sharing more decor tips on this!

  5. I have this thing that I want to buy a colourful chair – even though I have been warned they’re very uncomfortable to sit on – for my room 😀

  6. I love vintage style be it anything and yes, I always look for empty glasses for my money plants to decorate my room. Lovely ideas to redecorate your rooms

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  8. Loving your posts. While I like contemporary style more than Bohemian style, but I think a few corners would look nice.

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