6 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom with Simple Things


Whether it is work-from-home, freelancing, or office-going job, everyone needs a cozy and relaxing place to unwind. We have got easy tips to decorate your bedroom on a budget and make it look and feel fresh again. A home is a place where the heart is, which literally translates into ‘family’, ‘love’, and ‘happiness’. While planning a room, no matter how much time we spend online surfing those picture-perfect Pinterest images, something always falls short in expectations v/s reality.

Hence, we have got easy ideas to decorate your bedroom on a budget and recreate the aesthetics, to make your bedroom look cozy and beautiful.

1. Spruce up your Bedroom with Luxury Bed Sheets –

Nothing could give a soothing feeling than a nice, clean, and beautiful bedsheet in a bedroom. Trendy bedsheets with contemporary designs doing rounds of marketspaces, but hand-made luxury bedsheets spruce up your bedroom a notch higher.

Though plain bedsheets have their own charm, hand-printed bedsheets created by local artisans celebrating the cultural heritage of India made with all-natural fiber at affordable prices will add luxury to your bedroom.

Such luxurious bedding sets not only celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India but also make your personal space look rich with freshness and good vibes. The key to finding an attractive and appealing bedroom is to keep trying different patterns and designs of the bedsheets and find out the one that best suits your bedroom. The idea is to decorate your bedroom on a budget to look bold with aesthetics and simple ideas.

decorate your bedroom on a budget
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2. Subtle use of Removeable Wallpaper –

Wallpaper can do wonders in tying your whole room together. Easily removable wallpapers add a pop of style to your bedroom. Changing the look of the room may look like an expensive affair, but with easy and simple decoration ideas the same can be achievable in a cost-effective way.

Pick a color to highlight an accent wall or for the entire room depending on your personality and taste. Removable wallpapers are best for rental spaces and an easy way to spruce up the place and style on a budget.

3. Declutter –

Probably this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give a refreshing look to your bedroom. Declutter or organize your bedroom with the right things needed, like furniture, headrest, side-stool, bedside table, chairs, etc. Move the unnecessary clutter from your bedroom and make space for better things – also, an organized bedroom brings positive vibes to the relationship.

Keep the furniture that is required, instead of that looks good in your bedroom. Stick to minimal is the best design for the bedroom and keeps it aesthetically clean. Invest in organizing products that give a clean and sleek look to your bedroom, at the same time keeping things organized.

4. Lighting does all the magic –

Bedroom lighting should be given particular importance, subtle and mood lights are recommended for the bedrooms. Soft and warm lighting with a dimmable ceiling light adds the perfect combination to your bedroom.

The right mix of natural and artificial light spruces up the feel and best way to decorate your bedroom on a budget. For the study, the lights should be adjustable and easy to reach. If you are looking for something fun and funky for your living space or man cave perhaps, the Neon Mama site offers a great range of stylish LED neon signs and lights to create the perfect vibe. 

5. Bring in some Greens –

Plants are the best way to add some warmth to any space and your bedroom is no different. There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to plants for bedrooms. NASA has found that a few plants like Dracaena and Snake Plants, remove toxins and improve overall air quality, which is crucial for better health, and sound-mindful sleep.

Air-purifying plants and long-hanging vines could add lots of decorative drama to your bedroom, along with other benefits. You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, and it is only important to add little greenery for your health, mind, and soul.

6. Hang in some drama on the walls through wall art –

Hang one or multiple memories on your bedroom walls to make them speak. A gallery wall is the best way to convert your bedroom wall into something extra-special for you and the family. You can also go for framed artwork available in the canvas and oil painting options online and in the local markets. There are many budget-friendly options available if designer hand-painted artwork is out of your budget.

For kids’ and teenagers’ bedrooms, printed posters, and quotes with some easy DIY LED light frames add the magic.

So, these were some handy tips to decorate your bedroom on a budget. There are many more ideas that can be customized based on your need, personality, and budget. Some people wish to go tech-free in their bedrooms with no television, music system, computers, and mobile phones. Others wish to keep a handy study table in the corner and so on.

Hope you like these ideas, keep watching this space for many such ideas.


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