5 Reasons to Invest in Indoor Plants Today!

Greenery aound you

Why you should invest in Indoor Plants today? A home is a place where you unwind and relax, your homely abode which bears your persona and reflection in every spirit. A place where you return after a tiring day at work or from an errand, and that gives you an instant boost of energy. A home is a place where your heart is, and nothing makes it more productive than the positive energy from your indoor plants.

With work from home to unforeseen future, or recurring lockdown situations due to Covid-19 everyone needs space and reason to relax. Some find solace in a potted plant by their desk and for some tendering care to indoor plants is the best time of the day.

I was reading somewhere indoor plants enhances your productivity (no wonder office spaces have so many indoor plants strategically placed across floors). Well, I don’t want to go there as for me sparing some time with my indoor plants is the best way to relax and connect with nature.

Reasons you should Invest in Indoor Plants

invest in indoor plants
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1. Plants Purify Indoor Air

There is no second doubt about this, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen into the air. We breathe better air thanks to our green buddies, special air-purifying plants are known for their effect on those suffering from poor lung conditions.

Indoor air pollutants are as scarier as outside pollution, in fact, more dangerous as we passively inhale these pollutants day in and out. When the whole marketing world is justifying to get one more gadget to clean your indoor air, why not simply get some natural air filters from a nearby plant nursery.

Best known air-purifying indoor plants are –

  • English Ivy.
  • Spider Plant.
  • Golden pothos.
  • Bamboo Palm.
  • Chinese Evergreen.
  • Dragon Tree.
  • Peace Lily.

2. Enhances productivity good for concentration and overall health

Online space is full of studies and research papers suggesting, greenery aids concentration in a small confined workplace environment. Hence, the enhanced productivity of in-home/office workers. Plants also help in keeping overall health checks, especially the eyes. Working on a screen for long hours strain our eyes, plants soothe out the vision stress.

Ophthalmologists advise to work on 20-20-20 ratio – that means – after every 20 minutes of screentime, take a 20 seconds break, and look at green objects or plants kept at 20 feet distance.

Adopting plant babies is also a great hobby, during the lockdown many people have started investing in indoor plants to keep themselves busy. Slowly the craze took over social media, and suddenly it became a newfound passion for so many, including myself.

3. Makes you Happy and reduces stress

Stress is inevitable, the lifestyle we are living in today, stress is part of our lives. Having indoor plants in various shades and colors make surroundings happy and ultimately relieves stress. Tree Huggers – ‘The poorer residents in greener areas were, in general, happier than richer ones in treeless areas, says the study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.’

4. Indoor plants decoration makes living area more beautiful

Well, yes indoor plants make your home look more beautiful and ‘Instagram-able. The craze over social media to click images with indoor plants and the garden isn’t going anywhere. And why not, everyone loves to flaunt their achievements, having healthy indoor plant babies is nothing lesser than self-achievement.

Plants are called babies for a reason, you learn to live with them step-by-step, the same as we do with our own child. From fitting them into the right pot to nutrition, sunlight, water, fertilizer, pest control, snapping, propagating, and much more. It is a full-time responsibility with a trophy to flaunt in a life-size happy planter.

5. Bring life to otherwise boring space

Plants bring life to an otherwise sterile space, the only reason none of the architectural marvels are complete without having a green cover around them. In return creating the much-needed environmental balance in whatever way possible.

With the right care and indoor conditions, you can also create your own personal green heaven. The depleting urbanization to forest ratio is a stark reminder we have already created enough damage. With small steps back to building a better tomorrow, let’s join together to leave a green nation for our future generations.

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  1. I agree! For everything! I have green plants everywhere in my house, wherever I look, I see one. Even in dark corners (Sansevieria are good for these), they are my indoor jungle 😉
    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

  2. When we shifted from apartment to a house, one thing I was very clear about was having greenery in every room. it just brightens up our days.

  3. Plants bring so much energy and positivity to life. I loved the list of plants you shared; I am looking for spider plants for a long time !!

  4. I recently invested in couple of indoor plants and trust me, it did lift my mood instantly . Indoor plants fill the room with loads of positivity .

  5. Yes dear agree with all the reasons. indoor plants add an additional beauty to our home decor and at the same time, they also good for our overall health and wellness. in fact, I am also planning to buying some indoor plants during this summer.

  6. I love plants and have recently started gardening. I was looking for some good indoor plants. Thanks for sharing this post, have saved it !

  7. Indoor plants always add positive vibes thank you for sharing the 5 different indoor plants and I am plant sought of person and staying in apartment it was bit difficult to maintain the plant but ur post has helped me out.

  8. I am an avid lover of indoor plants and simply love how they make the lives and house beautiful. And not just that they make the indoor air also clean. I have many such air-purifying plants in my house.

  9. Plants at home for sure make me happy. Everyday I spend time tending to them and taking care of them. It gives me pleasure and relaxes my mind.

  10. Plants are a must for every household. I love gardening and have got many indoor plants at home now. Attending to my plant babies is a joy, nurturing them, talking to them are all such a joyous and calming activity.

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