How to Prepare Your Home for Inspection?

prepare your home for inspection

How to Prepare Your Home for Inspection? When preparing to sell your home, many focus on cosmetic fixes – a fresh coat of paint on the walls, update the kitchen and bathrooms and even spruce up the landscaping. Do these efforts pay off? Absolutely. However, you need to focus your attention on the inner workings of the home and be sure everything is in good shape.

Below are ways to prepare your home for inspection. 

Check Lights

Check every lightbulb in your house to be sure it works. If a bulb is out, replace it. Be sure anything battery operated that conveys with the house is working. This includes remotes for blinds and fans and that chirping smoke detector. The same goes for switch covers. If it is damaged, replace it. 

Unlock Everything

Make sure there are no obstacles blocking a home inspector’s access to any part of the house, including basements and attics. If clutter blocks any access, some home inspectors might assume that the homeowner is trying to hide something. Prepare by keeping the house clean and free of clutter. Unlock all doors and gates throughout the house so the inspector can complete the report without any hassles.


If you have pets, it is recommended that you take them away from the property during the inspection. If you can’t accommodate that, make sure they are securely locked in a crate. The inspector will be opening doors, and you don’t want your pet to run away.

Make Obvious Repairs

If there are things you know are wrong/broken in the house, consider taking care of them before the inspection. The fewer repair items on the inspection report, the better for you. We are not implying you have to do your own inspection before the buyer’s inspection. However, any obvious things you are aware of, you should correct. 

Before selling your home

You want your agent to be effective at reading the market in order to help you choose the best pricing strategy for your home. Of course, all factors depend on your situation; your house, your street, lot size, features, and renovations, and ultimately what comparable listings are currently on the market. Location is the one thing that you cannot control in the home selling process. In conjunction with condition and price, people choose a home based on the location and accessibility of the property. In many cases, Ottawa homes for sale are a bit more costly than average. However, homes are not as expensive as in Toronto or Vancouver.

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  1. Home inspection is an important step when someone intend to sell their house. These people have a tight schedule so making things easy for them is always appreciated. And it helps in making the home selling process faster

  2. selling a home is a big deal in toady’s overcompetitive market and we should prepare our house best before putting this on for sell. you have listed all important tips that can make home selling process easier. indeed a useful post for many who are in process to sell their house.

  3. I so much agree with you that if you are planning to sell your home, the first step which is on top priority is the home inspection. I am glad you have shared these tips which will help many.

  4. Thank you for sharing all these important points to prepare our house for home inspection. Many people do not take care of such basic things, specially pets.

  5. This is again a very informative one . Basic preparation before inspection is necessary to put a good impression.

  6. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay

    I needed these tips so much. As I’m thinking of selling my house, all your tips will help me to prepare for house inspection. I’m going to bookmark this.

  7. Home inspection could yield a higher value for your home if you’re prepared well in advance. When preparing to sell your home, don’t focus on cosmetic fixes alone but like you rightly said, on the inner workings of your home. Very useful tips offered by you!

  8. The house needs to be in good condition and cosmetically appealing when it is up for sale. These are some really important aspects that you have covered to make your house inspection ready.

  9. That’s a neat list to have. Never thought of this one before. Very exhaustive and insightful.

  10. Very good tips, especially at the right time. I am looking to sell my apartment and these tips are a reminder that I need to check these before the house inspections.

  11. No matter how good a home looks, unless it has working switches and a happy atmosphere one can never sell it. Best is to be honest about any misgivings and clear them out before handing out the keys.

  12. Selling your house indeed needs proper planning, thank you for sharing these pointers with us. It is important, to be honest, and give ut right information about the condition of the house.

  13. With so many new properties coming up selling a house which has been pre owned can be tough so with all the pointers that you Have shared, One can really pep up the house look for selling.

  14. This is indeed helpful post .Basic preparation before inspection is necessary to put a good impression.

  15. In order to get the desired pricing, it indeed is important to keep the house in order for the home inspection. And these are indeed some of the key points to take care of before someone comes for inspection.

  16. Very neat tips, presenting your home right is the key! first impression is the last impression for sure

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