Book Review: To My Grandchild with Love by Roma Gupta Sinha

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This is my second book review, from the Blogchatter’s Ebook carnival 2020, and this book is written by a dear friend, wonderful human being, founder of a communication academy for young aspiring minds, Roma Gupta Sinha.

I have known Roma, since my early blogging days, she is one of those very few who are always ready to help and encourage you no matter what. This book is her fifth, four earlier published books are well accepted by the readers worldwide.

About the Book –

The book is the author’s reflections of 26 heartfelt letters to her future grandchildren, regarding her encounter with global pandemic – Covid-19 lockdown. Roma embarks on a journey with her life-partner and son to another part of the country before the lockdown was announced.

When she reaches Vadodara, miles away from her home when the country comes to standstill, with all interstate travel banned or restricted to only essential emergencies. Her short trip turns into indefinite stay, and there she decides to pen her thoughts into 26 letters creating memorabilia for her future grandchildren.

In Roma’s words – “When we experience something as mighty as a pandemic in our lifetime, it indeed becomes our responsibility to let our future generations know about how overwhelming the experience is and the lessons we are learning the hard way.”

This is how the book was envisioned where the author pens twenty-six soulful letters to her grandchild on the lives and lessons she learned in the COVID-19 times.

Each chapter of the book is a new letter penned by the author to her grandchild, which shares a story of the day as a premise and also imparts a lesson for readers.

My Take on To My Grandchild with Love –

I have seen Roma’s writing close and personally, as a reader of her enriching blog and friend. This year, when everyone is berating over pandemic and lock-down worldwide, Roma took this opportunity to frame the premise as personal endeavors for her future generation.

During such testing times, everything comes to a standstill and one suffers from forced restrain. When the whole world was reeling under the pressures from outside and within, author chose to convert the energy into positivity and remembering this time as ‘one of it’s kind’.

I specifically like the way, she encompassed the gravity of the situation into life lessons for her grandchild, ‘Ann’. The book is a positive read for everyone, we all face daily troubles in life, but how to overcome these stressful situations on a winning side.

The language is simple and easy to connect with. Readers can also feel the gran’s love and warmth in the undertone of this book. The author has beautifully touched upon each incident, good or bad, that occurred during the lockdown period in her letters.

Roma’s book “To My Grandchild, With Love: 26 Soulful Letters on Covid-19 Times” is a lovely book that brings positivity and hope for the readers. Recording lockdown days into heartfelt letters is a wonderful idea, to share history with future generations. Given a chance, I would too like to keep such records for my future grandchildren.

You can download Roma Gupta Sinha’s book – To My Grandchild with Love here.

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  1. I am so glad Dipika, you liked it, I loved your review because it came straight from the heart. Hearing such kind words from you really made my day love, thank you so so much.

    1. Glad you like it, Roma.

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