It’s All Called Love – Remarkable Tales of Love by Dipika Singh

it's all called love by Dipika Sigh

Every love story is special and writing remarkable tales of love is like falling in love with LOVE all over again. My debut ebook – It’s All Called Love shares the same sentiment – Love is worth sharing.

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How did this happen?

Exactly a month ago, I was amidst this roadrunner of a challenge called #BlogchatterA2Z organized by Blogchatter. A platform that is like a mecca for all bloggers and aspiring authors. This was my 3rd time in a row, and I have successfully touched the finishing line without any defaults or glitches. But this time, it didn’t stop just at completing the challenge.

The lockdown in India provided with a vacuum that is otherwise blocked by family duties and school summer vacations. May 2020 brought a golden opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands by enrolling for Blogchatter’s Ebook carnival.

Direct formula to transform you from a blogger to an author – #BlogchatterEbook carnival.

About the Book –

True love is hard to find and even harder to hide. Love comes in many forms, and not all love stories have happy endings. This is a book that will obsess you with 11 unique shades of love. I have handpicked my favorite love stories from the challenge to include in this ebook. Each story is unique and shares a divergent tone for readers.

its all called love by Dipika Singh
Image Credit – Blogchatter

‘Successful lawyer Shalini Taneja meets attractive Samar Kumar, past holds them back but their chemistry is electric’ – A gripping love story of emotions, bitter past, and a promising future.

‘A wrong number can set your mood right and if luck permits may also bring more than what you have bargained for’ – when Raghav called a wrong number…, an interesting story of strange outlandish banter of wits and proposition.

Gratitude – A Note of Thanks to –

The more Thankful I became, the more my Bounty increased. When you Focus on goodness in life, you Create more.

Oprah Winfrey

I am grateful to my friends, family, and the amazing blogging community for their unending support and firm belief in my abilities. The readers who came back for every story guided me through the challenge to write better and relatable.

A special thanks to Team Blogchatter, to make this possible. I have always said and firmly believed in – ‘dreams do come true, have the courage to dream big and clear.’

it's all called love by Dipika Sigh

This book is dedicated to all those who believe in the magic of LOVE!

Book Title – It’s All Called Love – Remarkable Tales of Love

Author – Dipika Singh

Genre – Fiction, sub genre – Romance

Available for FREE for a limited period of time.


Best short love stories book for a quick read, with 11 fascinating love stories to keep you obsessed. Please note the book is FREE to download from Blogchatter website for a limited time.

I truly hope you download it for a quick read, please share your feedback in the comments below or via two lines on my social media channels.

Thank You for all the love, my eBook has been downloaded 200 times in last three days, look forward to your support and love.


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  1. Wow it’s awesome to be an author after being a blogger for years. Maybe I should try this next year. Let’s see if I can write every day for a month anytime before that first.

  2. Congratulations on your third year of successful completion of the Blogchatter challenge. And now this brilliant E book!! Another feather in your cap.

  3. Congratulations on achieving a milestone of becoming an author from a Blogger. I have downloaded your book, will read it shortly. Even I have published in non-fiction category please do read Dreams Decoded.

  4. Big Congrats Dipika for taking a leap and coming up with the book. Your stories are relatable and thats why readers will love it for sure.

  5. I’m so happy that you published a fiction, Dips. The stories sound interesting and am sure there are more to savour and enjoy. Romance is always fun to read. Will download your book!

  6. First of all congratulations on your ebook It’s All Called Love. I love reading romantic stories, like that you have created beautiful short stories which is easy to read in this lockdown time. Love to read it soon

  7. Congratulations on completing the #Blogchatter challenge third time in a row as far as the book is concerned, you know that I absolutely loved it. There were a couple of stories that I would love to see them transform into full-fledged Novels. That wrong number one is still fresh in my mind.

  8. Isn’t this amazing! I couldn’t get past my 2nd post this year in the A to Z Challenge. Kudos to you Dipika. You not only completed the challenge but also published your ebook. Bravo! Congratulations!!

  9. Congratulations Dipika on your debut book and already 200 downloaded seems quite a number. Great achievement. I have downloaded the book too.

  10. Congratulations!! For not only successfully completing #Blogchatter A2Z but also publishing your book. Reading romantic stories is always fun and intriguing. Will download and give it a read for sure.

  11. Heartiest Congratulations once again Dipika. I am so glad you took the plunge this year. I am currently reading it as it is the genre of my choice and the review shall be up shortly. So far if makes a lovely read

  12. Congratulations Dipika for your success. I have already seen about your eBook on Facebook. I will download surely ..

  13. Congratulations Dipika for your first ebook, you have started with a great authorship and topic – LOVE. I enjoyed reading each story and asked my friends to download and read too.

  14. […] can also DOWNLOAD my ebook  It’s All Called Love here – […]

  15. […] It’s All Called Love – Remarkable Tales of Love has been downloaded more than 350 times and has received good reviews from the readers. You can download my book by clicking on the image below. […]

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