10 amazing things about doing a Wedding Gift Registry!

A wedding gift registry, for the uninitiated, is a way for the couples to let their guests know what they would love as wedding gifts. And yes, it helps the couple receive gifts that they will truly love and use. However, for all those who think it may be rude to ask your guests for gifts, here are all the reasons why a wedding gift registry is the BEST thing you can do for your guests!

1. No stressing about what to get

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The biggest point of stress for any guest at a wedding is figuring out what a couple would like for their wedding gift. And a gift registry helps them know what the couple would want, eliminating the guesswork for them.

2. No rushing around getting it

During wedding season, it is not unlikely for any guest to be attending 4-5 weddings. And going shopping for each gift can be a time sink. With a registry, you can place the order in just a few clicks.

3. No boxed gift

There is nothing more annoying than walking into a wedding with a big box, and finding a moment with the couple when you can pass this on to them. With a wedding registry, the gifts get delivered directly to the couple, ensuring no one has to carry a box around.

4. No repeat gifts

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Even if one knows what the couple will love, there is no guarantee that someone else might not get the same gift. But in a wedding registry, the minute a gift is bought, it shows purchased, therefore getting rid of the repeat-gifts conundrum.

5. No worrying about gift tags

A couple gets hundreds of gifts at their wedding, and you don’t want yours to get mixed in the lot. However, gift cards getting misplaced are a very real concern. When a couple does a wedding registry, they are sent a complete list of all gifts & messages!

6. Destination weddings!

With destination weddings becoming the new hot trend, it becomes a logistic pain for guests to carry a gift all the way to the destination. With delivery taken care of by the wedding registry service, this problem gets solved easily.

7. Travelling from abroad?

For guests traveling from abroad, a wedding gift registry really simplifies the gifting process. There can be cultural differences in the kind of gifts people give, and having a wedding registry makes this easy for those traveling from other countries.

8. Money put to use

Wedding Gift Registry is your solution for Best wedding gifting ideas. Hassle free and easy to manage, this wedding gift planner helps you find best options.

Wedding gift budgets can vary dramatically, and often veer towards a higher amount. No guest wants to spend a big chunk of money on a gift that the couple won’t use. Having a ready list of gifts that the couple has chosen ensures the money is well spent.

9. Contribute

With guests who have a smaller budget for the wedding gifts, like colleagues or distant associates, it becomes very hard to find a good gift. With a wedding registry, each guest can contribute any amount they like towards any gift, so even a small amount of money has a meaningful impact.

10. Group Gift

Often a group of friends or cousins may want to get together to gift the couple something big. However, this becomes complicated as there are never ending IOUs and a lot of coordination. With the group gift feature, one can just add the names of people contributing and each one gets a payment link. The gift is delivered by the registry service so no one has to stress.

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16 thoughts on “10 amazing things about doing a Wedding Gift Registry!

  1. I really wish this fab Wedding Registry had come to India earlier! I would have been saved from some atrocious gifts! Glad The Wedding Wishlist had got it here.

  2. Now this is something I wish was there during my wedding ceremony then I wouldn’t have ended up with so many similar gifts. I love this idea and I am going to share it with my soon to be married friends, I have a feeling they will love it.

  3. Wedding registry definitely helps when you are traveling to some other place for wedding. It also helps in avoiding a bunch of duplicate gifts.

  4. This is a beautiful way to get only the things a new wedded couples really need instead of getting repeatative and unwanted gifts. Hope wedding guests open up and accept this form too.

  5. A great initiative to make wedding gifts easy. It also prevents wastage and you get things which help and not 3of the sane

  6. wedding gift registry is a new concept in India and is fast catching up. it atleast saves you the experience of weird gifts that you can get in your wedding!

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