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Mental Health in Children during Covid-19

mental health of children during Covid19

Mental Health in children and young people during the troubled times with everyone locked inside their homes for more than 60 days now, and no clear remedy of coronavirus on the view. When we read, hear, or share news about …

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Mental and emotional well being of your child

3 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Health

We parents desire our kids to be smart, come first in class, and be intelligent, dynamic and multi-talented. Often some children have extra intelligence and emotional abilities whereas others of the same age are a little behind. Hence, we end …

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mindfulness benefits and uses

Mindfulness and Happiness

Mindfulness and Happiness– I am sure you have heard this word many times, so did I. But what exactly it transforms in the practical sense? We live in the world of contrasts, where mental stress is the main culprit of …

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