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Sagoon is a social networking app that lets you earn while being virtually social. It is a combo of various e-commerce and social networking apps and is unique and exciting. This new app which will help us keeps our lives on track and simplifies everything. This app has several individual and creative features like My Day, Secret/Story Sharing, and Mood Talk. All the features of this are very interesting and this app is a total package of fun and work thus, you won’t have to go to various sites for different purposes.

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Feature Of Sagoon App

My Day

You can use the My Day feature to share and create your schedules and your mini to-do list to let your family and friends know what you are up to. This feature provides a visual graph of your daily routine. You can share events that you are interested in going or will be attending and you can plan events together with your loved ones. And by this feature, you can also send a reminder to your loved ones about the things they have to do.

Features that My Day includes:

  • World Clock
  • Weather Condition
  • Schedules appointment
  • Calendar and timetable
  • To-Do List And Reminder
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Secret/Story Sharing

This feature provides you a platform to share learning and your experiences and your findings to other people and let them know what you realized and what you really think of about anything that interests you. And you can also share some of your secrets that you have been hiding from anyone for the longest time. Here, people can comment share and like your secrets and you can do the same to others secrets. By doing comment and share one gets to know others perspective and it may help them to recover the regrets and guilts.

Features that Secret Sharing includes:

  • Privacy setting
  • Track others secrets
  • Add multi pictures
  • Like & Dislike
  • Share
  • Comment
  • Choice to post open secret or private secret

Mood Talk

Mood Talk is one more interesting feature of Sagoon app. In this feature, you can talk to people by matching your mood with them, or in a group chat, you can start a conversation by just letting your mood emoticon changes. This feature has very cute emoticons and shows feelings like sleepy, excited, sad, happy, angry etc.

Features that Mood Talk includes:

  • Group Chat
  • Search Friends
  • Diverse mood emoticons
  • Share files.
Company Overview

Currently, this startup has a team of 30 members with 2.5 lakhs individuals as of now. The larger part of the clients is from the age group of 25 to 35. And at present, it has more than one million clients exhibit on its holding up the list. This organization utilizes both online and additionally offline promotions. It has enlisted clients from various nations, for example, US, India, and Nepal. The organization as of now has a solid base in Kathmandu, Nepal and now the concentration is swinging to Delhi.

Sagoon App Facts

Availability: Google Play Store

Installations: 10000+ times installed by users.

Launch Year: November 2015.

Total Users:  1.1M users are connected to Sagoon app

Rating By Users: 4.8/5


Sagoon is a very innovative app which allows users to socialize and earn rewards as well. This app is a platform to let people share their emotions and feelings in an interactive way. Well, We found Sagoon app the best out of all that we have used yet. A big thumbs up for Sagoon app, it’s a must try. You can get the Sagoon App for Android for free by using this link

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  1. I really want to check out the mood talk as this is something new. thanks for a detailed review of the app.

  2. This social media app seems to have some really cool features. Will definitely want to try it out and connect with friends & make new via this app usage 🙂

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